Wednesday, July 30

important things to take care of

the other day i made a list of things i need to take care of, a few of them were...

* appts with the doctors and dentist
* cancel my facebook
* send my resume
* gather stuff for the upcoming garage sale and so on!

well let's start with canceling fb... there's so many reasons why i decided to cancel my acct. besides getting a hold of some old friends there, i found more cons than pros. plus i knew from the get that those social networking will just lead me to do or think of things that are not pleasing to the Lord. but i'm human and so i admit that i joined out of peer pressure. but thankfully, the Lord continued to show me things that are apart from Him that are unnecessary and can make life miserable... so yeah, i saw what i really got myself into. now the choice was either for me to follow His ways or to continue to be blinded by this world. well, i choose to follow my Savior... besides, i can live my life in the abundance of God's grace and enjoy my family and friends without having a virtual 2nd life in the cyber world.

yes, without being fully aware of it, i do think that we end up developing a 2nd life in the cyber world that we get hooked on it too much, not that it's so bad that you end up becoming a monster, but as i thought of it... wow! I spend too much time focusing on my virtual life, rather than my offline life. and the 2nd life i was talking about... well i discovered that people end up doing things and sayings things that are not likely them in real life. it's so sad, but i've seen it. so yeah, i'd rather just stick with blogging rather than bombarding myself with too much online work. besides i'm content with the opportunities the Lord has given me with my business as well as the sharings i've done here in my blog so why bring more complicating things in my life right? am i actually making sense to you guys? hehehe

sorry, this is just my opinion - i'm sure there are others who do not have the same belief as i do, but for me, i'd like to make it right with God. i've done my share of mistakes ever since i joined fb... and to avoid it, i gotta do what i gotta do, even if my flesh is telling me, i shouldn't. to tell you the truth, i'm loving my decision. i feel more refresh and i'm enjoying my fb-free life now hehehe

today, my kids and i went to our dentist - thank God it was 2mins away. otherwise my son would've been starving to death just waiting for all of us to finish. i dropped him back home after his was done. i had a deep cleaning done on my right side and i have to come back tomorrow for the other side... it's so hard to eat, but it's ok... i'll loose more weight that way hehehe (i'm such an unhealthy thinker).

well, gotta go! i need to start job hunting again =) gnite!
blessings to all!

Monday, July 28

weekend bliss

hi all!

i know it's late, but i'm tellin' ya the mcdonald's iced coffee really keeps me up =) do i like stayin' up late? um, only when i don't have work the next day... so tomorrow i'm planning to work from home =) although i lack some sleep, i still love the coffee... yum!

had a great weekend! too bad my husband wasn't with us =(

sat: we went to my grandson's (long story) 8th bday party/block party! happy birth matt! i love block parties - sure was great to celebrate bdays at those events. the kids had a blast. i saw some of my girlfriends (which was always good!), went to church (received an awesome msg about money, power & sex - will share some of the things i learned to my odb), and just went back for more good times! we didn't leave till 11p.

sun: i didn't get to sleep till 2am so yanna and i woke up late. we had a late lunch at my sis' place and went to the new glenview park... wow! although the surroundings were still under construction, the park was awesome! hoping that part of their plan is to have a field house for rent for parties... will def be one of the 1st to rent that place. my whole fam had a great time. we played badminton, basketball, rock climbing, watched a baseball league, enjoyed the playground... i mean the place def has a wow factor!

now to complete the day, we drove 5mins away and strolled to the beautiful town center of the glen. just loved it from the moment we entered this place. i would move there in a heart beat hehehe. an hr & 1/2 drive... def worth it! we ate, hung out and just enjoyed many laughs. if only my husband, my dad, my niece & my sis-in-law were there, we would've been complete already... hopefully next time.

well, that was my weekend, back to work and i'm not one to complain ;)

so sorry i haven't been able to upload some pics - i've been using my laptop and i store my pics on my desktop's ex-hardrive so, will def try to upload sometime this week.

hope you all had and awesome weekend too! God bless!

Friday, July 25

buh-bye again =(

just taking a break from the stress at work. need to start cleaning up too! my clock is ticking here.

i've been sending my resume and praying that the Lord will bring me where He wants me to be. He knows our needs and so there's nothing for me to worry about.

well, wondering why i put "buh-bye again" as my title? well, my husband went to michigan again yesterday. it was a last min notice, wed night. i came home from school and he was packed up... i was like, "um, something you wanna tell me?" hahahaha nah! he told me right when i got home and we were all bummed out. not only he wasn't ready for another trip, but we had a lot planned. thankfully, we're both optimistic and grateful for our jobs so... i guess we'll have to make a few adjustments.

well, we'll have to postpone the picnic at the beach this sunday. have to find another alternative now.

that's my story for now, hope you all have an amazing day!

Wednesday, July 23

Hope in the Midst of Hardship

I’m sure you will all agree that we all go through distressing times in life. Our seasons of suffering may be brought about by relational difficulties, financial hardships, health issues, or other trials. But as God’s children, we can take heart in knowing that our pain is not wasted.

Just recently, I encountered an unforeseen situation. See, last Saturday as I was on my way to fly back home from California, the plane arrived on time to Utah (my connection flight), but the gate was closed. I only had 20mins of lay-over, but due to the gate issue, I loss 10mins already. So I rushed myself to my next flight, but as soon as I got there, there was a sign that says “Gate changed to D5”. My jaw dropped as I stare at this sign. But what else was I to do, but to rush myself all the back to the other end. Well, guess what? The plane just left! Oh my goodness! I had to rebook my flight and had to wait 7hrs for the next one (the last flight to Chicago for the day). Wow! The agony of waiting, the cramping of my legs, the tiredness and the anticipation of just getting home was too much for that day.

I did what I can to keep myself entertained. I ate, I chatted with my family and friends over the phone and online, I took a quick free tour to Utah and talked to a few people waiting for the same flight. And so I thought, thank God I was able to do all that to keep myself from being bored and falling asleep. I thought that was it for the day and figured I would just sleep through the flight. Little did I know that there was a reason why this whole ordeal had to happen.

While waiting to ask a question to the clerk at the counter, I spotted an old Asian woman who was holding a sign that seemed to say “need assist”, from my view. I couldn’t help, but to approach her coz she seemed restless. Right when I approached her, I asked to see her sign. It says, “I need assistance to go to Chicago O’Hare. I don’t speak English.” She asked me, “Are you Filipina?” And right when I said “Yes”, tears started running down her face. She was afraid to fly by herself. She didn't know where to go and who to talk to. She just came from the Philippines and was on her way to be with her daughter in Chicago. She couldn’t help her emotion while I couldn’t help but empathize. From then on, I assured her that I will take care of her the entire flight until her family picks her up from the airport. I could tell she was filled with joy and peace as she trusted m e that whole time. At the flight, I met a few more beautiful people inside and out. It was a day of many praises to the Lord. I was so humbled by God’s plan and for using m e to be His hands and feet that day.

See sometimes, our pain is for the eternal benefit of others… the Lord uses it to reveal the genuineness of our faith so that others might see it and be drawn to His Son. I truly believe that by the way we respond to adversity, our belief in Jesus becomes visible to those around us. Believers will be encouraged and seekers will ask us questions about our faith.

However, there are times when G uses trials to teach us to obey. If you read Hebrews 5:8, it tells us that even our Savior learned obedience from the things He suffered. Another purpose of hardship is to broaden our ministry. Just like apostle Paul’s imprisonment which led him to minister among the guards… resulting in the salvation of many.

Difficulties can also be the Lord’s tool in preventing a problem from happening. Like the Apostle Paul’s unknown illness that kept him from becoming prideful. I mean, when disobedience threatens our walk with God, He will take whatever steps are needed to draw us back to Him. He may allow a need to remain unmet or something cherished to be removed. His purpose is that we confess our sins, acknowledge that apart from Him we are nothing and that we should return to Him.

Friends, I may not know if what I did with that woman will bring her into a relationship with Christ, but what I do know is that I had to obey what I was called to do and not go beyond my role. I’m confident that the Lord has His great plans for all of us. We may no know the reasons for our heartaches and pains, but the wisest choice is to trust God. After all, He who saved us through the sacrifice of His Son has promised to use our suffering to bring about eternal good.

May the good Lord bring blessings to you all! Thanks for your time!

Have a JOYFUL day!

Tuesday, July 22

i'm BaCK!

i had an awesome trip over all. people i've met were all beautiful inside and out. i praise the Lord for giving me the opportunity to travel for work even when it sometimes cause for me to miss my loved ones.

the Lord continues to amaze me. i really thought that the trip will just be plain work just like old times, but this was surreal!

1) i had a chance to connect and laugh with my boss - which i totally did not expect.
2) there was this director i talk to 3x a week for the past 2yrs and i just found out during my trip that he's a Christian all is life! we shared our testimonies for 30mins and we were both filled with awe and praises to the Lord. it really brightens my day when i meet fellow believers =)
3) we ate, chat and laugh like old time friends - even my boss had an awesome time in this trip -he usually doesn't hehehe
4) after 5yrs... our family friends picked me up on a friday and gave me a 1day tour of almost everything i would be interested in seeing. well, they sure are right! i had a great time! our jaws started hurting from all the laughing =) although i hoped to have had my fam with me, i sure needed this time.
5) i missed my flight from utah to chicago - i had to wait 7hrs for the next flight otherwise that will be the last for the day. but sure enough the Lord had an awesome plan. i took a 45min. tour of utah since i had a lot of time to spare... but i will have to save the rest of the story for the odb... so make sure to read my next blog!

sunday: although my legs were sore from walking back and forth at the airport, there was a promise i had to keep. we took the kids to the zoo! we thought it would be better to take them to lincoln park instead of brookfield zoo since i wanted them to experience paddle boating. so we did! yanna certainly knows her animals! she was ecstatic seeing "mufasa", "simba", "nala" "pumbaa", "rafiki" & "ed" - if you don't know them, they're the characters in the lion king - too bad we didn't see timon & zazu hehehe

however, she was fascinated to see kerchak, terk & kala... who are they now? um, the gorilla family in tarzan hehehe

okay enough! the kids absolutely enjoyed riding the paddle boat. but goodness graciousness! it was HOT!

well, another weekend outing in store with the fam this weekend! beach, here we come!

y'all have a blessed night!

Thursday, July 17

trip to utah & cali

i'm here in my hotel room just waiting for dinner. don't know where this time, but i think this trip is making me gain weight... hehehe but i can get used to this.

i'm so tired tho... long hours since yesterday. i was in utah to meet with some investors for a few hours, then flew to ontario, ca to train our staff. gosh, i had a big headache riding the small plane from utah to cali. too bad i have to go through it again going back home.

nway, i thank the Lord for this trip. i'm having an amazing time. so far yesterday and today's training really went well. i give God the glory for giving me wisdom, knowledge and courage to do this. i couldn't have done it by myself.

tomorrow, i'm meeting up with an old friend... so looking forward to it. too bad i can't get a hold of the others, but hey, it's better than not seeing anyone at all =)

i'm missing my fam, but i make sure i'm on the phone with them before bed time *wink* - must be partying while mom's gone hehehe

well, i guess it's time to go... blog you later =)

Monday, July 14

weekend thrills

last sat, we bbqed at my sis' place coz it was her birthday. as usual, there were so much food *God is good!* we planned to go to church that afternoon, but yanna and i ended up staying coz she was running a fever. thankfully we can serve and feel the Lord anywhere and anytime =) my husband was on his way to my sis' place after work when he felt some dizziness again. he's been feelin' that way for quite some time now, but was ignoring it till lately it's really been getting worst. so hopefully this wed, he'll be seen already. his symptoms are like vertigo, but hopefully i'm wrong and it's nothing as bad.

anyway, since my husband's off every sunday this month, we've planned some family outings. of course we started it off with our monthly date the other sunday and yesterday was the great america trip.

exhausting, but fun! we love rides! but it was too hard riding all of them esp with little ones. plus our little princess was having a fever, but thank God prayer works! i laid hands on her the night before and of course we prayed on our way there and yep! sure thing... she was find the whole time. she had a great time at the wiggles world. too bad she didn't get to swim, but she enjoyed entertaining the babies with her bubbles.

we met up with friends and celebrated one of my friends' daughter's bday. happy birth to our dearest lexis! everyone had an awesome time... although today i could tell every one's tired... we all just rested, but then again i had school.

we're off to the zoo next sunday, Lord willing. but i'm off to salt lake city on wed morning for business, then late that night i'm flyin' to california. it was a last minute notice from work. i was even looking forward to the picnic we're having this sat, but i guess i won't make it. =( well, as long as i make it back for our trip to the zoo... then i'm fine.

i just got home from class and had to check out some flights right away... wow! nothing below $700... i guess we're not flying when we go to san diego this sept. }:O goodness graciousness!

well, i gotta hit the bed... back to work again tomorrow =)

have a blessed day everyone!

Thursday, July 10

worry weary

well, i just received the news i've been dreading to hear today. remember when i mentioned in one of my blogs before that the company i work for is dissolving in a few months? well, the closing has come much earlier than expected. we were given up to aug 15th... wow! was it somewhat a surprise for me? yep! i was really expecting the end of aug or later, but i guess the sale is working out much better than expected!

anyway, like i said to my prayer intercessors earlier, i'm not worried, instead i give the Lord all the glory for He has provided for my family enormously and i know He has something amazing in store for me. however, i do appreciate your time and kindness in squeezing me and my family in your prayers for this coming days... our faith together with our prayers can move mountains and i'm certain that the Lord will be there for me every step of the way. i'm anxious to find out His plans for me!

so thank you all in advance and may you continue to give the Lord all the praises even in the midst of circumstances.

please allow me to share to you today's ODB and may you be blessed!

“Do not worry about your life . . . ” -Matthew 6:25 (NIV)

Some people ask, “Do you think God has time for me? You don’t know how mixed up my life is, how confused it is; the pressures, the tension at home, the business problems, so many things I couldn't possibly tell you about, including the sins in my life that I somehow cannot seem to give up.” Yes, God has time for you. When Jesus was dying on the cross, He had time for a thief who turned to Him and said, “Lord, remember me.” That’s all the record tells us that the thief said, “Lord, remember me.” But what he was really saying was, “I’m unworthy. I’ve broken all the laws. I deserve hell. Just remember me.” And Jesus turned to him in that moment and said, “Today you will be with me in Paradise.” - Billy Graham

If I imagine the worst that could go wrong, occasionally I may be correct; but reason tells me that I waste energy when I worry about things that are out of my control. But of course, for many of us its still isn't enough to know we shouldn't worry.

Though I have always prayed, change, circumstances or challenges brings me down on my knees. I’m learning new ways to deepen my relationship with God and to displace worry with trust. I know that if I do worry, they’re not unique or surprising, and I know that worrying will not prevent problems from occurring. The Bible tells many stories of people who faced problems and fears and trusted God to watch over them. Friends, we have the opportunity to live our lives with joy, instead of worry, knowing that God is found in the midst of our challenges.

Remember, life’s greatest treasure is knowing the love and grace of Jesus Christ. Yes, you will not always be happy, but when you have Christ in your heart, you will know where to go to find joy & peace especially during trying times.

Instead of burying your heads with worries, take comfort in knowing that God will supply all your needs as you continue to believe! Look forward to what God has in store for you coz God is bigger than our problems. Learn to let go and let God help you handle everything one step at a time.

Have a JOYFUL day!

Sunday, July 6

i'm tired, but all smiles =)

so how was your july 4th celebration? for me, i think i'm all fireworks up. 2 firework shows for 2 days and having to find a good spot for the sake of my kids is enough for me. i'm tired! before we went to st. charles to see the fireworks, i brought the kids to the new brunswick by my sis' place. i love it! so many things to do, very inviting and comfy. after hours of playing, we went to pick up noel to see the fireworks... walked around st. charles and found a good spot after 3 tries. we were suppose to meet with friends, but the crowd was too much to bear that we gave up looking for each other, lolz!

when we got home, i couldn't think of anything else, but bed. however, hubby was thinking of other things to do for our date so i ended up staying up with him and surf the net.

well, i tell yah... we've done so much today for a monthly date. it's 2 thumbs up though! can't wait for next month's... this time, for our 11th anni.

we strolled around lake shore for almost 3hrs. with our awesome quadcycle... had our elotes & mango/cantaloupe ice cream (not a good combo? um, but it was gooood!) oh gosh! cruising with this quadcycle was way too fun! we will definitely bring the kids there in the next few weeks (Lord willing). the view was breathtaking - we laughed our ride away - noel was saying hi to all the filipinos picnicking. we were so close to lake michigan, but had to go back coz we had the day planned.

we were gonna try the new texas de brazil in downtown, but our massage appointment was conflicting, so we decided to go to schaumburg instead. noel's mouth wanted some more, but his stomach failed him... we were stuffed! had to walk it out a lil' bit and off we went for our massage. just the right place to be after a long bike ride. but was it the right place to be after eating? hahaha believe me our stomach was hurting from laughing just thinking of the idea. thank God everything went well...

for our last stop, we went to see hancock. it was different... not bad at all!

well, from the excitement of planning, to every rides and moments together... we certainly had an awesome time. he didn't want to go home! but thinking of the kids made it all worth coming home after all.

we give all the glory to God for again making this weekend as awesome as it can be. we're off to great america next week!!!

till my next blog! God bless us all!

Friday, July 4


i met up with a couple of my girls and with one of the hubbies tagged along, after work last night. we chat for a lil' bit and went about our shopping separately.

afterwards, our family went for an early fireworks. the last time i spoke to my husband he said he wasn't going coz he's already tired from work, but right when i got home, rushing to get the kids ready... he couldn't resist to go. so we headed off to palatine... thank God we made it on time and the kids, esp. yanna (my 2yr old) were ecstatic!

today, we have so many things in mind, but couldn't decide where to go. so before i spend the whole day just thinking... i'd rather sign off and wish you all a safe and amazing july 4th celebration.

God bless America!

Wednesday, July 2

*busy day*

thought of blogging before i bury myself with work. i've been so busy these past few days that i end up getting a major headache before i hit the bed. just last night i was so tired that while working on 2 videos, i fell asleep while clicking away... thankfully, i woke up right away before i completely delete all my hard work. whew!

did i ever share to you all about the amazing baptism of my husband 2wks ago? well, it was a day to remember. days before, i could see the excitement from noel. he made sure everything he needs for that day were ready days before the event... and i mean, even his clothes were laid flat on our bedroom chair. anywayz, we had our local photographer, char (my bf), to take a pic of "the moment". but i'm not sure if her short self got in the way hehehe, but she didn't get to take a video of the actual immersion, instead it was when noel and i embraced each other out of joy in receiving this great opportunity to declare his faith & trust in God. 722 people were baptized and i personally praise and thank the Lord for this amazing number! what a foundation we found in Jesus Christ... it's the best decision all of us can ever make. i encourage you to do so =)

besides the 2 videos i'm working on this week, i have another one for next week. it's my first to make a video for just friends. it's not mine, but i guess i should make one too for my girls (another project in line, i guess).

any plans for the holiday? as for mi familia, (Lord willing) we're looking to stay overnight at one of the water park hotels around town since my husband will be working this friday. too bad it's so hard to plan a long trip due to my husband's crazy schedule. but i say it shouldn't stop us from enjoying every moment we get... don't you think? well, besides the short weekend getaway, noel asked me on a whole day date with him this sunday. but of course the week will not be complete without the fellowship at church so he's scheduled to go today and i'm taking the kids with me on sat. looking forward to a wonderful weekend filled with celebration!

have a blessed day... back to work for me!

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