Tuesday, February 27

time flies

it's a sudden death to my eldest sister's biological sister. i had no words to say, i just hugged her. the verse in Psalm 90:12 came to mind when i was thinking about what had happen today, it says, "teach us to number our days, that we may gain a heart of wisdom." it's true that our days are numbered. only God knows when our time has come to an end, but in between the dashes of our lives (19xx - 200x)it is important that we live the ways of God. life is too short to live it carelessly, don't you think? so to make the most of our earthly existence, we must lose ourselves in the will of God.

Saturday, February 24

first day to blog

wow! it's finally here. i've been contemplating whether or not i should include blogging here, but thought i'd give it a try since i have lots to share in regards to our up coming outreach projects. plus, i think it would be a great tool to exchange some encouragements when life just seems too difficult to handle.

i will be updating the daily bread everyday (including weekends now!) since i have a few readers who requested that i incorporate this on my site, i thought it would be beneficial for new guests to be able to view them as well.

hope you will all be blessed!

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