Friday, April 16

Day 5 (Last day for COH Challenge)

ok, it's the last day of the challenge and i'm in awe of God's help in my time of hunger. i couldn't have done this w/o God's guidance. i was soooo jels when my hubby was munching on some chips last night, but he was nice enough to stop right away as soon as he saw me going crazy hahaha - i fell asleep with a stomach ache =(

but i'm sooooo grateful i was able to meet another 5 day challenge! i know the day is not over, but hey it's not easy to be in this type of challenge you know with the temptation all around you all the time - ugh!

well, i just wanna add too that i thank the Lord for giving my older sis another year of His amazing blessings! HAPPY BIRTHDAY ATE SALLY! WE LOVE YOU!!! YOU'RE THE BEST!

wishing you all a blessed weekend! tgif!

God speed!

Thursday, April 15

Day 4 - COH

oh gosh! i can't wait - one more day and i'm back to eating normal again! it just goes to show how fortunate we all are to have access to food all the time. wow! i can't imagine how poor people do it to survive =( here's me complaining for not being able to eat what i want for 5days while the less fortunate have no choice but to try to survive for the next days to come.

today i felt cramps and dehydration. yes, i was tempted in so many ways... in fact i fell for 2 pieces of peanuts at work, but i caught myself right away. ugh! i feel so guilty =( again, it goes to show how easily tempted we get and without the help of the Holy Spirit ugh! i don't know how we can fight our temptations. my sis even reminded me how things will be if it's the end of the world... wow! thank God the Lord has my family in the book of life =) it's exciting to know that God has a place prepared for us already =)

again, this experience taught me the true meaning of abundance and blessed. thank you Lord for your grace! may this experience bring about ways for us to bless others as you continue to bless us. help us to extend the abundance we receive from you to make a difference in someone's life.

Lord thank you for this amazing experience. to You be all the glory =)

Wednesday, April 14

Day 3

Omg! I'm beginning to realize that I CAN'T LIVE W/O COFFEEEEEE!

Besides seeing walking meat, I see coffee everytime I close my eyes waaaa!

Ok, 2 more days and hitting the buffet. I'm sure I'm not the only one thinking of doing that. I'M SOOOO HUNGRY!

K I don't have much energy to talk about anything else so um, pray for me that I survive 2 more days =)
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Tuesday, April 13

Day 2 (Celebration of Hope Challenge)

oh no! my hubby and my son gave up last night already. they explained how bad they feel about what our brothers and sisters go through and how difficult it is to really be starving and not just hungry. my sis just emailed me and she's already struggling too. her son gave up last night as well. so now it's just me, my daughter and my sis. i gotta admit, it does give you enormous headache =( gosh! imagine what the poor people go through? i mean they have no choice but to feel the hunger, the headaches, the cramping every single day.

i don't know how long i'll last, but i'm still trying and have yet to give up. i don't even know how i did it the last 2yrs lol

i know the Lord doesn't need us to do this to prove something to Him... it's just a way of knowing what our brothers and sisters go through when faced with hunger or starvation.

what did i eat for lunch yesterday? i ate the chicken off of the $1 chicken sandwich i bought. for dinner, rice and beans... wow! that was somethin' else. i'm not really a fan of beans, but i had no choice... i was hungry =)

for lunch today, i'll probably eat the same thing or chicken bits w/ rice - depends what i find. but i realized yesterday how much i spend for lunch here at work alone..... it's crazy!

well, i need to eat now coz the people walking by right now are beginning to look like steak to me hahaha


Monday, April 12

5-Day Challenge "Celebration of Hope"

happy monday! ok so my hubby, my son, my daughter and i are on a 5-day challenge to identify with the poor. though this is my 3rd year doing this with our home church,, it's still not an easy thing to do, but since the 4 of us are doing it together... it will be easy to support and encourage each other =) for those of you who are new to this challenge i'd like to give you an idea of what this 5days will have to be like:

5-Day Food and Water Challenge
As an act of solidarity w/ our brothers & sisters around the globe fighting hunger and thirst, we challenge you to eat for five days as half the world’s population eats every day. Eat the meals of your day using the options below. Set aside money you would have spend on additional groceries & donate it to Celebration of Hope 2010 to support those who struggle w/ hunger, thirst, & sickness.

Meal Options
• Plain oatmeal or Cream of Wheat
• Rice & beans
• Rice w/ bits of fish or chicken
• A small portion of carrots, cabbage, onions, tomatoes, squash or broccoli
• Tap water

Food Portions
Portion sizes around the world are much smaller than those of a typical American meal. One cup or 8 oz is a generous portion. Meat is a luxury; the average African consumes less than an ounce of meat per day- about the size of a small chicken nugget. Fresh fruit & veggies are rare, available only if grown locally & in season.
While these meals seem small by American standards, they actually represent diets in the broad middle when compared to the rest of the world. Half the world’s population lives on no more than $2 a day. Approximately 1 billion people live on even less- only $1 per day.

Tap Water
Public water systems in the US generally provide adequate, accessible, clean water for the common good in environmentally sustainable ways. For 5days, we challenge you to drink only tap water & remember the more than 1.1 billion people who don’t have access to clean water.

ok, so now u get the idea... i pray for whoever's taking this challenge, that we will feel the true message and lesson that God wants us to learn from this. that the Lord will break our hearts for the needy and that it will stir our hearts into a different meaning of how truly blessed we are and how extending help to the needy really makes a whole lot difference in someone's life.

DAY ONE: all 4 of us ate oatmeal for breakfast. i still need to figure out what to eat for lunch, but i know for sure oatmeal again for dinner =)

to God be all the glory!

Friday, April 9

Checkin in

Hey bloggers! And so I was convinced to reactivate my FB... I'm a bit cautious who I accept as a friend now so let's see how this will work. I thank God for privacy settings since I still wanna maintain my privacy and don't wanna broadcast the whole world things they don't have to know. Plus, it saves me from mysery =) I'm still not a huge fan since some people really uses it to live their fantasy life through it ( u know - 2nd personality).

On another note, I'm glad and grateful to the Lord for reconnecting me with people who played a significant role in my life. So all in all, I really wish this experience with FB will turn out to be glorifying to God =) if it leads me to a different route (a one ugly route) then there won't be any second thoughts for me... I'm closing it for good!

Ok, so I'm blogging while I wait for my sashimi rice. Something new for my lunch menu... I keep alternating between bibim bop, sushis and makis - now it's time to get somethin new! I'll tell you the verdict later!

Oops! Gotta go - time to fill up my one hungry belly =) happy friday!
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Saturday, April 3

HaPpy EaSTEr!

I know it's not till tomorrow, but I'm all excited already in spite of the weather =) the celebration must go on!

Hope y'all are having an awesomely sweet Easter weekend! May this very important day bring joy and freedom to you and your loved ones =) I love you all with the love of the Lord!

The tomb is empty... Woohoo!
Praise the almighty King!

God speed!
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