Thursday, May 31

Enthused over Project HOPE!

praise the Lord for a great response! i know we're just starting, but the amount of enthusiastic people who responded to help was more than we had ever imagined. and to think we haven't even reached 1/4 of our distribution list. God is good! and i can say that over and over again.

by God's grace, here are some of the highlights we've received yesterday:

1) a family from mundelein or gurnee, il (if i'm not mistaken) has responded to our letter and will gather donations in their area. they have also proposed to donate beanie babies and school supplies as an addition to the items needed for the HOPE bags. and there's more! they have volunteered to send the collections directly to our designated headquarters in the philippines!

2) just yesterday, we have distributed 5 donation boxes and have received 6 more requests of donation boxes to be placed in their local businesses.

this is all because of your boundless prayers, compassion to poor and generosity that we are able to extend more help to the needy. we are just getting started and the need will never be over, so please keep the enthusiasm going and your donations rolling!

let's set aside our differences and bring hope to these people! whether you see them in person or not, please know that YOUR HELP can make a great impact in their lives!

i know there are many who desire to help, but are waiting for the last minute to do so. please, i encourage you... do so while you can. don't wait for next year to come... now is the time, act now!

~ off the subject here ~

just wanted to share to you the wonderful experience we had yesterday. seeing our daughter, camille, receive 3 honorary awards at their 6th grade recognition program that was held yesterday, was absolutely more than i had hoped for. we were never told who would be awarded that's why the surprise was perfectly planned and just wonderful! it felt awesome!

camille had the best cheer from her bestest sister, yanna. yanna gave her cutest and loud cheer for her big sister! she was waving, clapping and cheering her on like a star - hahaha. people around us weren't even paying attention to the program anymore, but instead were so amused by yanna's charming smile, loud cheers and giggles.

i just thank God for such wonderful kids. they may sometimes be too much to handle, but i'm grateful for all that they can be. they are all gifts from above!

have a blessed night! and again thanks for all your continued support!

Sunday, May 27

Launching of Project HOPE

GREAT NEWS! We have launched the Project HOPE webpage! Simply visit and click on Project HOPE. Please continue to pray for our mission as well as the people involved. we can all help each other by prayer.

thanks be to God for He continues to use ordinary people like us.

hope to hear from you all!

In His Service,

time to be a kid!

what a beautiful day! the message at the service today was something we all need to be reminded of... "to have fun!"

here's the truth:
1) we have forgotten to have fun.
2) God calls us to have fun.
3) having fun is good for you.
4) go & have fun in Jesus' name =)

after visiting mama at the cemetery, we went home and just relaxed in our backyard. it's definitely a great day to be a kid again! i hope all that jumping helped get rid of all the calories i had today ;)

have a wonderful and safe memorial day!

shop till i drop?

nah! won't happen. everyone gave up except me. what can i do? i'm born to explore my gifts from God and part of them is to shop! for the record though, i looooove bargains.

i started off my day with a good breakfast with my fam. finally the contractors started on our basement today. while noel and i were talking about our plans for the basement, we were able to finish all the donation boxes for project hope. thank God we got that out of the way. actually, right after i finish with my blog i'm gonna start printing the solicitation letters. our home church, willow creek, gave us their blessings and prayed for us last sunday. that felt good!

anyway, i had to run a lot of errands since noel had to stay home with the contractors. i didn't want to leave them there all by themselves. better safe than sorry ;) so i took my girls with me along with my sis and my mom-in-law. we went to the bank, shopped for ayre's drawer, bought new bed sets and while we're at it, we started shopping for clothes... didn't get any clothes for myself, but found some awesome accessories and was able to buy my mom-in-law a couple of cute outfits. camille on the other hand shopped for herself, again. i'm scared she's gonna be a shopaholic like me. tsk tsk tsk she started off too young... yikes! which reminds me, i found myself asking her for my clothes back. she sneaks up in my closet trying to find something to wear. goodness! i can't believe i would ever experience that with my daughter. it started off fun, but now that she's getting so used to it and it seems like i'm not getting my clothes back, i'm beginning not to like it at all. but for all it's worth at least she dresses modestly and that's what's important.

ok, ok... going back... the store didn't have the drawers in stock so we will have to pick it up on saturday. we ate out before we went back home. noel was waiting for me so we can shop for furnishings and materials needed for the basement. we both love shopping for home stuff... he's not a clothing shopper, he's more into home stuff. but the best part of shopping with him is we're never out of jokes. we would laugh the whole way through about silly stuff. i guess i should still be happy even if we don't have that much time to go on a date, moments like this are worth a treasure. we're both grateful we still have our time together even if it's at lowes, menards, hobo and home depot. what matters is we're enjoying each other and what we do. i'm sure once everything's done with the renovation and we don't feel bad leaving our kids with my sis anymore (dunno when that'll happen) then our date nights will resume again. *wink*

well, the shopping isn't over yet... there's more to come and i can't wait till we finally get to enjoy our new theatre/game room.

but before i sign off, thanks for the wonderful response i received from the odb last week. i guess the 3 consecutive odb's really hit the bullseye! please continue to seek the Lord and He will lift you up!

blessing to all! nitey nite =)

Tuesday, May 22

Active Weekend

Praise God! Both my hubby and my daughter are healed by our Dear Lord. Saturday morning - woke up at 7AM- got ready---couldn't wait to take Kai out since she's been in the house for a week --- had my Starbucks coffee...Hmmmm -- I tried the Dulce De Leche for the first time and they are actually pretty good. Went to the office with the kids and got to talk to our team and we actually had a good/active morning.. Everyone are excited of what's been going on with their business. Slowly with the help of Our Lord - we are slowly helping them accomplish their dreams. Not only they are making the income but most importantly they get to spend more time with their families which is one their main goal when they started the business.. My hubby, Destiny and I actually went out with them .We went to one of my team son's live band.. They are actually good--veteran..--They played 70's,80,s and some 90's .. lolzzz.. And Connie ( one of my team mate).. She's so crazy and asked me to dance.... Oh my! well for those of you that knows me -- You know that I would do it..ha ha h a.. So yes! i dance.. oh my goodness.. ha ha ha.. ----

Well -- after office -- we had lunch --- Des had her orthodontist monthly check up at Sears ( woodfield)..So, guess what ?? We went shopping? Ayyy! Destiny again ended buying something for herself.. Now, i noticed that she likes to shop.. So, we went shopping to 3 different stores.. lolzz.. Daddy didn't go shopping only the girls..ha ha ha.....Then went home and the two went roller blading while Kai and I just went for a walk.. I have to buy new roller blade for myself.. I dont want to use my old one... Yukk!!! trust me u dont want to hear this story...

he he he.. check out some of our photos especially Kalea's first swing.. She loves it and she kept making sounds and smiling a lot.... My lil Kai is getting so big.. So fast... hayyyyy!!!

k vavvoooskki =)

Thursday, May 17


after a long day of work and lots of last minute grocery shopping, i came home with this...

~ my son ayre was so excited to show me his very own lego impersonation of krusty krab restaurant (for those of you who don't know, it's where spongebob work... hehehe).

~ yanna being silly and enjoying her sandwich ice cream =) and after all that mess... i cleaned her up and gave her a bath. i grabbed my camera and here she started posing... she's just so into pictures i tell ya. i don't even have to say anything, she just poses, won't move until she hears or sees the flash.

~ and camille, my eldest, received the highest grade in her class for her science project & being one of the few awarded best young author in her school. (3rd time i may say)

hmm, i think i need to upgrade my camera. ;)
nwayz, although i was tired from work, seeing my kids is like taking a pain killer =) ah! priceless... what more can you ask for? I thank God for guiding my kids especially when I'm not around.

Monday, May 14

a memorable mother's day

sorry, haven't blogged lately. i've been pushing to finish everything for the project HOPE so we can launch it by the end of may. so far so good though, we will have our next meeting next week right after our bible study.

nwayz, thanks to all who remembered me, yesterday. i was overwhelmed with emails, cards and texts. didn't really expect that, but from the bottom of my heart, i thank my Lord for you. =)

also, just wanted to commend char for being a great mom and wife to her fam. thank God we're all blessed with such wonderful families and most esp for being a mom. surely moms do have the biggest tasks in the family... we are all a gift from God and we have a special purpose to fulfill! char, i'm sure will and kai appreciated every second of your hard work as well as des' awesome effort to be the best sister to lil' kai. =) great job mommy char!

so nwayz, i'm sure you are all anticipating to find out how the race went... well honestly, i didn't realize how far 3miles was till yesterday. i believe they re-routed it that's why it seemed longer. regardless, it was great to be a part of such a big event as well as to make little or big difference to all the women who suffered, still suffering and will suffer this tragic disease. shout out to my family, my girlfriends and the kids who made their every step worthwhile. it was great seeing such wonderful people. it was fun and sad at the same time... i commend every one's strength and courage who fought and continuous to fight their battle as well as to the families who i'm sure are affected emotionally, but continuous to be of great encouragement to them.

i lift each one of them in prayer that God, our #1 healer will bring forth comfort and peace in their troubled hearts.

here are some pics c took yesterday:

after the race, my family and i stopped by the buckingham fountain & millennium park, took some pics, too:
and to much anticipation: my hubby, noel, gave us all (my mom-in-law, my 3 sisters & i) an afternoon of pampering... day of spa at heavenly massage. it felt awesome esp with sore legs and feet - what more can you ask for? we did nothing, but have overflowing stories and lots of laughs mixed with tears. it was def a great bonding time for the 5 of us. thanks a lot, bebot! too bad i left the camera inside the van. but i think i have enough pics on this blog so i'm sure more pics of us will just make you cry ... hahaha

thanks to my kids for the shoes and beautiful cards - can't be a mom without my cherubs! i love you ate, kuya and batchoy face!

that's it for now! hope everyone had a blessed mom's day!

Happy Mother's Day!

Hope everyone had a blessed Mother's Day! =) Mine, was sweet and simple and a little bit tiring (not in a bad way =). See, my hubby and my lil one were sick on Friday. I actually went to work late on Friday -- Really I was debating if should go to work or not. 'Coz my hubby was already sick on Thursday night. Running 103.0 fever. Then I think my lil one got it too on Friday.. My oldest daughter called me at work around 2 and asking me to go home already 'coz her dad was getting worse and he couldn't take care of Kalea anymore. I think that was the first time (again after my teenage life) I drove over 75mph at a 45 mph street. I prayed so hard to get me home fast and safe and I stayed on the phone with my daughter telling her what to do. See, God will make a way. And that day my daugther came home early ( half day from school). I dont' know what will happen if she didn't come home right away. My husband had no strenght to even carry Kalea. He couldn't move or even open his eyes anymore. He was having convulsion, Kalea was running 104.0, and Destiny was so scared and didn't know what to do. Thank God and as soon as I got home. I took Kalea right away. And placed wash clothed -cold water on her forehead to get the fever down. Gave her Tylenol right away and fever only went down to 101.0. As soon as I was done with her and she finally went to sleep. I called her doctor and told me to observe her and if fever goes back up again in 2 hours to bring her to ER. After I hung up with her doctor. I went to the other room and take care of my hubby. He was running 105.0 still and he was shaking, talking to himself and couldn't open his eyes anymore. I was really scared but the doctor told me to give him quick bath to get the fever down. So, with the help of Des-- we carried William to the bathroom. Gave him quick shower and YES! Fever went down to 100.0, I cooked soup and gave him medicine, and ever since then he felt better. Thank God! Fever didn't go back up anymore. Around 8PM - when Kalea woke up - her fever went up to 105 again. My heart was pounding really hard. I was so nervous; Des and I got ready and went to ER. I called my mom and told her that I have to leave William at home to just check up on him. William was worried and wanted to come but I told him that it’s better for him to get some rest and I can handle it since Destiny was with me anyways. So, when we got to the hospital. They couldn't find anything wrong why her fever won't go down. She had no cold, no cough. She was eating right and she was still alert. They took a blood test and urine test (catheter). Oh my! I didn't like that I told the nurse to be very careful. They put her to dextrose. Kalea was just hugging me with her tiny arms and looking at me with her teary eyes. If she could just speak- I know that she was in pain. The best thing I can do that moment was to pray for her 'coz I know that she wasn't feeling well. The lab test came back and what they found in her blood test that she has some kind of virus and her urine came back negative. They gave her antibiotic and sent us home. They told me to call her doctor early morning if her fever comes back up. We got home around 1 Am and put Kai to sleep. I couldn't sleep coz I was checking both of them (kalea and my hubby). Just to make sure that their both okay. Around 9AM (Saturday morning). Kai's fever went back up again to 105.0. This time I didn't call anyone anymore -- Des and I just got ready again and went to see her doctor. Her doctor gave us antibiotic to give it to her for 10 days. We all went home around 1PM and thank God once again -- that was it. No more fever --- Yesterday, we just stayed home. My brother and her family was over at my mom's house for mother' s day but I just told them if it's okay for us to just stay home coz I didn't want to take Kalea out and get the rest of the kids and everyone sick. Destiny gave me an Ice Cream cake from Baskin Robbins (hmmmm. yummy) and she made a simple cute card... Whhheeww! So now you know why it was a lil tiring for me... But I thank God for he gave me the extra strength to do all that. Really, I was really tired. I had no sleep at all ... I didn't know what to do. But I know that God was with me the whole time. Thank you Lord!

By the way Ninang Love -- check out the walker u gave me. I am using it now =) .. Thanks again=)

Thanks for reading my mother's day story and enjoy the rest of your lovely day!

Tuesday, May 8

ready for the next chapter in my life

hello all! sorry, it's been quite a ride for me this past month that's why i haven't blogged for quite sometime now. well, i'm back again! wow! i read all the blogs posted since my last one and may i say i definitely admire every one's courage! wouldn't know how to handle them if it was me :) oh! and how i wish my husband is as appreciating as charisma's! don't we all? i'm so crazy! my husband is perfectly fine, although sometime you wish more from each other. that's okay, we're happy with each other - at least i hope? just kidding :)

a round of applause to the 3 of you. i wish i can be that strong, although thankfully i manage to keep my personal life together - i shouldn't complain. except for my work, which is the reason i'm blogging today. i finally gave my resignation 2 weeks ago. AH! what a relief! i'm pursuing my studies in interior decorating - definitely my passion! i know lovely loves that too! it was one of the hardest decision i ever made, but with lots of wonderful mentors (like lovely as one of them) it help me straighten my thoughts and follow my heart. of course i had to consult my husband too and he's 110% with me on this. fortunately, my husband's job can support us for now while i focus on my studies. that's why too - baby - is not an option until i get my feet on the ground.

lots to do i may say, but the good part is that i have my family's full support. otherwise, i won't consider quiting at all.

i'm not so good in giving an advise, but here's one thing i can say - if you don't put your dream in action, it will remain like a puff of cloud in your mind (it will fade eventually). at least by doing something about it, you will know the answer to the question "what if?"

hope that sends a clear message to you all! if not, sorry i tried - i guess i'm the only one who understands my point :(

Friday, May 4

Thank you Lord for the second chance

What happens if you make a vow to the Lord and later break that vow? Does God give second chances? I thank Him for the 2nd chance that he gave me. On August 3, 1995 - I made a vow to my first husband and I come to the Lord and promised to do something and I didn't do it and break it---Unfortunately, it did not work. Years passed and I finally met the love of my life - I asked for the 2nd chance and I promised again. See, I know that God is not interested in cursing. He is interested in blessing. By all means, we come before HIM and acknowledge what we have done and say, "Give me a second chance and HE will."

Please allow me to share you the email i received from my loving husband this early morning. I was calling him this morning but he wouldn't pick up then he finally did after 5 calls I made. He said he will call me back because he was doing something. After I hung up,I received this email below. I didn't know how to react -- I mean- some of my friends knows how I am..I find everything funny even if something sweet like this. I was actually almost in tears, smiling and thinking at the same time. See, some of you know how my hubby is.. He is very outspoken and expressive and I am very quiet ( quiet only when it comes to being serious, I just don't know why) But being goofy and making people laugh ( then I am not quiet) Sometimes, I fear that I mite say something and hurt someones feelings. Don't worry, God is helping me on this situation to not be scared and let HIM speak and I will follow.. Not that my hubby doesn't let me speak but sometimes I just chose not to speak and just listen instead. But he doesn't like it when I'm quiet or sometimes I am spaced out and I will just start making funny faces or jokes like nothing is bothering me. But really, I am fine-- I am just very grateful to our Dear Lord for giving me the 2nd chance to experience how great marriage is. I thank God for the love that he have given me. I thank him for the power to make the choice to love. Helping us to see that everyday is a new beginning and for us to be mindful that the gift of marriage is from HIM. I truly believe putting God first in our lives has help us stay close and happy in our marriage even if were going through tough times. We make it as a family because of HIM. This time is GOD'S WAY NOT OURS. I don't know how our marriage will be without our SAVIOR. Let OUR SAVIOR BE IN CONTROL OF YOUR LIVES! Enjoy the email =)

Honey I just want to say sorry for my high emotions. Right now I love my life and I thank God that I have this life instead of the less fortunate, or the sick, or the disabled, or the lost, or the victim, or the criminal. I have so much to be thankful for. I want to thank you for the following:

Thank you for marrying me
Thank you for choosing me
Thank you for being a good loving wife
Thank you for allowing me to be smart and cute Destiny's dad
Thank you for giving me adorable, goofy and cheesee Kalea
Thank you for teaching me how to take care of Kalea and Destiny
Thank you for taking care of Kalea
Thank you for taking care of Destiny
Thank you for being a good mom to our children
Thank you for doing the laundry
Thank you for doing the dishes
Thank you for keeping the house in order
Thank you for feeding me
Thank you for helping me with the business
Thank you for booking flights
Thank you for booking hotels
Thank you for talking to the team
Thank you for pushing the team
Thank you for coming to the meeting
Thank you for getting on the conference calls
Thank you for supporting me
Thank you for believing in me
Thank you for being good to my mom and dad
Thank you for being friends with my brothers
Thank you for being nice to my relatives
Thank you for buying everyone gifts
Thank you for all your gifts
Thank you for helping everyone with their events
Thank you for handling the bills
Thank you for paying the bills
Thank you for helping me with my taxes
Thank you for giving me office supplies
Thank you for scratching my back
Thank you for giving me massage
Thank you for helping me with the worship team
Thank you for singing
Thank you for dancing
Thank you for prasing the Lord
Thank you for waking up early seven days a week
Thank you for the making money
Thank you for the vision insurance
Thank you for the medical insurance
Thank you for the car insurance
Thank you for the life insurance
Thank you for introducing me to God
Thank you for your daily devotionals
Thank you for your prayers
Thank you for thinking of me
Thank you for texting me funny words
Thank you for cheering me up
Thank you for cheering me on
Thank you for being my fan
Thank you for all the pictures you take
Thank you for smiling at me
Thank you for telling me jokes
Thank you for being corny
Thank you for not ignoring me
Thank you for sticking with me
Thank you for being faithful
Thank you for teaching me with the computer
Thank you for being patient with me
Thank you for reminding me to take vitamins
Thank you for taking care of me when Im sick
Thank you for calling me
Thank you for looking for me
Thank you for spending time with me
Thank you for going through hard times with me
Thank you for going through good times with me
Thank you for leaving food late at night for me
Thank you for play fighting with me
Thank you for making love to me
Thank you for being sweet to me
Thank you for being annoying sometimes
Thank you for leaving me alone sometimes
Thank you for trusting me
Thank you for reminding me
Thank you for listening to my problems
Thank you for helping me solve my problems
Thank you for being my best friend

Thank you for everything that you are and that you do. There are many times that I forget to appreciate you. I want you to know that I see all your goodness and I thank God that he gave you to me. I love you from the deepest part of my soul.

happy birthday!

happy 2nd birthday in heaven, mama! we miss everything about you! i'm sure you're having a blast there... celebrating with God and your fellow angels! we love you!

Thursday, May 3

National Day of Prayer

hello friends and family,

please join me as we unite with others in prayer and as we boldly ask Jesus to open doors, to open hearts and to open our mouths.

remember, no matter where we live, no matter what language we speak, we must pray for those in charge, asking God to provide direction. then we must also work and pray that individuals... one by one... will see their need for Jesus and their dependence on the Lord.

whatever happens to our nation, affects us, no matter what. so please set aside 3 full mins. of your time today and just talk to our Savior, the God of the Universe and submit your requests not only for your well being, but most especially for our nation. we may not always take time to say a little prayer for the government, but this is our time... make use of it.

God has given us an opportunity to serve through the ministry of prayer. for prayer not only honors God but also blesses the people praying and those for whom we pray for.

thank you! together we are God's "prayer warriors".

be blessed =)

Tuesday, May 1


So yestereday my hubby and I celebrated our 7th year wedding anniversary! Praise God! Seven years goes by so fast. Well, every year before our anniversary approaches we talk about getting some alone time without the kids. But every year we fail to do so, because the kids have been put first (don't get me wrong-that's not a bad thing) BUT, we need to enjoy our relationship and one another first! hehey! People may not always agree with that...but that's ok we've come to terms with it and it works for us. So anyway, we left sunday evening for dinner and checked in for the night (just the two of us) very romantic =) and Monday morning was just so amazing we had the opportunity to start our morning with devotional to give God praise and glory for being our center in our marriage & in our lives. It felt so good to do that together, yes we pray together; but I have to admit not always! And it's not always that we make the time to have devotional time together. I desire for that so much, because I believe God smiles upon a marriage that desires to do so and blesses a man & wife that devotes, reads & studies the word, prays & seeks together. So with much prayer and thought, I approached my hubby and asked him to also pray on the idea that we have"our devotional time" (nightly) since our schedule for mornings would conflict. And yes, he agreed! So please help me pray that we will be consistent.... So afterwards, we had breakfast, then did a little shopping...I didn't find anything =( I don't know, I think I have an old spirit trapped in a young heart (not body) j/k some of these styles for women are just not doing anything for me. I think it's time to stop looking in the junior section. haha K enough about that, so we picked up Matthew from school and just had a beuatiful afternoon with the kiddies, we came home and I whipped up chicken adobo for dinner (fast & easy) and we watched nacho libre, I must say...I thought it was so funny, but that's just me (super corney)! We went to bed & praise God, I rejoice because our "joy comes in the morning" Today is a new day, and I am feeling blessed and looking forward for what the day will bring and especially looking forward to tonights devotional time =)
Thanks for listening/reading!

Well till next time, as Rev. Run would say it..."God is Love"

Blessings! Will type soon!!!

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