Monday, June 25

dedication to God

hi all! how's your weekend? mine was somewhat productive, relaxing and cheerful weekend. but before i tell you why.... i'd like to take this opportunity to extend our warm thanks to everyone who have sent in their donations in the mail. it's such a blessing not only to see these donations come, but the fact that there are people who share the same vision as we do. thank you for not waiting any longer as well as for taking action to pour out your resources and share them with the less fortunate. this is all for the glory of our great Prince of Peace. so thank you from the bottom of our hearts. - ph team

ok, now back to my weekend story...

friday, we celebrated my niece's 15th birthday. wow! she's all grown up now. still can't believe we're not getting any younger - hey, i'm still young, but just becoming young at heart! *wink* my sis brought all the kids to bowling that night, they slept over her place and went to see fantastic 4 at matinee on sat. went bowling afterwards, then to carnival & to chuck e cheese per the little ones' request... so obviously the kids had loads of fun those 2 days.

on my side of the world, i was able to straighten our office, last sat. was able to shred some of my old old documents (btw, still not done). had a great time playing with yanna, relaxing with my sis while watching filipino shows (tfc). later that evening, noel, my sis, yanna and i went to target for some grocery shopping. to our surprise, they're selling first-aid kits and flip-flops in their dollar section. we went ahead and bought as much as we can for project hope. while putting them all in the cart, i was praying that someone, somewhere, a kind heart will think of donating these items to project hope. *hint, hint* all targets have them hehehehe

anyway, we had a late supper. we tried the new thai restaurant (thai town) by my house and i must say "delicioso!" (dora way - hehehe) my sis and i cleaned our plates i tell yah. the price is just about the same as other thai restaurants... i highly recommend it!

sunday: it was my goddaughter's dedication. "kalea star santos" - she was definitely a pro! goodness! that little munchkin can easily be kidnapped! she lets other people carry her. she did not care. when the pastor held her up, she was just looking around and enjoying her view. just like her mom and dad, she enjoyed the local paparazzi around her hehehehe. her attention was always drawn to noel's beard... she just couldn't stop looking at him. so cute! i'll ask char for some pics so i can show you all how cute cheesy kai looked yesterday.

well, didn't get to chat with my girlfriends as much as i anticipated... so i guess i really need to set up another date for all of us sometime soon. had a good nap yesterday though. noel said "you needed that!" aw! so sweet. yah, he knows i've been staying up late for project hope and i guess those late nights are starting to get to me. need more of those naps though =)

ok, that's it for now... hope you all had a wonderful weekend!
may your week be blessed!

Monday, June 18

weekend of celebration!

sorry, i haven't blogged. i've been tied up at work and so many things in my agenda i need to finish.

we celebrated my brother's birthday and squeezed in the father's day celebration as well. lots of food for a last minute planning. so once again i was stuffed this past weekend. my brother didn't really want anything, but i kinda insisted since i don't want to give him anything he wouldn't really like so he suggested a gift cert at restoration hardware. got all the fathers in our family movie tickets for 2 and for my dad, i made out a simple plaque with a message that he has won a home makeover for father's day as our way of showing our appreciation. at first he was shocked and little by little he was so looking forward to it. target date july 7th - i'll definitely keep you all posted!

project HOPE update: we were able to print out a bunch of flyers and were able to send out an additional 100 of solicitation letters. noel has set up a day of going to parking lots to stick flyers on people’s cars. we received another great response from people who were able to view the info on our website and have planned to send their monetary donations this week. great job team! and again, thanks to all who continues to pray for us and for all the support we've been receiving since we've launched this project. i know God's hands are not too short to extend His blessings to you all!

yesterday, we gave the contractors a day off since i'm sure their families would want to spend time with them on father's day. bill hybels, our senior pastor gave a wonderful message about heroic fatherhood... it was a message of relationship between a child and a parent and of course it all relates to our own relationship with our Heavenly Father.

yanna had a singing fever yesterday during the service, so i had to bring her in the parent's room to keep her from interrupting the service hehehehe - people around us were so entertained by her singing the barney songs (i'm not sure if that's a good thing). she was singing her heart out paired with her facial expressions. so cute! it was priceless... if i can just keep her that way... she's just growing up so fast =(

anyway, after the service we all went to on the borders for a father's day luncheon. i think we were the loudest there. we had nothing, but laughs! thank God for His blessings of humor. it sure did surrounded us yesterday. =) so what did i get noel for father's day? i finally got him the tile wet saw he's been wanting for so long. he plans on updating our kitchen himself so i thought it was a great idea to get him started hehehe ;)

well, after 2 days of non-stop eating... it was time to walk it off - noel and i went to our favorite hardware stores (lowes, menards & home depot) i thank the Lord they're all close by. i was so sleepy the whole time we were shopping for supplies that as soon as we got home i had to excuse myself and crashed into my bed. wow! that was the first time i slept at 9pm after having yanna. yes, that's early for me already. i usually sleep at midnight or so... up to now i'm still sleepy hehehe i can't wait to have a vacation!


God bless!

Sunday, June 10

productive weekend

before i go any further with my weekend of productivity, i would like to say sorry to my good friend tal and family for not making it to cecilia's dedication. i planned an errand to fulfill this weekend forgetting about the occasion and when I got started doing it yesterday, i couldn't stop it anymore. hope the dedication and the celebration went well! God bless you, Cecilia!
ok, noel and i have been thinking of getting our landscape done, but since the renovation of our basement and other updates inside the house are costing us a lot already, we decided to just do the gardening ourselves. i was so excited the whole week and i was definitely having a green thumb spirit.

friday, noel and i met up at menards to buy plants and soil, but they ran out of the phlox i wanted. thank heaven, meijer had them all!

saturday, i felt the urge of waking up early and do some walking. it seemed like my little yanna knew mommy was taking a walk... she woke up at the same time i did and that rarely happens. my 2 sisters, c, and my 2 nephews joined us on a 3 mile walk - we ended up having breakfast at mc d. right when we got home, i started gearing up for gardening. my older sis and i teamed up, after finishing the first side, we had a late lunch, did 3hrs of grocery shopping, bought veggies to plant on the side of our house (tomatoes, green peppers & egg plant) and here are the results!


and you know what i appreciated most while i was enjoying my outdoor moment? the Lord brought my neighbors to my yard and we simply exchanged a short life update. God is really good for even if i was busy decorating my garden, He brought people who have the same desire as we do - that's to please the Lord and extend help to others. maribel and steve (uh-oh! i sure hope that's his name- yikes!) certainly helped lift up my spirit yesterday. they're also excited to help Project HOPE, they prayed for me, our team and everything that's involved with Project HOPE. the Lord is so faithful that in every moment He delivers His promises. that's why from the day we started planning this project - i knew that the Lord will bring His resources together to make this project happen. thank you Lord for your goodness!
my 2 other sis, my niece, sarah and my daughter, c, all worked together to produce almost 300 solicitation letters to go out for Project HOPE. great job team!

well, i guess that's it for now. hope you all had a relaxing or productive weekend like i did. time to sign off now... after days of gardening... um, i'm totally sore. ouch! nitey nite!

Friday, June 8


Finally, I am now US Citizen lolzz.. Gosh! After how many years... That's what you call ( proscastinator)...Thank you Lord =) .. Anyways, my hubby and I had a great time yesterday... Not only we got free parking ticket but we were goofing around the whole time ( it started coz I had to do number 2..hahhaha) and I told him to stay there and don't let anyone take my spot and to text me when the line is moving..ha ha ha..Then coming out from the bathroom-- I was walking without my shoes on...Only because I didnt know that we were gonna walk that far... And I forgot to bring my sandals...Ha ha ha.. But my honey was soo cute -- He said that only me that can always get away with that..lolzz..So, he finds it funny and cute while my feet was killing me.lolz... I was getting so sleepy coz the line was too long...I had my DD already but still sleepy..... Ha ha ha .. My Oath Ceremony wast at 8AM.. So, we had to wake up at 5Am.. Got ready. We went to drop off Des at mommy, so she can get ready for school and good thing the school bus also stop there. Then we went to drop off Kai at my in laws then went straight to downtown... But my Oath was short--- We got out of there around 930Am but you know how I am --- I was still chatting with some people I met....N-ewayz, gots to go for now... Enjoy the rest of your day...And I will see some of you tomorrow and the rest on Sunday ( Lia's dedication..)

Oh and let me introduce you Funmi ( she's from Nigeria).. She's really nice.. We were talking for 2 hours. lolz.. She works at St. Mary's.. Oh man! she can talk.. But very nice lady.. She had no camera -- So i told her if she don't mind. I will send her a copy of our pictures.

Tuesday, June 5

We do not remembers days, we remember moments

A time to celebrate the beauty, the gift and the blessing of enduring love.

Yesterday we celebrated our 3rd year wedding anniversary and it was also our 8 yrs being together. How time flies?? Actually, this year was my turn to plan. We try to take turns every year. We didn't really do something big this year but it was very special of what we did yesterday. Right after work , I went groceries and I called Destiny and told her that I will be cooking menudo ( William's favorite dish). Well, for the filipinos ( that's not easy to cook).. Too many ingredients. So, when I got home I told him that I have my gift for him. But he asked me if he can help me.. I said No, but he said that he wants to be part of it..So he can take the credit..lolzz.....So then, he started cutting and peeling the veggies and I started cooking and putting the ingredients to the pot... We were thinking if we should call his mom and my mom to ask for help but we both said " No, let's do William and Charisma's style"... So, we were both reading the filipino recipe.. And waited for almost an hour just to make sure that the pork is tender... I was doing the tasting and William will do the 2nd tasting just to make sure also......lolzzz.. My mom kept calling and since she knows that it was our anniversary..I told her that " Mom, if i give you some-- that means-- its good"..if not, then don't ask anymore..lolz.. Well, guess what???? It was deliciosoooo... So my honey and Des went to drop off some menudo to my mother dear and she said that it was good except it needed more salt or fish sauce... But it was good!!!! Yipppeee......They both came back and my hunny took a shower before dinner so we can have our dessert after.. lolz.... Oh before I forget... The night before our anniversay- he gave me his gift, a simple letter and we both said our prayers for each other before we had our dinner...He always does! I think for the past eight years now.. He never once forget to give me short or long letter... hmmm, wish i can share it with you of what he wrote but it was very sweet and touching.. Then around 7:30PM.....Tin's been bugging me if she can come over and it's hard for the past months ( since she broke up with her ex)..She's been going to my house and just hang out.. Which i don't mind because Tin's fun to be with...She does nothing but laugh at you....ha ha ha ha....So she stayed till 11:30PM...

Anyways, sorry haven't been blogging..Been kinda busy -- Fun busy--i may say =) -- actually- been visiting some old friends and organizing some events. Lords willing - it'll be done before we leave for the cruise.

Here are some pictures from yesterday --- before and after menudo... Also, pics from my sis' graduation... So proud of her..=)

Thank you Lord for all the blessings. But most of all Thank you Lord for blessing me with a wonderful husband and two beautiful girls that balances me everday of our life.

Vavooski -- Don't forget them beautiful smilez going... =)

Monday, June 4

Congrats Grads!

So proud of my nephew, kev & niece, nix. they both graduated today... well, it's past midnight already so i should say... yesterday.

didn't get to go to my niece', but i'm sure she had a fabulous time! she's on to her college years! anyway, we made it to my nephew's graduation though and i must say, i'm so proud of how thoughtful and generous he was to his many girl friends. he bought 10 of them 3 red roses... hmm! what a playah! j/k =) nah! he's just a sweetheart to everyone. took lots of pics and video of his graduation and i sure did kinda missed the old times (w/ my friends) when i saw him and his group of friends gathered for more picture taking. btw, he's going to high school now. my oh my! time flies by so fast i can't believe my sis has 2 high schoolers. next thing you know it's my turn, yikes!
well, i sure am proud of all of them. congrats again kev and nix! i love u both so much!!!

how did my weekend go? well, besides the graduation, last sat we had our bible study and discussed the last chapter of james. i thank God for His continued guidance and nurturing of our soul... we again received another wonderful revelation from God and i pray that He will help us live our lives according to what is pleasing to Him. that we may put everything we learned into practice. and that His light will shine upon us and through us.

i'm glad to share to you that we received our 1st monetary donation from my sister's employer, pivot-point international. we are eternally grateful for your help and rest assure that it will be put to a great use and will be very much appreciated by the people in need.

well, i need to sign off now... i'm pretty beat and i'm planning to work early tomorrow. so you guys have some good night sleep or should i say "have a great monday!"

God bless you all!

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