Friday, May 21

Your prayers are needed...

today is Project HOPE's Feed the Hunger Program. i have to be honest with you all, i was really expecting many will feel the need for this particular ministry esp. when i posted it on facebook, but i guess i shouldn't have expected too much =( i failed to just allow the Lord to do what He wanted regardless of how much help we get from others. though we continue to be grateful to our repeat sponsors, i was really hoping to be able to gather more funds in order to help more, but sadly, besides our yearly sponsors, only our family responded. for a second there i was really devastated, i neglected to remind myself that as long as the Lord is in the midst, whether we feed 1 out of hundreds that we at Project HOPE desire... i'm sure the experience and help that will be provided will have an incredible and unforgettable impact to us esp. to those who will be there. that what is important is as long as the Lord continues to be glorified and His people are helped, that's all that really matters.

is it wrong to feel discouraged for not receiving the help i expected? i'm sure the Lord understands what i feel. forgive me for feeling this way. i just really feel bad for those who are in desperate need of something we always take forgranted of. the types of food that we can so easily get, but to them what they eat is what's being thrown away by so many of us. i don't know i just don't get it i guess. i hope the Lord help me understand why others just can't take that step to open their hearts to a major need like this. why it's so hard for them to unclench (if that's even a word) their fists? whew! sorry, i just really need to get that out of my chest. i feel the brokenness of these people, i'm sure it'll be more heart breaking once i witness it first hand. oh gosh! i probably won't be able to serve to the best of my ability coz I'll be crying the whole time =(

anyway, getting back to my soul purpose for this blog. i would like to ask for your fervent prayer for this Feed the Hunger program. my sister, my bro-in-law and with the rest of our crew are on their way to the location as i type this blog. i heard that one of the hardest things they are experiencing right now is the hot, dehydrating weather. please kindly include them in your prayers this moment. that they will all feel the Lord's presence from beginning to end. that every person in every corner of this facility will be blessed by the power of the Holy Spirit. Lord, let Your will be done and may You be glorified in every way. Lord, You gave us this opportunity and so we ask for Your provision, strength and guidance that all will be well according to Your will. in Jesus Almighty and Precious name, AMEN!

Tuesday, May 11

2010 Feed the Hunger

We at Project HOPE have been blessed once again with the opportunity to be the hands and feet of Jesus Christ to the under resourced children of Tondo, Manila Philippines, stricken with hunger and sickness.

With the help of our dear brothers and sisters of Yeshua Emmanuel Community Church and in leadership of Pastor Manuel Ocampo, we will be serving another "Feed the Hunger" program on Saturday, May 22, 2010. A couple of our members, Treasurer, Yvonne Sales (my sister) and Videographer, Aries Sales (my brother-in-law) will witness, volunteer their time and provide what is needed in our behalf during this time.

Due to the space, we have estimated only 100 people to be fed. But just like last year when we fed 200 street children in Payatas, Philippines, we will also be serving them 2 dishes, rice and a juice box already on a container for easy distribution.

What does this mean to you? This simply means that you are also given the opportunity to extend help to this unpriviledged fellowmen, who have no voice to express their needs and sufferings.

We at Project HOPE have come alongside them to be their advocate to YOU, who have been blessed with more than enough, on their behalf. These people are the ones who live less than $2 a day. To them, two meals in one day is a miracle. Their daily routine is rummaging through trash to find scraps of food in hopes to have at least one meal in one day. At times, they force themselves to sleep through hunger hoping that the next day will be brighter, but there are days when they feel that all hope is gone.

On the other hand, how many of us have wasted food because of ridiculus reasons and too much of it just makes us sick? These poverty-stricken people are the opposite... how they desire to be able to feel and say, "I had too much to eat" or "I'm full" or "I'm stuffed".

We understand that many are still facing financial hardship. However, living in U.S.A. already gives us more reasons to be thankful for and a step ahead to those who are less fortunate. We earnestly ask for you to take a step of faith and give what your heart tells you... help make a mark into the hearts of this hurting people.

For those who do not know our organization, Project HOPE is a non-profit family ministry. It was established in 2005 and since then we've been continuously supported by the generous donations of ordinary and compassionate people like you. We're not a big organization, but we believe in the power of "compassion in action". It doesn't take a big organization to help the forgotten. Paraphrasing what Mother Teresa once said, "If you can’t feed a hundred people, then feed just one.” Friends, the size of the contribution is not what matters most. The key here is to have the heart to do it. Just feeling sorry for them doesn't change a thing, but acting on it brings hope to the hopeless.

Please do not think that everything has been taken cared of by somebody else and your contribution will not make much of a difference... I mean, imagine if everyone else starts to think the same way? FRIENDS, YOUR EFFORT COUNTS. Let us set aside our differences and instead let's come together to do what is right and what is needed... that is to be able to feed this people at least one meal on May 22nd. With your help, we will be able to feed 100 poverty-stricken people OR MORE IF GOD BRINGS THE INCREASE. Just one meal my friends and believe me it will be rewarding.

We also believe that prayer is a powerful and necessary tool and so we ask for your support in praying for this next humbling task the Lord has put in our hearts. Pray for the Pastor & my sister, Yvonne that they will be able to present the message of the Lord with clarity and with grateful heart. Pray for all the volunteers, that they will be safe, have the strength and God's heart of compassion to serve this people with love. That we will have all the resources needed to make this feeding program a success. Pray for every person that will set foot on this place that they will not only be filled with the abundance of food, but with love for the Lord and hope that is only found in Christ.

Please visit our website at
or by MAIL:

Payable to Project HOPE
263 Comstock Dr.
Elgin, IL 60124

I will keep you all posted regarding the progress of "Project HOPE's 2010 Feed the Hunger Program".

On behalf of the Project HOPE team, I would like to thank you all in advance for your support and prayers. May God bless you for the action you will take, your thoughtfulness & generosity!

In His Service,

Lovely Miranda
Project HOPE

Friday, April 16

Day 5 (Last day for COH Challenge)

ok, it's the last day of the challenge and i'm in awe of God's help in my time of hunger. i couldn't have done this w/o God's guidance. i was soooo jels when my hubby was munching on some chips last night, but he was nice enough to stop right away as soon as he saw me going crazy hahaha - i fell asleep with a stomach ache =(

but i'm sooooo grateful i was able to meet another 5 day challenge! i know the day is not over, but hey it's not easy to be in this type of challenge you know with the temptation all around you all the time - ugh!

well, i just wanna add too that i thank the Lord for giving my older sis another year of His amazing blessings! HAPPY BIRTHDAY ATE SALLY! WE LOVE YOU!!! YOU'RE THE BEST!

wishing you all a blessed weekend! tgif!

God speed!

Thursday, April 15

Day 4 - COH

oh gosh! i can't wait - one more day and i'm back to eating normal again! it just goes to show how fortunate we all are to have access to food all the time. wow! i can't imagine how poor people do it to survive =( here's me complaining for not being able to eat what i want for 5days while the less fortunate have no choice but to try to survive for the next days to come.

today i felt cramps and dehydration. yes, i was tempted in so many ways... in fact i fell for 2 pieces of peanuts at work, but i caught myself right away. ugh! i feel so guilty =( again, it goes to show how easily tempted we get and without the help of the Holy Spirit ugh! i don't know how we can fight our temptations. my sis even reminded me how things will be if it's the end of the world... wow! thank God the Lord has my family in the book of life =) it's exciting to know that God has a place prepared for us already =)

again, this experience taught me the true meaning of abundance and blessed. thank you Lord for your grace! may this experience bring about ways for us to bless others as you continue to bless us. help us to extend the abundance we receive from you to make a difference in someone's life.

Lord thank you for this amazing experience. to You be all the glory =)

Wednesday, April 14

Day 3

Omg! I'm beginning to realize that I CAN'T LIVE W/O COFFEEEEEE!

Besides seeing walking meat, I see coffee everytime I close my eyes waaaa!

Ok, 2 more days and hitting the buffet. I'm sure I'm not the only one thinking of doing that. I'M SOOOO HUNGRY!

K I don't have much energy to talk about anything else so um, pray for me that I survive 2 more days =)
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Tuesday, April 13

Day 2 (Celebration of Hope Challenge)

oh no! my hubby and my son gave up last night already. they explained how bad they feel about what our brothers and sisters go through and how difficult it is to really be starving and not just hungry. my sis just emailed me and she's already struggling too. her son gave up last night as well. so now it's just me, my daughter and my sis. i gotta admit, it does give you enormous headache =( gosh! imagine what the poor people go through? i mean they have no choice but to feel the hunger, the headaches, the cramping every single day.

i don't know how long i'll last, but i'm still trying and have yet to give up. i don't even know how i did it the last 2yrs lol

i know the Lord doesn't need us to do this to prove something to Him... it's just a way of knowing what our brothers and sisters go through when faced with hunger or starvation.

what did i eat for lunch yesterday? i ate the chicken off of the $1 chicken sandwich i bought. for dinner, rice and beans... wow! that was somethin' else. i'm not really a fan of beans, but i had no choice... i was hungry =)

for lunch today, i'll probably eat the same thing or chicken bits w/ rice - depends what i find. but i realized yesterday how much i spend for lunch here at work alone..... it's crazy!

well, i need to eat now coz the people walking by right now are beginning to look like steak to me hahaha


Monday, April 12

5-Day Challenge "Celebration of Hope"

happy monday! ok so my hubby, my son, my daughter and i are on a 5-day challenge to identify with the poor. though this is my 3rd year doing this with our home church,, it's still not an easy thing to do, but since the 4 of us are doing it together... it will be easy to support and encourage each other =) for those of you who are new to this challenge i'd like to give you an idea of what this 5days will have to be like:

5-Day Food and Water Challenge
As an act of solidarity w/ our brothers & sisters around the globe fighting hunger and thirst, we challenge you to eat for five days as half the world’s population eats every day. Eat the meals of your day using the options below. Set aside money you would have spend on additional groceries & donate it to Celebration of Hope 2010 to support those who struggle w/ hunger, thirst, & sickness.

Meal Options
• Plain oatmeal or Cream of Wheat
• Rice & beans
• Rice w/ bits of fish or chicken
• A small portion of carrots, cabbage, onions, tomatoes, squash or broccoli
• Tap water

Food Portions
Portion sizes around the world are much smaller than those of a typical American meal. One cup or 8 oz is a generous portion. Meat is a luxury; the average African consumes less than an ounce of meat per day- about the size of a small chicken nugget. Fresh fruit & veggies are rare, available only if grown locally & in season.
While these meals seem small by American standards, they actually represent diets in the broad middle when compared to the rest of the world. Half the world’s population lives on no more than $2 a day. Approximately 1 billion people live on even less- only $1 per day.

Tap Water
Public water systems in the US generally provide adequate, accessible, clean water for the common good in environmentally sustainable ways. For 5days, we challenge you to drink only tap water & remember the more than 1.1 billion people who don’t have access to clean water.

ok, so now u get the idea... i pray for whoever's taking this challenge, that we will feel the true message and lesson that God wants us to learn from this. that the Lord will break our hearts for the needy and that it will stir our hearts into a different meaning of how truly blessed we are and how extending help to the needy really makes a whole lot difference in someone's life.

DAY ONE: all 4 of us ate oatmeal for breakfast. i still need to figure out what to eat for lunch, but i know for sure oatmeal again for dinner =)

to God be all the glory!

Friday, April 9

Checkin in

Hey bloggers! And so I was convinced to reactivate my FB... I'm a bit cautious who I accept as a friend now so let's see how this will work. I thank God for privacy settings since I still wanna maintain my privacy and don't wanna broadcast the whole world things they don't have to know. Plus, it saves me from mysery =) I'm still not a huge fan since some people really uses it to live their fantasy life through it ( u know - 2nd personality).

On another note, I'm glad and grateful to the Lord for reconnecting me with people who played a significant role in my life. So all in all, I really wish this experience with FB will turn out to be glorifying to God =) if it leads me to a different route (a one ugly route) then there won't be any second thoughts for me... I'm closing it for good!

Ok, so I'm blogging while I wait for my sashimi rice. Something new for my lunch menu... I keep alternating between bibim bop, sushis and makis - now it's time to get somethin new! I'll tell you the verdict later!

Oops! Gotta go - time to fill up my one hungry belly =) happy friday!
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Saturday, April 3

HaPpy EaSTEr!

I know it's not till tomorrow, but I'm all excited already in spite of the weather =) the celebration must go on!

Hope y'all are having an awesomely sweet Easter weekend! May this very important day bring joy and freedom to you and your loved ones =) I love you all with the love of the Lord!

The tomb is empty... Woohoo!
Praise the almighty King!

God speed!
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Saturday, March 27

Its THEE daughterr :)

Ok, well this is my first time blogging so bear with me. Lemme introduce myself...

The name's Camille Miguel Miranda. 15 years youngin' and proud to be a teen :) I'm my mom's first, so that means she loves me the most :)...sike! More like the least :P aha. I attend South Elgin High School(SEHS) as a freshie. I go to Willow Creek Church every Sunday, and I attend the highschool ministry: Student Impact :) hmm..what else... I'm a chill person, LOVESSS to LAUGH, and LOVESSS FOOD! So hook me up with any kind of food, we'll be bff's! Haha, jk, I'm friends with everyone :D keep your friends close, but keep your enemies CLOSER! I keep that phrase with me all the time!

Well I guess I'll catch yah guys laterrr! Gotta get ready fo thee FASHION SHOW :)))) I'll end this the way I end my own journal: PEACE&LOVE<3
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Mixed Emo...

I know it's late, but I can't sleep still... listening on some old songs w/ hubby =)

I need your prayers... tomorrow or should I say, later on today is the fashion show already. I'm nervous, excited, scared, happy, stomach turning, feet hurting, and so on... the best part of this whole experience is the chance to be able to do this in this lifetime (um, i'm 33 yrs old w/ 3 kids) and to be able to do this w/ my best friends of 19yrs - c'mon who wouldn't take the opportunity? though it's still sad not to be complete coz our 3 other girlfriends couldn't join due to circumstances =( I know they wish us well and I believe they will still be there to watch and support us - which is always comforting.

I gotta admit, it's been a wonderful experience thus far for all of us... being together makes it all worthwhile - it removes any negativity =) plus ALL my girls still looks GORGEOUS the more they get older - I'm so proud of them! not only have we gone through so many ups and downs, we've grown to keep each other grounded by encouragement and by building up and not tearing down =) I really think that's been the key to our long lasting friendship. I mean you can hardly find group of friends (esp. 10) who are still as close as we all are for this many years. We are extra extra blessed - I know that for sure.

K, well I gotta go and get me some rest. Pls kindly pray for a successful show and that we will all exceed everyone's expectations and of course definitely enjoy every second of it =) tanx much guys!

God bless! Gnite!

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Wednesday, March 3

there's always a reason...

as i mentioned on my last blog, i had 3 parties over the weekend. thank God we went to all 3. i not only saw some old friends, but i also met some cousins i never knew before. the fun part was we all bonded like there was no tomorrow. did some planning to stay in touch and all that good stuff. my cousins live close by my house too so that's awesome! ahh! such a great feeling to see old friends and gain more important people in your life isn't it? there's always a reason for everything =)

for the past 2weeks i've been searching for the cheapest way to go to cali. see there's 8 of us traveling and imagine how much that will cost? ugh! at first my mom-in-law suggested to take the train since the kids enjoyed riding that before anyway, but i'm worried for my 4yr old... she might get irritated (idk). i mean i was really leaning towards that already since the airfares are just ridiculous, but thank God i found one yesterday almost half-price so i made sure i reserved it already. now i can't wait till that day =) my kids are way too excited and have really been saving their money coz they want to be able to buy on their own. so that's a relief for me and noel since we've seen how responsible they are with their spending anyway and how they really make sure they have money saved for rainy days. my 4yr old saves money to buy books and educational activities. she loves paying for her items on her own at the register. such a wonderful feeling to know that the values you teach your children are being practiced even if you sometimes feel like they're not listening =) the gift of parenting... hard, but it pays off eventually.

k, gotta go now... still have work to do =)

have a blessed wednesday!

Saturday, February 27

Fashion Show

good a.m. everyone! I'm just taking a few mins of my busy weekend to blog about something very exciting my girls and i are into lately.

well, we're fortunate enough to model for this filipino designer, victor miller, who will be showcasing his wedding gowns this coming march 27th.

we were informed about this last year and of course we were all excited then, but for some odd reason almost half of us wanted to back-out at the last minute of our 1st rehearsal. but after practicing "THE WALK", we were all back at the same page... EXCITEMENT is all I can feel with everyone.

one great thing about this is that my daughter and my goddaughter are in it too... so my best friend, char and i will be able to experience this once in a lifetime opportunity with our daughters =) i still can't believe that our daughters are part of what we do now - ugh! they're growing up too fast. my daughter, camille, is turning 16 this year while my son, ayren, will be facing his first teen year. gosh! where did the time go? Hmm, in a way i'm happy for them coz they get to experience more of God's plan for their lives. It will be tough, but life is worth living for esp when you're in the care of our gracious Father, our Creator.

anywayz, we have 2 bdays to go to today and another one tomorrow. it's crazy that i haven't even bought anything yet. so i think it's better to sign-off now before i fall asleep again since im bloggin' while layin' down hehehe plus still need to run some errands. k, have a blessed day people! today is a gift from God, let's live like we believe it!

God speed!
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Monday, February 22

thank God for EBay & Craigslist

yep! it's that time again to get rid of stuff we don't need and make extra bucks off of it =)

just sold noel's blackberry storm for $200 through craigslist. thank God we tried craigslist first before ebay - otherwise i'd have to pack worry about the bids and shipping. i find craigslist much easier esp for big things.

have you used ebay or craigslist? if so, tell me your experience!!! i know i made more than $2k last summer before we moved using both. just imagine if i gave my stuff away or left it at my old house? ugh!

i really think good photos and honest descriptions sells your stuff easily and problem free. i had people drive 2 hrs to my house to buy my stuff and i'm soooo grateful =)

i still have a few to sell and i'm sure i'll have more when it gets pretty nice outside. i do have some furnitures i'd like to sell too since i don't have room for them anymore. we had to use part of our garage to store 'em so hopefully we'll be able to get rid most of them this summer.

there is a possibility we might move again coz of my husband's job. i kinda want to, but i kinda don't for many reasons - but wherever the Lord leads us... we're all for it =)

well, thought i'd drop a quick blog before i do my devotional and hit the sack. wishing you all a good night and a peaceful sleep =)

God speed!

Sunday, February 21

bored =)

thought i'd drop a quick blog before i bring my daughter to her youth group.

so yesterday, i met with some of my girls to the kid's expo. i brought my lil' one, my son and my nephew. the kids obviously had an awesome time, but i was unhappy when my daughter finally wanted to get her face painted and we waited for 1 1/2 hrs. and she was the 4th person in the line, we were told they won't be able to get to us coz they had to close.... ugh! AFTER ALL THAT WAITING?! ugh! i could've bought our own paint and painted her face myself - grrr! it didn't take long till i realized how tired the artist must have been. he was there non-stop from 9a-6p... so i'm sure his back was in pain already hehehe so that's ok =)

nway, we went to my husband's relatives for dinner and had a relaxing time for at least 2hrs... a much needed rest i tell yah. i just love the company of old people - they're so hilarious!

btw, how was everyone's valentine's? ever since i started working full-time again, my hubby and i haven't had time to go out on a date, so we made sure nothing will stop us on love-day! first, we had to do the most important time of the day... our praise and worship at church =) then we took the kids to fuddruckers then watched tooth fairy. for dinner, noel took me to jade asian infused. so much humor and productive talk, plus enjoyed the 6 course dinner we had. we give this place 5 stars! will definitely recommend the food the ambiance and the friendliness of the staff. price? very reasonable =)

oops! gotta go =) will blog again some time soon! have a blessed week!

Friday, February 19

thank you, sponsors!

i want to take this opportunity to thank our Project HOPE sponsors for the HAITI relief funds that we donated through Bright Hope:

The Love & Kindness Bible Ministry
Ms. Girlie Vinas
Bacerra Family
Apple Umali
Hernandez Family
Carol Miranda

may the Lord continue to richly bless you all with His abundance! we have donated $415 to sponsor Med Packs to help the people in Haiti. any help we can offer the poor brings great impact to their lives. we cannot thank you enough for your out pouring support and God's provision, but our continued prayers for your well being is all we can offer =)


Thursday, January 14


i'm sure you all have heard the aftermath of Haiti's massive 7.0 earthquake that struck on Tuesday, January 12th.

we the Project HOPE team have chosen Bright HOPE International to be the organization who will receive the donations we will be collecting to help aid the victims of this heartbreaking tragedy.

i'm sure many of you would like to help first hand, but have valid reasons that prevents you from going. however, there is good news... you can help NOW! through your generous donation, we can put our resources together to help fund the aid needed now and in the days to come for this already impoverished country.
please visit our site for ways to donate:

any amount will go a long way for this poor people. so let's act now... no need to way our differences... the need is endless, but helping 1 person at a time is worth all the effort.

NOTE: whether you choose to donate through Project HOPE or not, please make sure to also be very cautious with the organization you choose to send your donations to. It's sad to imagine that there are people who profits from this types of tragedies. But God sees it all and we can rest everything in God's care for in Romans 12:19 it says, "Do not take revenge, my friends, but leave room for God's wrath, for it is written: "It is mine to avenge; I will repay," says the Lord."

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