Wednesday, December 30

greetings everyone!

hope your Christmas was well celebrated with your loved ones =) mine was absolutely SUPER! though i was soooooo tired (3days of non-stop celebration) it was fun and worth it! thank you Lord for another opportunity to celebrate your birth with my dearest family.

this year, we're complete. my dad didn't go to the philippines so he was able to spend thanksgiving with us and Christmas. we had some guests over too so that added more fun =) played lots of games - wow! can't believe organizing so much games can be soooooo tiring. i mean just getting every one's attention all together - ugh! i'll die!

tomorrow is another exciting day! don't know if i'll even have time to blog so allow me to take this opportunity to thank you all for following my blogs and sending me comments and thoughtful messages. i know i've been a horrible blogger lately, but give me another chance for 2010 will yah, hehehe. k, may you all feel the presence of the Lord as you celebrate another year of His amazing plans for your lives. i pray that God will be at the center of your relationships, your decisions and every season of your lives. know that you are exactly where you're supposed to be - God's plan is greater than ours and His timing never fails. which reminds me, i came across this blog and i thought it would be perfect to share it with you all since we all come up with our own new year's resolutions... how for some of us, the coming year encourages us to look forward to a new beginning while others are having difficult time to see clearly that God has a master plan for their lives even before we were born. i encourage you to read this piece: may it touch every part of your soul and help you see God's light to its brightest.


Monday, December 14

never gets old...

this Christmas season... it's always a joy to be reminded of the precious gift given to ALL of us.

Tuesday, November 24

pre-THANKSGIVING greetings!

hi all! sorry to be a blog-slacker =) no other excuse, but being a busy working-mom/wife =)

have you guys put up your Christmas lights yet? i have! with the help of my loving husband, 3 silly kids and my sis we finished all the decors last weekend. ahh! i just loooooove Christmas! with thanksgiving coming close too - i have nothing but gratefulness to the Lord!

we're hosting thanksgiving this year again and possibly Christmas too - we'll see if it doesn't work out with my brother's schedule. the next few days will be very tiring, but fun-filled!

i'm so excited for the upcoming thanksgiving coz i'll be cooking a couple of new recipes and with a lot of prayers... i'm hoping everything from food, games and lots of love and laughter will complete the day.

well, just wanted to send you all my love this Thanksgiving. and may the good Lord richly bless you and your loved ones!

oh and here's an idea for you... Thanksgiving will not be Thanksgiving at all if you do not share what you're thankful for this year... so friends and family, get your thoughts together and fill up your home with gratefulness! IN EVERYTHING (ALL CIRCUMSTANCES), GIVE THANKS TO THE LORD, for this is God's will for all of us.

PER PROJECT HOPE: Thanks to the Lord and Hope to the Hungry of K-Love for giving us the opportunity to feed 25 homeless people this coming Thanksgiving at Morning Star Mission in Joliet, IL. GOD IS SOOOOO GOOD, ALL THE TIME!

be a blessing everyone!

Wednesday, November 11

In Memoriam: 13 Fallen at Ft. Hood

i pray for God's merciful comfort and healing to the families left behind of the ft. hood victims. Lord, i also pray for the shooter, maj. nidal malik hasan, that You may do the work only You can do in his life. Lord, may You continue to hold those who serve us close to You, as well as those in harms way. may Your ultimate will be done in our lives and may Your name be glorified in the midst of this tragic time. in Jesus Almighty name, Amen.

in remembrance of the victims of the ft. hood shooting...

Friday, October 23


to my hubby, my bf (char) and my sisters for coordinating a surprise 33rd birthday party for me last sat.

can't imagine what my hubby and my bf went through just to pull it off =) aww! they love me =0

... thanks to my God for giving me another year of His great plans for my life. the Lord never fails to amaze me i tell yah! so Lord once again, i give you my life. MAY YOUR WILL BE DONE!

here's a few pics to share to you: (just lovin' my family and friends) - too bad some didn't make it =( next time maybe? hehehe

gotta get myself ready for a wedding and my gf's (girlie) birthday tomorrow... a long day, but i'm sure it'll be all worth it, by God's grace =)

blessings to all and continue to be a blessing to others =) to God be all the glory!

Saturday, October 3

Happy 4th Bday in Heaven Mama!

On our way to my brother's place to celebrate my dearest mom's bday in heaven. Praying for a good weather though =)

Anyway, just wanted to remind everyone that although the storm "pepeng"did turn to a different direction, that we shouldn't stop praying for them. I told you prayer works! God hears us!

Have a blessed day!
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Friday, October 2

New Storm "Pepeng" Coming

Per my cousin's email here's an update re: the new storm "pepeng":

Right now what we need to do is to PRAY that BAGYO PEPENG change i'ts path, PAGASA categorized it as a SUPER TYPHOON, like KATRINA which did a lot of damage in New Orleans, USA. Right now it's direction or path is towards Central Luzon. We're praying that it changes it's direction. According to PAGASA it would hit Central Luzon tomorrow (saturday) late morning or afternoon. Let's all pray and hope that BAGYO PEPENG slow down and decrease it's strength. Always take care and GOD BLESS... Regards to all!
-Kuya Michael

Friends, this is a call for a mass prayer. No matter how much funds or goods we collect for the victims, prayer is still the #1 source of help. These are the times we shouldn't let go of the hope and faith we have in God. Only by God's grace we can get through this.

Thanks to all who sincerely takes their time to pray and for the ones who were so kind to share their blessings.

To God be all the glory!
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Thursday, October 1

Indonesia & Samoa Quake

Indonesia quake toll rises to 531 dead while Samoa rises to 150. We are working with World Vision to send as much help as we can to the people of Padang, Indonesia & Samoa islands. Friends, I ask that you sincerely look around you and see how blessed we all are with the things we have, some we don't necessarily need, but we get it anyway coz of our wants... the desire of the flesh.

I encourage you to use your resources wisely and extend any help you can to these people who by no means have nothing anymore.

As we end the fundraising for the people in the Philippines, we, the Project HOPE Team start a pledge for another disaster relief for the people struck by the tsunami in Indonesia and Samoa.

We know we can't help everyone, but what better way to deal with this, but to come together in unity to pray and put our small/big resources together and take the opportunity laid before us to make a difference in the lives of these hopeless people. Saying we feel sorry for them doesn't make any difference... we need to take action!

SPREAD THE WORD MY FRIENDS AND LET'S WORK TOGETHER! Our distance shouldn't be a reason why we can't help... we have the resources to bring help to them. But what do you do from here?

Project HOPE Donation Update

I'm currently stuck in traffic on my way to work, but would like to keep you all posted as to where we are with the donations to be sent to the people in the Philippines affected by the storm.

As of 8:30am today, we have collected $805. I would like to challenge everyone who hasn't taken the pledge, to donate ANY amount your heart is telling you. There's another Typhoon coming anytime soon. Let's push for the $1000 mark. I know we can do this. Please listen to your heart and grab the opportunity to make a difference. God bless us all!

In Service for Christ,
Project HOPE Team
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Tuesday, September 29

Donation update

I've been feeling under the weather since yesterday and I think my lack of sleep coz of thinking too much about the situation in the Philippines added more to my worries and now it's taking its toll on me. It's ok though, this is nothing compare to what they're going through.

I'm on my way to grab some meds for me and my kids, who are also not feeling well and while I sit in traffic, thought I'd update you all with the donations we've received so far.

I know I suggested to start w/ $5 or whatever amount tugs your heart and I'm happy to inform you that as of 5:50pm today, we have collected $350 to send to Sagip Kapamilya. I will wait 'till Thursday afternoon to send it since there are some who are planning to give when they get their pay check tomorrow.

We will also be conducting a collection of goods and necessities to send to the people greatly affected by this tragic calamity. I will keep you all posted on this next action item.

Your continued support is one of the reasons we continue to do what we do. These types of organizations are not easy, but because God continues to use you and I to be His hands and feet to the needy, we, the Project HOPE Team have no reason to give up.

Thank you so much for everything!

In Service for Christ,
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Update re: Flood in the Philippines

246 people are now known to have died in severe flooding caused when Tropical Storm Ketsana struck on Saturday.

The country has appealed for foreign aid to deal with the disaster, which has displaced 450,000 people and left 380,000 living in makeshift shelters.

Public buildings including schools, universities and the presidential palace have become relief centres.

The storm has now hit Vietnam, where at least 22 people are said to have died.

Friends, let's take action! Any help counts! It's not enough that we feel sorry for these people, IT'S TIME TO DO SOMETHING. no help will reach them if we just sit and continue to feel sorry for them. what's holding you back? IF WE ALL WORK TOGETHER, ANY AMOUNT WILL ADD UP AND HELP THE LESS FORTUNATE. have you forgotten how blessed you are? again, i am desperately asking for your help - let's stop the talk and just walk the walk! i challenge YOU who's reading this. YOU CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE!

For Donations please go to:

100% of the proceeds will be donated to ABS-CBN Sagip Kapamilya focusing on this cause.

Monday, September 28

Typhoon in the Philippines

The Project HOPE Team are working diligently in gathering our resources to extend a help to the people affected by this flash flood. We are in need of YOUR HELP! ALL proceeds will be donated to ABS-CBN Sagip Kapamilya Foundation directly for this need. Your continued monetary support and prayers will make a huge difference in the lives of this hard hit poor people. We will focus on helping the poorest of the poor. Please include them in your prayers as well as this simple fund raising action we are doing to help save lives as much as we can. Please, let us come together to do what we can to help.
For donations please click this link:

Lovely Miranda
Project HOPE Team

Philippines flood death toll rises to 140

People swim through flood water Sunday in the east area of Manila, after a tropical storm tore through the northern Philippines. The death toll in the massive flooding that swept the Philippine capital of Manila and nearby provinces has reached 140 - Written by Sevencam Monday, 28 September 2009

The worst flooding in the Philippines in more than 40 years has left at least 140 dead and affected almost half a million people.

It is feared the death toll is likely to rise as rescue teams continue search and rescue efforts in the capital Manila and 25 nearby provinces, some of which are still under water.

Tropical storm Ketsana unleashed a month's worth of rain within 12 hours on Saturday. Up to 80 per cent of Manila was submerged, displacing around 450,000 residents.

Around 115,000 displaced people are now sheltered in makeshift camps but Philippine health authorities have warned of possible outbreaks of disease. The head of the country's National Disaster Co-ordinating Council said rescue teams were "overwhelmed" by the scale of the disaster.

The floods are estimated to have cost the country 30 million US dollars in damaged crops, roads and bridges.

Sunday, September 27

5 Reasons Why God Uses Problems

The problems you face will either defeat you or develop you - depending on how you respond to them.

Unfortunately, most of us fail to see how God wants to use problems for good in our lives. We react foolishly and resent problems rather than pausing to consider what benefit they might bring.

Here are five ways God wants to use the problems in our lives:
1. God uses problems to DIRECT us.
Sometimes God must light a fire under us to get us moving. Problems often point us in a new direction and motivate us to change. Is God trying to get your attention? "Sometimes it takes a painful situation to make us change our ways." -Proverbs 20:30
2. God uses problems to INSPECT us.
People are like tea bags... if you want to know what's inside them, just drop them into hot ever water! Has God tested your faith with a problem? What do problems reveal about
you? "When you have many kinds of troubles, you should be full of joy, because you know that these troubles test your faith, and this will give you patience." -James 1:2-3
3. God uses problems to CORRECT us.
Some lessons we learn only through pain and failure. It's likely that as a child your parents told you not to touch a hot stove. But you probably learned by being burned. Sometimes we only learn the value of something... health,
money, a relationship... by losing it. "It was the best thing that could have happened to me, for it taught me to pay attention to your laws." -Psalm 119:71-72
4. God uses problems to PROTECT us.
A problem can be a blessing in disguise if it prevents you from being harmed by something more serious. Last year a friend was fired for refusing to do something unethical that his boss had asked him to do. His unemployment was a problem - but it saved him from being convicted and sent to prison a year later when management's actions were eventually discovered. "You intended to harm me, but God intended it for good... -Genesis 50:20
5. God uses problems to PERFECT us.
Problems, when responded to correctly, are character builders. God is far more interested in our character than our comfort. Our relationship to God and our character are the only two things we're going to take with us into eternity. "We can rejoice when we run into problems... they help us learn to be patient. And patience develops strength of character in us and helps us trust God more each time we use it until finally our hope and faith are strong and steady.". -Romans 5:3-4
Here's the point:
God is at work in your life - even when you do not recognize it or understand it. But it's much easier and profitable when you cooperate with Him. "Success can be measured not only in achievements, but in lessons learned,
lives touched and moments shared along the way"
LIFE IS AN ECHO. What you send out, you get back. What you give, you receive. WHEN YOU BRING OUT THE BEST IN OTHERS, YOU BRING OUT THE BEST IN YOURSELF.

Have a blessed day!
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Friday, September 18

Forgiveness, how important is it?

I'm on my way to my sister's house from work to visit my dad who's recovering from a procedure done to his kidney. I know it's been days since my last blog so I thought I'd blog while sitting in traffic. (Constructions everywhere, ugh!)

Oh! Happy Friday by the way =)

Anyway, praise God that for the past few weeks now, everything's back to normal at home. How? Well, forgiveness had to take place in order for peace and new beginning to come back in our home. My husband and I were determined not to give up on our children no matter what, even if of course there are times when it feels like that's the only way to go. I mean, if the Lord never gave up on me and still gives me chances up to now, what right do I have not to give the same grace God gives me to others esp. to our kids? Home is a place where I want my children to always find grace, love and forgiveness. Although I know that there are more adventures just sitting in the corner, I'm ready to face them with the help of my Savior.

It also helps to know that I have a friend who's going through the same thing. it gives us the opportunity to share our pains and struggles and of course encouragement and wise/sometimes silly ideas on dealing with it.

Of course, the consequences of the wrong decisions my daughter made have been addressed and has definitely caught her attention... well at least at the present time. It is natural for us parents to desire and be hopeful for our children to never turn wayward again, but only God knows their future. And as parents, whether our children are going or seem to be going in the right direction, we cannot and should not give up praying for them.

There's no formula in racing a perfect child, but there is LOVE which brings them safely back home.

God knows! coz His love was the reason I got saved.

Let's not give up on our loved ones. They need us more when they're lost.

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Monday, August 31

more BEAUTIFUL YOU by jonny diaz

here's another dedication to my teen. remember that even if we're going through a big storm in our lives right now, there's nothing you can do to make dad and i love you more or less... you can't earn it, coz we love you unconditionally. always, mom

first, the story behind the song:

people look at the outward appearance, but the Lord looks at the heart.

Sunday, August 30

whatever you're doing by sanctus real

Lord, i praise you in this storm...

to my daughter, camille. always remember that God is bigger than our problems. He loves you and so do we. here's a song i dedicate for you.

Thursday, August 27

undo by rush of fools

i've heard this song a few times, but this time it brought a different impact in my heart.

i dedicate this to my teen. i love you... always, mom.

can't work...

it's sad that i haven't blogged and now that i am, i'm sharing a not so good news to you all. but like my intension from when i started blogging, i'm here to share the faithfulness of the Lord through good times and bad and so i would like to remain transparent.

i'm sure all will agree that there is no one in this world who doesn't go through a hole in their lives. however, the results would only be different in the way we handle it. some try to run away, while others face it. as for me, i'm not a quiter... esp when it helps to know that God is on my side.

nway, it's been weeks maybe even more than a month now that our family was hit by a heart breaking load and it has taken its toll on us. maybe previous/current parents of teens will be able to relate to me when i say our teen has made some unwise choices and has brought us down to our knees before the Lord these past weeks. however, i'm grateful that my husband and i and of course w/ the support of my family n some friends, are prayerfully and patiently working together... we're hopeful that this will all end in God's time and that this will result to be one of our family's greatest testimonies.

i remember talking to God before this trial in our lives came, that if need be to bring the rain in my life for His glory then let His will be done unto me. wow! i never imagined how painful it can be. did i make the right request there? i thought for a moment, but realized, i think i did! i know this is a test of faith and i trust the Lord's promises that He will not leave us nor forsake us.

this experience has opened my eyes in sympathy and empathy with families who are going through different waves in their children's lives. i want you all to know that you're not alone. no one has the perfect formula on how to raise a perfect kid. there will always be a time in our lives when at least one, if not all of our children, will challenge our parenting. but even with our own lives we have also been testing our boundaries, if not more than what our kids are putting us through. and we all have to go through the consequences of the wrong choices we make. so parents, i encourage you to never give up even when you feel that you've tried everything and you're at the end of your rope. believe me, i've felt that and still do these past few days. but see God is faithful. He's not done with us yet, esp not w/ our children. He sees the big picture that none of us can and in order to complete the pieces, He needs our involvement. and sometimes He uses the ones who you would normally think will be the last person who will remind you that hope exist.

friends, let's continue to trust God's plan even when it's so hard to see how we will get through it and what good can come out of it.

3 things you can do for now:
Pray for strength.
Pray for wisdom.
Pray that love will reign.
oh! and did i say PRAY?

know that the Lord stands by you. don't give up! let me know if i can pray for you. pls kindly include us in your prayers too.

God speed!

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Tuesday, August 11

Oberweis Ice Cream presents... Project HOPE!

what better way to raise funds for Project HOPE than to enjoy this HOT summer by treating yourself, your friends and family at Oberweis Ice Cream & Dairy!

friends, on saturday, august 22, 2009, plan a trip to one of the participating oberweis stores below and bring in this coupon.

Oberweis was kind enough to sponsor Project HOPE between the hours of 10am - 6pm that day and we will get 30% back on everything you buy!

rest assured that 100% of what we collect will benefit the people suffering from hunger all over the world. our goal is to raise funds every chance we get to fund the food and necessities we distribute to every street children or family in deepest needs.

partnering with oberweis on this day is another blessing for all of us at project hope because this means we will be able to feed and help more people... with YOUR help!

may the good Lord bless everyone who will be involved to help us raise enough funds. thank you all for your support... please kindly include this event in your prayers. we appreciate you =)

Sunday, August 9

When you feel you've lost it all...

I remember the chorus of the song I sang at one of the services at our old church before; it’s called “Jesus Will Still Be There”. Yes, even when we’re stressed, dismayed, confused, depressed, and lonely or whatever negative feeling that may try to grip us, know that God’s hands are not too short to save us.

I am always humbled at the thought that nowhere in the scripture did Jesus promise us that life will always be easy and filled with calmness and joy. But He does promise to be with us, no matter how stressful life may seem at any given moment. During times of stress and fatigue in our lives, be encouraged to know that we can turn to Jesus for comfort and reassurance. And as we recognize His presence, He gives us peace. When doubts threaten to swamp us, we can turn to Him.

It’s a great feeling to acknowledge that Jesus Christ has been faithful in the past; He is faithful in the present, and He will be faithful in the future.

Please allow me to share the lyrics of the song to you and I pray that the Lord will use these words to comfort you during the difficult times of your life.

Things change, plans fail
You look for love on a grander scale
Storms rise, hopes fade
And you place your bets on another day

When the going gets tough
When the rides too rough
When you’re just not sure enough

Jesus will still be there
His love will never change
Sure as the steady rain

Jesus will still be there
When no one else is true
He’ll still be loving you

When it looks like you’ve lost it all
And you haven’t got a prayer
Jesus will still be there

Time flies, hearts turn
A little bit wiser from lessons learned
But sometimes, weakness wins
And you lose your foothold once again

When the going gets tough
When the rides too rough
When you’re just not sure enough
When it looks like you’ve lost it all
And you haven’t got a prayer
Jesus will still be there

I hope this has blessed you more than it continues to bless me. Friends, if anxiety and dread are lurking around your tomorrow, remember God's wonderful promise, "Fear not, for I am with you; be not dismayed, for I am your God. I will strengthen you, yes, I will help you, I will uphold you with My righteous right hand." So, lift your head up for the Lord is with you every step of the way.

Have a JOYFUL day!

Wednesday, July 22

droppin a quick blog

i'm here at work and i'm so bored. i hardly do anything, but i'm not complaining coz i get paid and i have a job again hehehe

just wanted to take this opportunity to remember my dearest friend's step-dad, Roberto Crescini who went to be with the Lord last thurs. i actually tried uploading the video i made for his memorial, but i'm not sure what happened, but it's not working - might have to do it again. anyway, Bob Crescini aka Yoyo by his grandkids, ended his fight with colon cancer last week, but i could say that he's so fortunate to have had the chance to submit his life to God and received his Savior, Jesus Christ whole-heartedly during his last few weeks. i'm so in awe that the Lord truly revealed His power of Salvation in the life of Yoyo and was witnessed by his loving family.

to my dearest sis in Christ, marge and her

oops! guess what? the video worked using firefox, but i better fix it tho. =)

Wednesday, July 15

long time no BLOG?

i'm such a horrible blogger =) sorry all, i've been really really busy. besides arranging my property to be rented, we also moved to this newly constructed townhouse that i so love! at first, having the idea of leaving my house and downsizing to a townhouse was certainly not that easy, but the Lord really have something good in mind. we've seen so many properties, but this one came in the picture at the last minute. so i've been really trying to unpack, decorate with a new twist and purge some more since our stuff at the old house will definitely not fit here.

the fun part too is that we found out a week after we moved in that our neighbor across us is my long lost friend in grade school. wow! how cool is that! anyway, i'm really not planning to give you all a full story of what's been happening to me lately since i'm short in time. i'm unpacking some more right now and hopefully i'll be able to do much more than i planned. i just thought of logging in since the computer's been on while waiting for my daughter to finish her lunch. hehehe

anyway, one more good news is that i have a pt job now and it's been great to be back to the work-force. i can't complain, but rather i'm all so grateful to the Lord with how everything turned out.

k, i'll try to blog again later, but for now... i wish you all a blessed day!
God is good all the time!

Wednesday, May 27

WeEkenD BlaSt!

we had an awesome time this past weekend. we celebrated my daughter's graduation and my bro-in-laws' bdays. although the weather didn't work all that great with us, we had an intimate dinner at bravo cucina italiana at the glen... i love that place! great place to shop, eat, relax or just hang out! too bad my other bro didn't make it, but we were blessed to have the company of my dear mother-like friend (w/ her dearest hubby) whom i met at the airport in cali last yr. they were both so delighted to be there with us and i'm so glad that the whole fam enjoyed their company as much as i did.

memorial day was another fun day with the whole fam. we decided to go to volcano falls the last minute and really just ended up having loads of fun! although again, the weather limited our activities, we were still blessed to be able to do just enough for the day. we played baseball/softball at the batting cage (my arms hurt -ugh!), kids spent an hour playing arcades while i enjoy watchin' my lil' princess play guitar hero =), then we all had a blast car racing at the bridge track - wow! couldn't believe the priceless smile, excitement, scream & laugh of my 3 yr old daughter. the race was pretty long that all of our jaws hurt coz of laughing and shouting trying to chase each other. then for our last stop, we went to laser quest to play laser tag - that was another kicker!

another unforgettable moment for the whole fam and all coz of the grace of God... so glory to you my Lord! thank YOU so much for your love =)

well, off to finish a vid i'm doing - till my next blog! God bless us all!

Sunday, May 24

Congratz to my GRADUATE!

oh gosh! still can't imagine i have a daughter who's on her way to high school. i'm happy coz i know the Lord has great plans for her and i'm sad coz she's growing up too fast. i'm glad i'm still able to keep an eye on her though hehehe

well, i can only continue do to what i have to do as her mom. to continue to pray and submit her life to the Lord... besides what better way than to put her in God's hands =)

i know there will be many roller coaster along the way, but i'm ready as long as i have the Lord on my side!

well, just wanted to share a few pics before i sign off!
tomorrow's a big day for her and my bro-in-laws... a fancy dinner for 20 people is just perfect to complete the excitement! congrats again to my daughter who loooooves to laugh and happy birthday to my bro-in-laws!!!

thank God for the many blessings! gnite all!

Monday, May 18

Charice - Standing O Again!

if you haven't seen the oprah show today, here's a wow moment of our very own charice pempengco with her first international single, "Note to God"... ahh! the Lord has truly blessed this girl and i just really hope the fame won't get to her skin, but continue to have a humble heart. the pride of the filipinos! you go girl!

Friday, May 8

busy busy busy...

that's been my schedule for the past weeks.

things to do:
  1. work out - i've been slacking off lately coz of the following to do lists =(
  2. purge purge purge! this is a lot of work - need to get ready for the upcoming garage sale. (keep the "less is more!" mentality)
  3. create memorable gifts for the bday celebrants & grads in our family.
  4. finish wedding video
  5. house hunting
  6. keep up with volunteer work - i pick up donated food from panera, dominicks, woodman's, jewel & bakeries and drop them off to willow creek's food pantries in my area. and celebration of hope packing today - woohoo!
  7. shred - shred - and shred some more
  8. i'm sure i have more things on my bb - but just have to keep up with all of them - Lord help!

well, just wanted to take this opportunity to wish all the remarkable mothers' (whether you have your own or you're a mother figure to someone) a blessed and joyful mom's day! enjoy your special day with your loved ones!

happy mother's day mama! we miss & love u soooooo much!

Tuesday, May 5

look what i found...

a nest with 3 beautiful blue baby eggs!!! what a blessing! first time i've seen something like it... i thought my sis was messin' with me till i saw their mommy and daddy... WOW! they're either robins or bluebirds... SOOO CUTE!

see, i covered my patio set during winter and i haven't taken it out. my sis then decided it was time so she as she takes the cover out... this is what she discovered sitting just on top of one of the chairs. she put back the covers since moving the nest might cause the parents to not come back for their bebes anymore.

amazing huh? simply a blessing!!!

Tuesday, April 28

Ms. California - you go girl!

heaven was celebrating and cheering for you! standing up for the truth and never compromising her beliefs definitely is so inspiring and gives way to Christians like us to never be afraid coz God is on our side. whether it'll cause us fame and fortune... these are all temporary pleasures... what God offers is a life of abundance and joy - PRICELESS! Your crown is heaven is awaiting you - and that my dear is the crown we should all be working hard for =)

Thursday, April 23

Day 4 of my Celebration of HOPE challenge...

i meant to blog about the whole 5days of this challenge, but i got caught with other important things.

yea, so it's the 4th day of the 5day challenge to relate to the poor people of zimbabwe. again, for those of you who don't know what the challenge is... well, you're supposed to eat portion sizes like, just a cup of only the following options: plain oatmeal or cream of wheat, a tortilla, rice, and beans, rice with bits of fish or chicken, and a vegetable. for water, it should be tap water, but you can drink as much as you want.

well, i've eaten only oatmeal for bf, rice w/ bits of chicken or veggies for lunch and dinner. mind you this is repeated for 5days. tomorrow is my last day and i'm starving. i've been drinking water like crazy and tap water is not at all that fun to drink, but that's the point, i need to relate and believe me, although i've done this last year... it's a great way to be reminded over and over again.

my daughter started doing it with me, but unfortunately on the 3rd day she got a virus and threw up a few times at school... so i guess she'll have to continue next week or something. although she didn't want to quit, later on she felt that it was good or better that she did coz she's now enjoying her fave ice cream hahahaha

it's crazy how temptation really lingers around you when you're trying to focus on something good. ugh! so many times i was tempted to just quit or just get a lil' bite of this and that, but thank God He strengthens me. although i feel cramps at night... i just force myself to drink some more water and fall asleep after reading.

i've asked my best friend, char to take up the challenge with me. now, i know this will be harder for her since she's best friends with food. not that i'm not, but she's a none stop eater, but she's fortunate to still have a slim body. ugh! i hate that! hahaha but kudos to her she's makin' it! although i'm sure she has complained many times as i have, she's almost there! one more day char... and we're hitting the buffet! hehehe

on another note, i've been wanting to give y'all an update regarding the "feed the hunger" event that we, the project hope team put together in the philippines last monday, april 20th. however, i'd rather have pics with my update as well. please be patient with me and i promise you, i will be sending the update sometime next week. but i'd like to take this opportunity to glorify our heavenly Father for blessing the event with His abundance. we couldn't have done this without His grace and provision. He has brought this ministry a loooong way and i'm so grateful to be in His service. thank you Lord!!! YOU are awesomely awesome!!!

k friends, wishing you all a wonderful and blessed weekend! hopefully i'll be able to blog again tomorrow... Lord willing!

God bless!

Sunday, April 12


ahh! just remembering the powerful story of the Good Friday and Easter, i cannot help but get teary eyed... i mean, just think about Jesus' supreme act of love for you and me... it's the power of His "substitutionary atonement" - Jesus Christ died in our place when He was crucified on the cross. friends, we deserved to be the ones placed on that cross to die coz we are the ones who live sinful lives. but Christ took the punishment on Himself in our place—He substituted Himself for us and took what we rightly deserved. “God made him who had no sin to be sin for us, so that in him we might become the righteousness of God” -2 Corinthians 5:21.

now that's TRUE LOVE!

let's go deeper so you'll get the bigger picture... let me ask you a question, what walls (problems) are you currently facing? well, i encourage you to watch this powerful message from Bill Hybels:
(once you click on the link above, select "Easter" on the recently added category)

after you watch the entire message... i want you to know that whatever problem you're facing today, know that they are only temporal... there is an expiration date on it... for the only eternal problem you will have has already been paid full by Jesus Christ.

humble yourself, seek, ask and knock and the door will be opened to you... that is the promise of our Savior, Jesus Christ.

have a powerful EASTER! remember, God is good all the time!

Wednesday, April 8

Weekend to Remember Experience...


for those who have not heard of Weekend to Remember, lemme give you a synopsis of what this getaway is for...

"Weekend to Remember is a weekend marriage conference that teaches God's design for marriage and family. The environment is fun, non-threatening, and sometimes hilarious. And it's a wonderful time for couples to refresh good marriages or heal troubled ones. There are over 150 conferences in cities all across the U.S. each year. Registration is open to individuals, couples, or groups. Whether you're engaged, newlywed, or remarried, enrich your marriage and begin a godly legacy for your family by attending a conference in a city near you. Or plan a memorable getaway to a destination of your choosing.

How will your marriage be remembered?
Marriage is defined by memories. They can be memories of joy and fulfillment or pain and heartbreak. It all depends on how well you apply the principles that make marriage thrive. For thirty years, the Weekend to Remember conference has been helping couples create the kind of memories that build a healthy marriage. Remember your marriage. Remember this weekend."

ok, so we were scheduled to go last year, but due to conflicting schedules and other circumstances, i had to reschedule for the next one which was a year after. i've gotta be honest with you, my husband did not have a clue as to what this seminar/retreat/conference/getaway (whatever you what to call it) is really all about. all he knew was a getaway for the two of us, until that day we were having breakfast did he ask for our itinerary, so i gave him a print out of what our 3days will be. i did not receive a feedback (good/bad) so i just continue to receive the day as a blessing =)

we dropped off the kids to my sister's condo. it was their first time having the kids all by themselves, and it was the first time my little one will be sleeping without mom & dad... so we were pretty worried too. however, i've prayed for this day so i was confident that all will go well by the grace of God =)

the conference was held at the marriott in oak brook, il. right after we checked-inn, it was already time for the first session which started at 7p, last friday. funny how they mentioned: most of you, husbands, probably have no idea what this is all about or were pretty much just dragged into coming, some may have even fought on the way, but i promise you that you will all enjoy the ride... hehehe *thank you Lord!*

believe me, to our surprise, the place was full. some were married for a long long time, some are less than 5yrs and some are premarried; some have problems, some are looking to reconcile and some are just like us... looking forward to strengthen our marriage. i tell yah, before noel realized that we all have different reasons why we're there, he looked at me and asked, "are we having marriage problems that i don't know about?" i laughed and said, "no, we don't have to have problems just to be here."

i know we all have our expectations when we got married and most, if not all probably got disappointed to find out that you and your spouse still have a lot of differences. but you know what's amazing? the Lord has reasons why 2 different people are united as one.

through out this 3day experience, noel and i saw a whole picture of God's design of marriage painted right before our eyes! it was surreal! mind you, although this was a conference, the idea is not to focus on bashing husbands or wives or interacting with other people to find the same common ground, but it was mainly focused on you two. it felt like it was just the two of us there. no need for fake demeanor... everyone joined the journey with their spouse and enjoyed every moment. there were moments of laughter, but there were also moments where you see yourself coming to your senses and of course, there were moments of tears.

every opportunity was exhausted and it was all worth it. the line of communication between spouses were opened and for my husband, although he's been doing very well lately, this exercise gave him a better understanding of the importance of communicating. and yes, this exercise taught me a lot as well.

one of the many exciting moments was the time when we had to spread out all over the hotel and find a place to be alone and write a letter to your spouse. there were a few ideas they suggested for you to include in the letter, once done, get together with your spouse and read your letter for them. see, my husband knows very well that simple romantic things makes me over the top, happy. so when we saw each other, he led me outside the courtyard and volunteered that he reads his letter for me first. i was so touched as he read his letter to me with tears and as usual i was in tears reading mine.

there were a lot of things we learned and did together during this 3day getaway that will certainly make a huge impact to our marriage and our kids. the Lord has done it again! Our main goal to take away from this conference were 2 things... to strengthen our marriage and to be in oneness with Christ.

to end our wonderful experience, we renewed our vows on the 3rd day. you know what's amazing? everyone in the room were in tears... TEARS OF JOY... that's what God was aiming for.

and to close today's blog... i pray for all the couples who attended the Weekend to Remember seminar that as they live their normal lives once again, that they will grow in oneness with Christ and they will continue to lovingly accept their differences and be each other's support system as they model a Christlike marriage to their children, other families and friends.

i encourage you to join one of Weekend to Remember's marriage conference... no need to wait for problems to go to this... if you are in it for the long run, this is for you. marriage is a lifelong commitment... it shouldn't die when it doesn't meet your expectations. remember, expectations lead to disappointments.

thank you Lord for this amazing opportunity! YOU DEFINITELY ROCK!

Tuesday, March 31

The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas

have you guys seen this movie? if you haven't, i highly recommend it. i knew nothing about this movie till my daughter said they were going to watch it at school as part of their topic in english. since we couldn't find a movie the other day, my husband decided to rent it.

well, i must say, it was a powerful movie, worth watching. set against the horror of the holocaust, it's a tale of an unlikely friendship between two 8 yr old boys. in spite of their stations in life, their friendship grew because of their innocence. they do not judge each other, but instead, bruno, son of the high-ranking military officer, extends help to his inmate friend to find his father. oh gosh! i'm not going to reveal the whole story, i'll just have you see it for yourself. one of the few powerful, moving fable i've ever seen. it's a conversation opener... our kids (except for my 3yr old) along with my nieces couldn't stop thinking and talking about the movie.

i love watching 19th century movies! just like angelina jolie's movie, "changeling"... whew! that one was good too... so heart breaking.

that's it for now... happy watching!

Monday, March 30

spring break just ended =(

well, back to school for the kids. i was sad to see them go to school today too since we had an awesome time during their break. although budgeted, my husband and i made sure that we will make the most of our time together with the kids. it was extra special since 3 of our nieces stayed with us too.

my cooking skills came out *thanks to food network*... couldn't afford to take the kids out every meal - my goodness! we did all sorts of things and most of them were very cost-efficient like, park-hopping... we discovered some beautiful park here in the northwest suburbs of chicago. we went biking, played basketball and enjoyed some funny stories while playing at the playground... we enjoyed every second of the beautiful weather. we also brought the kids to oberweis and cold stone a few times. took them swimming, window shopping, movies, and ate out a few times over the week. the best part of it all... there were no interference. we talked, we laughed, and had tears of joy... we had so much fun spending time together that we ended up coming up with a new family tradition game called, "finish my sentence". it was so fun that when we joined the earth hour night, we decided to play it again while enjoying the calmness of the candles that lit up the house =)

there are so many things i want to tell y'all, but having all 3 kids call out "mom" at the same time just drives me crazy! see, my sis who lives with us, went to visit her family in the philippines so i have no help at all. i had to force myself to learn how to cook like a pro and lay-off on fried dishes since my husband and kids got used to my sister's awesome dishes.... grrrr! i'm not complaining, i'm in fact enjoying every moment. i just feel like there's no time for me to sit down anymore since i'm constantly doing something. but it's all good... my fear is to get used to being a SAHM. hmm, nah! i love spending time with my kids and being able to see everything they do, but i still feel i have to have that time away from being a home maker... either a part-time somewhere or a ministry that God puts in my heart. i'm sure a lot of you can relate =)

well, kids are back from school now... gotta fix them something to eat now! you all have a blessed day! gosh! whatever happened to the weather huh? maybe the angels forgot to drop the last batch of snow on time =)

God speed!

Thursday, March 26

Quick Project HOPE update

here's a few pics of the families we adopted for Project HOPE's "Adopt a Family Christmas 2008" ministry. There were a total of 10 families, unfortunately the camera was having technical difficulties that's why the other 3 families were not included in these photos. But regardless, we're fortunate to have been the hands and feet of God to these families. Once again, the Lord reigns!!!

And to all our sponsors, thank you for all your help! We couldn't have done this without you =) May the Lord continue to bless you all for what you do.
Our God Reigns!
Project HOPE Team

Friday, March 13

WATCH OUT for blind spots!

In conjunction with yesterday’s ODB, I decided to share this with you. Just a couple of weeks ago, an anonymous commentator sent me a message on one of my old blogs. (To avoid confusion, I will just use a female gender since the message didn’t really give me that info.)

She was desperate to seek some guidance due to her current struggle in her spiritual life. Long story short, she was having a “restless faith”. Was raised at a Christian home, but slowly drifted from her faith since teen, but now as an adult she reflects back on what little she knows about God. She says she knows what God wants her to do, but chooses to wrong path anyway even if she knows that consequence will follow. So, struggling to fully follow God’s way due to her current situation and of course the pleasures of temptations, she asked for a prayer. I replied to her, but never got a response back anymore. However, I hope and pray she received my email or maybe somehow she’ll run into this ODB and find herself taking the necessary steps to really develop her relationship with the Lord to guide her along the way. However, it is possible that my only role regarding her spiritual journey was to just pray for her and give her encouragement coz I truly believe that God’s Word is not returned void. Whatever it is, it was a pleasure to receive her honest message.

Anyway, as I reflect on that day, I remembered the time when I was just learning how to drive. Does it seem odd to you how driving can have anything to do with her situation? Well, at least I got your attention! HEHEHE! Ok, allow me to get to my point. My driving instructor at the time gave me a good advice. He said, “You think by looking at the rearview mirror you know what is on all sides, but remember that your vision is limited. Always look over your shoulder before changing lanes coz there may be another car in your blind spot.” This wise instruction (if followed) really keeps us out of more potential wrecks than we care to think about.

I’ve said it before and I won’t stop claiming it that the Bible is our instruction manual from God for navigating our life’s journey. However, owning a copy is not enough. This book is different than any of the books you own. The Bible has all the instructions you and I need that will transform our lives. Therefore, it must not collect dust; rather it must be studied, applied and passed on to others.

Just like checking our blind spot should be our automatic response when we’re driving, applying God’s Word should also be our natural response when we’re faced with the hard knocks of life. Believe it or not, the Bible will tell you what is wrong before you have done it. However, the problem is even with people who already know the theology part of it still struggles to fight their temptation and end up turning their backs to compromise with the lies of temptations.

Friends, understand that the freedom God gives us is not at all a license to act as we wish. In order to feel and experience the changes in your life as you seek God, you need to understand that part of surrendering your will and allowing God’s will be done, you will have to do the things God wants, not what you want for your life.

Never come into terms with the saying “ONCE a criminal, always a criminal” coz friends, this will only destruct your journey to a new life. Instead, focus on the good things God has in store for you even if you don’t know the end result… watch out for the blind spots of life… hold on to your faith and be guided by God’s instructions. Because no matter how spotted your past may be, God can change you from the inside out. The Lord is so gracious that He can create a new heart in you and can make you a new creation. Remember this verse in 2 Corinthians 5:17 “If anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation.”

I will pray for your new journey!

Have a joyful day!

God Speed!

Thursday, March 12

You're still incomplete...

READ: Philippians 1:3-11

He who has begun a good work in you will complete it until the day of Jesus Christ. —Philippians 1:6
When I was a little girl, my parents bought their first house. One afternoon, the family hopped into the car and drove to see where we soon would be living.

I couldn’t believe it. The house had no windows or doors, and there was a strange odor. The basement was clearly visible through big gaps in the floor and we had to climb a ladder to get down there.
That night when I asked my mother why they wanted to live in a house like that, she explained that the builder wasn’t finished with it yet. “Just wait and see,” she said. “I think you’ll like it when it’s done.”
Soon we began to see changes. The house got windows, then doors. The “funny smell” of new lumber faded. The holes in the floor were covered and a staircase was added. Walls were painted. Mom put up curtains at the windows and pictures on the walls. The incomplete house had been transformed. It had taken some time but finally it was finished.

As Christians, we need “finishing” too. Although the groundwork is laid at our conversion, the growing process continues throughout our life. As we obediently follow Jesus, “the author and finisher of our faith” (Heb. 12:2), one day we too will be complete. — Cindy Hess Kasper

God sees in us a masterpieceThat one day will be done;His Spirit works throughout our livesTo make us like His Son. —Sper

Whether we're new believers or matured Christians, we sometimes let our eyes focus at the problem rather than God. People are influenced by their negative feelings, past guilt, and lack of understanding about the Lord. Having the motto of, "I know God can, but I'm not sure He will." I know it to be true that when we let this motto rest in our hearts, it leaves us with no peace.

Don't get me wrong, all God's children begin at the "somewhat still in doubt faith" stage or "restless faith" for short. We all struggle with trusting God and that's not a sin in His eyes. Just like the disciples, they experienced periods of doubt, but Jesus did not condemned them, rather He helped them mature as they experienced different trials... so what are we to do? I think we should also embrace the idea of gaining experience, spend more time getting to know God by studying His Word, and fellowship with other believers instead of exposing ourselves to more temptations that will help us fall out of faith rather than gain.

Friends, if you allow yourselves to be stuck in this restless faith stage, you will not experience spiritual growth. Remember that the blessings we receive from God will always be in proportion to our faith. That's why our greatest desire should be to increase our faith so that we can live successfully in this world.

Remember that we are not in a position to see the whole picture of our own lives nor others. We only see a small portion. However, if we rely only on our limited perspective, thinking ours is the best way, then we're just setting ourselves for failure. Instead, choose to trust God... the ONE who sees the whole picture, to direct our efforts. If we do, God can work through us to create something beautiful.

You know, through my own experience, I witnessed that faith can take us to heights we've never dreamed of. But we also must admit that life isn't always easy... gosh! some of it can be quite scary. However, I find it to be real in my life that when I remind myself of God's goodness... I know He can lift us over the hard places in life. So take heart my friends, God isn't finished with you yet... just be patient!

Have a JOYFUL day!
God Speed!

Friday, February 27

Bless YOU!

sometimes, you would know if a friend truly means the message they send you if it was personally addressed to you and not just a mass email. well, this is what i felt when my dear friend, jenny, sent me this movie and i was so touched that it brought tears to my eyes. i'm grateful that through her and through this "simple truths" i was reminded of God's faithfulness in our lives.

friends, because you all are so dear to me... i would like to share the simple truths of this message:

God is awesome!!!

have a blessed weekend everyone! know that God never fails to keep His promises =)

Monday, February 23

ei there!

just checkin' in... been awhile since i updated you with what's been happenin' in my world.

well besides remaining a SAHM, i've been busy sorting out stuff at home. after many prayers and waiting for God's confirmation, we've finally accepted that it is time to move. so i've been sorting what'll stay with us and what i can finally let go. selling stuff on craigslist and ebay have been really successful and thank God i get a lot of people who are interested in buying our home furnishings.

we plan not to keep too much stuff and want to keep our next place as roomy as possible. we're hoping for a good turn out with the move and all other stuff that goes along with it. God's been really good and still i have no reason to be salty about this whole thing.

there are different emotions lingering around my mind, but thank God He keeps me sane. i know a few people who are so dear to me that have gone through tough times with their housing situations and i myself have been a witness to it all. all have different causes, but the pain was the same. what is a person like me can only do, but to offer encouragement and lots of prayers. i mean, i myself can only find strength from the Lord to keep me going. i really think He's the best there is out there. no matter what seasons of life you're in... He is the answer!

nway, regardless of all the challenges that has faced me lately, i continue to find reasons to be grateful. i continue to enjoy my loved ones, i continue to look forward to what God has in store for me.

for valentine weekend, my whole family celebrated the love day @ my bro-in-law's choice of restaurant (he was treating everyone hehehe), red lobster in schaumburg. funny how we always end up getting the server's attention to join our conversations... that's always fun though!

last sat, my girlfriends and i put together a surprise baby shower for our dearest friend, girlie. we're so happy for her... gosh! i feel like i'm the one having another baby coz i was just so excited preparing this for her esp when i was shopping for baby stuff hahaha. can't wait to see the baby! nway, i'm so grateful to everyone for making it and for making it extra special for her... kudos to everyone and for a successful shower! you could tell she was so happy with everything =) of course not seeing everyone for quite sometime brought so much memories and hurting of the jaw for laughing too much. my girl, ellen and i got a headache from laughing. ahh! laughing, it does your life, body and soul good ;)

yesterday, my sis surprised us with their new place. mind you, we helped them move last month, but since she's been planning a sunday get together for the whole fam, she came up with the idea that there was a barricade blocking their street coz of a construction and for us to take a different route that's pretty much just blocks away from their old place. confused as why we were parking at a newly constructed condo buildings' parking lot, she finally gave in and said, we live at a different place now and asked us to look up... oh gosh! there she was waving at us in her new patio. wow! i must say... they did an awesome job moving without letting us know. the place was spectacular... it has the perks you would want in a condo (heated private garage, water and heat included, quiet neighborhood, everything's new, no major rules besides keep the building clean, it has a library in the bottom floor, and more) except they're just renting the place, but hey... it's all good! they don't have kids anyway so, why not! we were so happy for them and esp grateful to the Lord for giving them such wonderful landlords... the place they were previously in had a lease for one year, but the landlord's were understanding and so kind to null the agreement. i really feel that this is the place for them to start over and enjoy one another. thank you Lord!

well, that's it for now... i think that's enough update to fill you guys in.... gotta get back to my world! blessings to all!

Friday, February 13

When there's still no answer...

TGIF Everyone!!!

Hope today's ODB will bring you all a brand new HOPE to look forward to. Have you prayed for something a few times but never heard anything from God? I can definitely relate to that. And I know from experience, it's hard to accept God's silence. It's like we just want Him to jump into action whenever we call, especially when we are hurting or afraid of something. However, we need to remember that He promises to meet our needs, that's why we can be sure that a silence from heaven has purpose.

Are you with me yet? See, if you think about it, silence grabs our attention and it teaches us to trust the unknown future. I remember the time when I prepared to pray over a situation that would impact my life. As I got on my knees, for some reason I felt like God was suddenly gone. For days, weeks, and even months, His presence seemed so far away. I've seeked and asked family and friends to pray with me and for me regarding my situation, but still there was nothing.

I've searched for God in every way I can only to find myself at the same spot with the same problems. Then, at an unexpected time, He dramatically intervened in my life to clearly dictate my next steps. Then it dawned on me that the answer I'm looking for is this: "WHEN GOD IS SILENT, KEEP ON PRAYING!"

There have been times when I've heard people say they quit praying about a need coz there was just no answer coming. But here's what I realized... in Matthew 17:20 it says that faith the size of a mustard seed is able to move mountains... so imagine how tiny our trust must be when we give up on the Lord! I remember what Jesus said (paraphrasing here since I do not have it exactly memorized), peace is what God leaves with us. He doesn't give as the world does and so we don't have to be worried, afraid or be upset coz God will NEVER abandon us. However, you know what the problem is? It's us treating prayers like a vending machine, that when we put coins it gives us an instant response. But see talking to God is a long-term investment so that we can have that close and faithful friendship with Him.

Friends, I know at times it can be frustrating and frightening when the only thing we can hear when we pray is our own breathing. But take heart, for in the Bible, it says that God is always with us, and His silence will not last forever (read Job 23:8-10 or Heb. 13:15). I encourage you to cling to those promises as you seek the purpose behind His silence.

Remember that although we may be riding an emotional roller coaster and God may be silent for a time, He NEVER STOPS working on our behalf. When the time is right, He provides an outcome that's aligned with His perfect plan for you and me. It's a promise that in His time, not in ours, that rest will come on solid ground. You wanna know how awesome God is? Well friends, He's aGod who NEVER breaks or changes a promise and is forever faithful to us. I know at times we question God coz life seems to give us too much trouble, but believe me, we can trust God's word, which gives us hope when we need it most. Giving up before the Lord answers your call is the biggest mistake youwill ever make. So friends I encourage you to PRAY ON! He hears you =)

Have a JOYFUL FRIday! God Speed!

When there's still no answer...

TGIF Everyone!!!

Hope today's ODB will bring you all a brand new HOPE to look forward to. Have you prayed for something a few times but never heard anything from God? I can definitely relate to that. And I know from experience, it's hard to accept God's silence. It's like we just want Him to jump into action whenever we call, especially when we are hurting or afraid of something. However, we need to remember that He promises to meet our needs, that's why we can be sure that a silence from heaven has purpose.

Are you with me yet? See, if you think about it, silence grabs our attention and it teaches us to trust the unknown future. I remember the time when I prepared to pray over a situation that would impact my life. As I got on my knees, for some reason I felt like God was suddenly gone. For days, weeks, and even months, His presence seemed so far away. I've seeked and asked family and friends to pray with me and for me regarding my situation, but still there was nothing.

I've searched for God in every way I can only to find myself at the same spot with the same problems. Then, at an unexpected time, He dramatically intervened in my life to clearly dictate my next steps. Then it dawned on me that the answer I'm looking for is this: "WHEN GOD IS SILENT, KEEP ON PRAYING!"

There have been times when I've heard people say they quit praying about a need coz there was just no answer coming. But here's what I realized... in Matthew 17:20 it says that faith the size of a mustard seed is able to move mountains... so imagine how tiny our trust must be when we give up on the Lord! I remember what Jesus said (paraphrasing here since I do not have it exactly memorized), peace is what God leaves with us. He doesn't give as the world does and so we don't have to be worried, afraid or be upset coz God will NEVER abandon us. However, you know what the problem is? It's us treating prayers like a vending machine, that when we put coins it gives us an instant response. But see talking to God is a long-term investment so that we can have that close and faithful friendship with Him.

Friends, I know at times it can be frustrating and frightening when the only thing we can hear when we pray is our own breathing. But take heart, for in the Bible, it says that God is always with us, and His silence will not last forever (read Job 23:8-10 or Heb. 13:15). I encourage you to cling to those promises as you seek the purpose behind His silence.

Remember that although we may be riding an emotional roller coaster and God may be silent for a time, He NEVER STOPS working on our behalf. When the time is right, He provides an outcome that's aligned with His perfect plan for you and me. It's a promise that in His time, not in ours, that rest will come on solid ground. You wanna know how awesome God is? Well friends, He's aGod who NEVER breaks or changes a promise and is forever faithful to us. I know at times we question God coz life seems to give us too much trouble, but believe me, we can trust God's word, which gives us hope when we need it most. Giving up before the Lord answers your call is the biggest mistake youwill ever make. So friends I encourage you to PRAY ON! He hears you =)

Have a JOYFUL FRIday! God Speed!

Thursday, January 29

Obama's approval of abortion & embryonic stem cell

i've been wanting to blog about this since the day our new president signed the approval for abortion rights and the funding of embryonic stem cell study, but i was caught up with a much needed attention. i must say i was so disappointed when i heard the news.

i know there are lots of unwanted pregnancies out there, but i speak specifically to those who are facing this reality right now. whether this may be read by somebody years from now, i will continue to stand for the sanctity of life and so i encourage you to continue reading.

like i said from my previous blog regarding the inauguration, i celebrate with america for the historic event we all have shared that time and hopefully still in the days to come. however, this heart breaking news re: abortion has brought me to tears as i reflect on the painful memories, hard choices and heart breaking experiences me and my loved ones have gone through.

i was 17 when i found out i was pregnant. i was scared and confused. there was no time wasted for my boyfriend, at the time, to think this through coz he was certain that he wanted me to have an abortion. although i had mixed emotions and was still uncertain of what lies ahead, i knew right there and then that my boyfriend had no intention of having me and our baby in his life and so i walked out angry, but determined that i was going to solve the problem on my own (whether it means abortion or keeping the baby).

my whole family were not happy to receive the news (which was expected). my dad, at the time was still a non-believer and like most parents, had high hopes for his children and so he was certain not to support me during this difficult time in my life. now that i'm an adult and a parent myself, i do understand how hard it is for parents to accept the situation right away. so, i was forced to move out. i lived with a friend who was staying at her sister's 1 bedroom apartment. so for the next 6 mons of my pregnancy i was sleeping in the living room floor. i was working at a minimum wage in order to support enough grocery, at least 1 meal a day for me, and travel expenses to and from work & the clinic. during this time i was also seeking for an answer, for hope, for some sort of positive support. don't get me wrong, i had the support of my mom, but she was also afraid of my dad at the time. i knew she tried her best, but i was full of anger and was just determined to go through this on my own and there was this feeling inside me that didn't want to cause her more burden.

so one day, i decided to let fate bring me to where i needed to be. i decided to just walk. yes, just walk and think things through. and after long hours of walking, i came across a sign that says "crisis pregnancy center"... i didn't know what they were all about and i was even more afraid to go in coz this place was residing at a small abandoned-like building administering services in the basement. but after longs battles of second thoughts, i finally decided to give it a shot.

nervousness overwhelmed me when i saw that i was the only client at the time. i was asked to fill out a form and take a pregnancy test. after it was confirmed that i was pregnant, a volunteer counselor brought me inside her office. i will never forget her angelic smile and as she approached me with words of acceptance and followed by encouragement. i was able to finally open my heart to share my struggles and pain. i felt like i was dreaming, that this is just too good to be true. that this woman whom i just met, understood and accepted me for who i am instead of judging me. she explained to me the help they can provide during and after my pregnancy. and before i know it, she was handing a small book to me that would slowly water the seed she planted in my heart. in the front cover of the book was the title "HOPE for the Future". the first few pages were the shared thoughts of many young ladies who were going through unwanted pregnancy and with it were words of promises and hope in Christ.
this Bible has allowed me to understand and accept that the child (fetus, baby, spec of blood, infant or however you want to call it) in my womb is a gift from God. A HELPLESS BABY WHO DESERVES TO LIVE JUST LIKE YOU AND I. although i never went back to that crisis center, i carried that God-given encouragement from that lady all through my life. it has definitely opened up hope for my future. and as God promised, He supplied for all my needs and more. my daughter is now 14 yrs. old and has been a blessing to me and my whole family. and i know without a doubt, God has an amazing plan for her life.

so to you my friend, i feel for you. however, you do not have to go through this alone. i encourage you to not be deceived by the pro-choice advocates who said that it is good that a woman has the right to decide what happens to her own body. understand my friend, that it's not your own body you're killing, but it's a tiny, helpless unborn infant. this helpless baby is not a "product of conception", as the abortionists say, or a "glob of tissue". this helpless baby is and will not be the reason why life will be difficult, nor killing this baby is the solution to a better life.

friend, i know it may be difficult for you to believe right now, but i want you to know that there is hope for your life and hope for you in every way. no matter how serious your problem, or how upset you feel, you can find the peace and strength to make it through this difficult situation. you may think God doesn't want anything to do with you, or that you've made too many mistakes for him to love you, but God DOES love you, just the way you are. i know this is hard to believe, coz we all have done things we are deeply ashamed of, and we just can't imagine how God can still love us in spite of everything we have done wrong. but guess what i found out in the Bible... i found out who God is and how He operates, and i began to understand that God is bigger than what we perceive Him to be. He will never stop loving you. Nothing you will ever do can make him turn away from you. that's why you don't have to be overwhelmed with confusion or hopelessness just like i was. God is with you now, ready to give you the hope you need.

i've realized that apart from God, hope is based only on feelings and dreams for the future. and when those dreams are shattered, hope is crushed. but if your hope is based on God Himself, you will have a hope that problems cannot crush.

so friend, if you want peace of mind, there is no substitute for doing what's right. obeying God will bring a peace that can withstand almost any problem. you can't expect peace if you continually choose what's wrong. however, i have to warn you now, that doing what's right is not necessarily easy. sometimes you don't know what's right; your situation may be complex; or maybe it involves options you've never had to think about before. at other times you know what is right but just don't want to do it. either way, reading the Bible and seeking God's guidance will help you. talk to Him... He will listen. it will help you know what to do and find the strength to do it.

you can leave me a msg. on the comment section (anonymously or not) if you have a prayer request, if you need help in finding resources to help you get through this or simply would like to share your thoughts. until then, i will be praying for you. remember, there is HELP available.

to all: although the obama administration passed this new law this is not the time to quit. it only just proves us that we have a bigger job to fulfill. please continue to pray for our president and his administration and let your voice be heard.

thanks for your time.

God speed!

Tuesday, January 27

Do you have a need?

Hello All! Hope this email finds you well. I'm glad I have this opportunity to share my testimony to you once again. But before I do, I'd like to ask you ... Do you have a need that you don't know how to meet? You may have tried to solve the problem on your own, but just couldn't. Maybe you turned to some self-help books or consulted the advice of friends and family, though it sorta helped ease the pain at the moment, at the end of the day you found yourself back to square one. Or maybe you've prayed, but never really felt assured that God heard. You tried enough to trust Him, believing that if only you had enough faith, your need(s) would be met. Yet up to this moment this anxiety you're in still won't go away.

Well, did you know that the Bible is full of stories about people just like you and I? Just like us, their deepest needs could be understood and met ONLY by God. Let's admit it, we're needy people. Some are successful in their careers, but yearn for someone to love them. Some are financially stable, while their household is a mess! Some are physically fit, but mentally and emotionally drained. All this and more and of course vise-versa. But see, my point is we don't have to face our need(s) alone. There's ONE who comes to us to make us whole.

Two Fridays ago, I had a job interview. I had my hopes that this time there would be better results instead of just another resume to fill another space on their database. Well, it turned out just like the rest of my interviews who said, "Well your experience are definitely outstanding. However, we have other candidates lined up for an interview, but you will hear from us once we've made a decision." So, just like others... it's either I'll receive a letter of regret from some companies who do respond or you won't hear from them at all.

And so as I left the building that afternoon, I can honestly say, I felt so down. While driving, I took the opportunity to talk to God. I knew He understood what I was feeling and He was ready to listen and comfort me. I know He understands that it's okay to feel that way from time to time. And so I made it known to Him. I said, "Lord, I know You have never failed to provide for our needs and I'm grateful that You allow me to be transparent with You when times of difficulties just brings me down. Lord, can I just cry this out for 5 mins?" And so I did. I know many people think that crying about a problem is a sign of weakness or surrender... for me... it's true and it's okay! Especially if you want to be transparent with God. WEAKNESS, because you acknowledge that you cannot do things on your own and SURRENDER coz you know that ONLY God can help you. Someone once said, God helps those who help themselves... see you got it all wrong... coz God helps those who CANNOT help themselves. It's surrendering what's impossible in our eyes, but possible with our Savior.

You're probably wondering if I stopped crying after 5 mins. =) Yes, I did. That's my deal with the Lord when I need to release my feelings to Him. He lets me and He understands. And once again, I felt relief, especially when I told my husband what I was feeling that day, the Lord was so quick to use my husband to confirm that He was there in the car listening to me. My husband said, "Everything will be okay. This is not the time to give up, after all God has done for us. God is bigger than this. He knows. Just be patient."

And as an added bonus that He really does provide for our needs and as a proof that God is full of humor; just last Friday, exactly a week after that moment with God, I received a letter from the IDES regarding a raise to my unemployment benefits. A $40 raise I never expected to receive. Who would think that I, who only collects unemployment still gets a raise? C'mon now, that's the work of God! Friends, believe what is unseen coz He works behind it all.

And to this I close. Friends, whatever your need, God has an answer. Know that He is not slow about keeping His promise to us. We're just really impatient. And no matter how you and others understand your situation, giving excuses to justify that yours is different, as human that's expected, but I want you to know that God's timing is perfect in meeting our needs. And in fact, waiting for His answer actually ensures greater blessing.

God's love for you and me is eternal. Great is His faithfulness and His mercies are new every morning. Therefore, you can lay your needs before Him and He will see you through this difficult time in your life. He will never turn His back on you nor will He ever shut the doors of blessings. What He has for you is love acceptance and hope. Allow Him to be this for you today and always.

Friends, you will not find satisfaction elsewhere... God is available and your personal relationship with Him will only be the one that is needed to help you get through this. Look to Him for HOPE, salvation is FREE through Christ, our ONLY Savior.

If you are in need of a prayer, please feel free to send your request (anonymously or not) in the comment sections. It will be my pleasure to pray for you.

Have a JOYFUL day! God Speed!

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