Friday, September 28

Don't leave Char unattended- lolzz

Man Oh Man! -- Im still at work.. Just waiting for the time so I can go home. My boss is not having a good day today. So I can't call and make personal phone calls ( to chat..lolz). But its okay - Im listening to my praise and worship song over here at work.. Thank God for the Crosswalk site and it's not block...Yipppee! Thank you Lord... Well, just reading the blog ---since February 2007 -- As I look back-- we did and accomplished some stuff here huh...God is good!.. Almost 8 months already.. Wow! how time flies huh.... k --- im just jamming here and sort of babbling here while I wait for the time

Well -- as you can see I am just reminiscing here "Our good ol'd days"
Guess what I am eating right now.. I just took a picture of it. ( thanks for the camera phone.lolz) ... here you go
Fresh tomatoes from my co-workers with Tajin ...Yummmy

You gotta try this... It's the best...Okay! I think I can go home now...

Oh btw - if u want to picture me while typing my blog.. Here's my computer ( at work)

and here are the pictures i have on my desk..My kids ( my friends babies, my family and my babies)
-- sorry, camera phone makes the pictures kinda blurry -- but i think you can pretty much tell who's in the pictures. Right..lolz----

K -- i think I can go really really go home now...Im going to my Mama's celebration.. But I still have to pick up my mother dear and my bebes.... k vavooo

Enjoy your weekend!

Thursday, September 27

Tomorrow is a very special day for our Dear Mama!

Our Mama is a Christian,
In every important way
The fruit of the Holy Spirit
Is displayed in her every day.

Our dear Mama is filled with kindness,
With love and joy and peace;
Her patience and her goodness
Inspire, and never cease.

She follows our Lord Jesus
With faithfulness, and more
She's gentle and has self control,
She knows what prayer is for.

Thanks Mama for being a Christian,
And showing us how to be
We will follow your example
For all eternity.

Tomorrow is your special day with our Lord Jesus Christ. Know that you were the center of everyones lives. Tomorrow we will celebrate your day- the life you lived and all the things you gave us. You left each and everyone of us a sweet and wonderful memories. Please think of us as we think of you always. =)

Wednesday, September 26

Kids and their activities

Today was a fun and busy day for me. Thank You Lord for the coffee! =) For some reason --everything was just moving so fast today. I went to drop off my Lil Kai at my mom's house this morning. I went to work then left around 2PM. I went to pick up Destiny and take her to her Orthodontist appointment. She has her workshops today for student council( not at her school but different school in Schaumburg). She's trying to run for either district rep or president. I am so proud and excited for her and the rest of her classmates. There are only 5 of them in her class that are involve in student council. I also got to meet her new teacher. As always-- we were chatting and she wanted to see Kalea too. It's so nice that my sweet daughter invited me in to look around and talk to some of the students and teacher ( at Robert Frost Junior High School). I was gonna say No because I was such in a hurry to do my errands ( Wednesday or Thursday) is my laundry day =) . I know probably to some of you is not a big deal but I've been actually doing this laundry day of mine -lolz for the past 7 years now. I never do my laundry on weekends. Because I try to have my weekend open for ( different things except house chores) lolz. So right after I drop her off - I went home and separated the clothes and did my laundry. I didn't get to finish my laundry 'coz I wanted to go to my mom right away and see Kai. We had dinner at my mom then we went to pick up the kids ( Des and 2 of her classmates Radha and Chloe). I promised their moms that I will take their kids home. But my mother dear and I wanted to go groceries first.. So we went to food 4 less.. The kids was being so goofy and so loud - they were doing their dance inside the store. Guess what? I didn't stop them and I even cheer for them...lolzz... Finally! we were on our way home to drop off Chloe. Oh goodness! I thought we were just dropping her off but Chloe's mom wanted to see Kai too and again -- chat for few minutes ( hey, my dearest mom was enjoying our conversation too lolz). She has her own studio. Here check out her website Next stop- is Radha --- Radha's mom actually been a good friend of me and William. She's been to our office several times and sometimes she would call me if she has to go somewhere and need to drop off Radha. Today she was so cute. She said that she's been busy and one these days she will cook Indian food for me. Lolz.. So sweet... I love waking up every day even if how sleepy or tired I am . I just thank God for another blessed day to be alive. I love seeing Des with her many activities and can't wait for my Lil one to be doing that someday. Yes! It is tiring but the best feeling ever that I feel so bless, proud and humbled to be part of my families activities. Tomorrow will be another day and tomorrow will be Destiny's first day to experience with AWANA. I can't wait to hear her sharing.It's such a great feeling to just be able to study HIS words and share the goodnews to others. We love you Lord! We Praise You Lord! Thank you Lord for being there with us, for guiding us, for listening to us,for directing, for caring, for dying, for loving us. Through you Oh Lord we receive the power to do all things. Praise to your Lord Jesus Christ! Nitey!

traffic jam!

wow! a usual drive of 30-40 mins turned out to be 3hrs. however, what better way to make the most out of this time, but to blast a praise and worship cd! yep! that's what i did. besides finishing my coffee right away, singing at the top of my lungs, saw some damages caused by the quick storm that hit yesterday, cutting the split-ends i found in my hair (ewe!), i had a chance to evaluate each person's way of dealing with traffic.

the results: about 75% of the people i saw were annoyed and frustratedly talking to themselves, undeniably swearing at whomever they're blaming the traffic to. tsk tsk tsk so sad =(

but through it all... on the other side of the road, me, myself and i made the most out of that moment. although i typically don't enjoy sitting in traffic, i had to keep a positive outlook. i know things can come up and ruin my day in a blink of an eye... but as i focus my time in singing praises to the Lord and just talking to Him about everything i had in mind, it helped me realized that it is truly our choice to make the most out of something so irate or uncomfortable. besides, we never really know what could've caused the unexpected circumstances that comes our way... there are many reasons, so why beat myself and waste my energy for it?

however, once i found out what was causing the major traffic jam, i immediately took the chance to pray for the people involved in the fatal accident which also caused some closed roads. i'm not quite sure what really happened but i prayed that God will take over the situation.

so bottom line... instead of ruining your day coz of traffic that is way out of your control or a situation that wears you down... be of good cheer for when we keep our mind on God, God gives us peace of mind.

remember: life is not made by the dreams that we dream but by the choices that we make.

continue to be a blessing!

Thursday, September 20

barney's the bomb!

yanna loves barney, the purple dinosaur. the show really is a good learning influence to my kids. here's a sample of the many things yanna learned from barney. she's known this since she turned 1!

how to count 1-10 in swahili (africa's language)

have a good night!

Tuesday, September 18

up all night *priceless*

hey there nat! great to hear from you... we missed you, but we understand your hectic sched. thanks for the kind words... i'll call you later. =)

i'm working from home today. noel and i were up all night watching and talking. it is those moments that we treasure the most. we talked about so many things (trip to the philippines, project hope, the first time we met, childhood memories, friends we haven't seen in a long time, the kids' future, etc.) that we didn't realize it was so late already. but after all that we always go back to the Father. we joined hands and lifted everyone and everything in prayer. we do that every night. it has helped our relationship and our communication grow into (like what noel says) "a great achievement that many couple tries hard to do, but fails."

the Lord can do that... i'm not saying we're a perfect couple, but the Lord continues to transform every area of our being.

look what i found last night! these are the simple things in life i truly treasure.
noel's old letters to me, some are back in 1992 and here's what caught our attention...
isn't that amazing! we didn't see each other for over 2yrs. but now...

let see, let me use noel's own words: "i loved you then (1992), but i'm in-love with you now."

keep the sparks alive! treasure the simple moments and fall in-love over and over again.

have a blessed day!

Monday, September 17

long time no blog

sooooo sorry to all, i know i've been a stranger. been busy with school and weekend trips with my family.

hi lovely, charisma and marge! lovely, you're giving me goosebumps (in a good way, mama!). so sorry for the loss. my thoughts and prayers for the garcia family too.

i just wanted to say hi to everyone reading the walk2remember blogz. yes, lovely's right, i hope you all continue to be blessed by her encouraging stories. i know i am as well as my mom and my husband.

i may be busy with school, but i do look forward to lovely's daily bread (which sometimes you do miss to send, mrs. miranda - hmm! j/k)

okay, that's it for now! till next time beautiful people!

God's doorstep

yesterday morning i received a phone call from my sis informing me that ansel went to be with the Lord at 2am yesterday. both tears of joy and sorrow surrounded me as soon as i received the news. joy, because the Lord's timing was amazingly incredible. that out of all people He used my sis and i to witness His loving mercy and grace to the garcia family... and sorrow for i know how hard it is to loose a loved one.

when we are struck by trials and tribulations, many of us try to make sense out of it. however, many of Jesus' teachings don't make sense when viewed from a human point of view.
Jesus' teachings contradicted many of our human understandings. the strong will not always finish first and the rich will not always be powerful. Jesus promised mercy to anyone who believes in Him. He promised that those who mourn the loss of their children would be comforted. i believe this promise with all my heart; as i am constantly reminded of my dearest mama that even though she left this world bedridden, i now picture her walking, talking, and enjoying the place of pure happiness, in the very presence of God. same goes with tatay (my friend's father-in-law), my aunt, and ansel who took advantage of the time they had left to accept the Lord with all their heart... and now are all enjoying the PERFECT PLACE God has prepared for them.

you too have the assurance to enter the kingdom of God if you just repent of your sins and believe that God sent His only begotten Son, Jesus Christ who died on the cross for your sake. when you do... the Lord promises that you will not perish, instead you will have an everlasting life with our Heavenly Father.

i encourage you my friends to enter the doorstep of salvation through faith in Christ. believe me, it's a wonderful feeling and you will never regret it.

"our thoughts and prayers to the garcia family" - may the God of all comfort surround you all during this difficult time.

continue to be blessed!

Saturday, September 15

Celebration in Heaven

did you know that when one sinner repents, God calls for a celebration in heaven? yep! he seeks for shepherds whose desire is to rescue lost sheep. He's not just simply recording transactions or making a mark every time someone gets saved. He so longs for the souls of the lost that he will go out and pursue them. then when the wayward lamb is brought into the fold (once lost and now found), heaven itself is barely big enough to contain His joy. that my friends, shows the seeking heart of our Heavenly Father. why am i saying this? because it was an honor to once again have witnessed God's saving grace to the 5 people my sis and i met last night.
here's the story:
my sis has a co-worker whose father was diagnosed with lung cancer last december. chemo was not helping at all which resulted the cancer to metastasize. he is under home hospice for it has now affected his liver. given 2 mons to live, we were kindly invited to pray for him. his name is ansell. he was so delighted to see us and kept thanking us for praying for him. that experience brought memories of my mom and my friend, alice's father in-law. all suffered from lung cancer, but have joyfully accepted Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior.

my sis and i felt the pain that grace, the only daughter, and the wife were going through. i saw myself and my siblings in grace's eyes. the desire to make her dad feel comfortable, the tiredness, the longing for hope, the indescribable pain of seeing a loved one suffering from this deadly decease. all i could do last night was to hug her, offer her my friendship and encourage her to look up for hope. if i could just stay last night to listen to her cry of healing, i would've. i can't imagine how hard it is to go through this and be the only child, the only strongest one in the family (at least physically).

however, in spite of this trial in their lives, i know the Lord has a better plan in store for them. that this experience will make them stronger and that the Lord will be glorified in the end. the Holy Spirit has certainly guided our coming in and our going out. we were able to witness not only to ansell, grace, the wife, but also to ansell's 2 sisters. from one question of "how did i know how to pray that way?" to another definitely opened the door for salvation.

after almost 2hrs. of an unforgettable conversation with them, my sis and i felt that the joy of the Lord has entered their household. what more can i ask for? we were in awe and joyfully delighted to once again have been used to get God's message and love across to His lost people. remember, we're only the messenger, but God is the message. and that's an opportunity i cannot pass.

all glory to God!

continue to be blessed!


Tuesday, September 11

Life is full of surprises

Just thought of sharing you this.

For the past couple of weeks now – My eldest daughter Destiny have been busy working her project and asking me all this questions. I had no idea why and I didn’t know that she was up to something. And last week – she reminded us about her curriculum night at school. So last night we went to her school – we wanted to bring Kai but it was raining. So we left her at Mama’s house…. So, when we got there. We walked around. We went to her locker, went to check her classrooms, library and visit some of her teachers. But this one classroom was close and she pointed me her project that she did. I couldn’t really see it because it was hanging and like I said the door was close. The only thing I can see was my BIG PICTURE. Oh my gosh! You all know how I am very picky with my picture. So, I was a little disappointed ‘coz we couldn’t get in and I wanted to see the project. So then we just walked around again. Next thing you know we saw the classroom open and Des asked me if I wanted to go back. I said of course! … The project was about “ Who’s your Hero?”…. Hmm, you all know how I am. Even if I wanted to cry – I’ll just joke around instead but really I was just so surprise and happy to know that my daughter feel that way about me. ‘Coz I know that she always look up to her Dad William as her role model especially when it comes to music which I don’t mind at all. Just as long as I know that she loves me and she's happy that I am her mom. _=). But the sweet part of her project was -- what she wrote about me. It was sooo cute and sweet. I didn’t know those silly things I do when I’m with her makes her want to be more like She even said and remember when she was in Pre-K that “My mom would participate to all of the events” and up until now she does so many things for my dad and us and how much she support my dad to the business and his work. And I can’t believe that she even put there how we went to the salad master party and It was late at night and I made everything boring to fun. Before we left the classroom – I hugged her and I told her ‘ Awww, this is soo sweet. I didn’t know that Mommy is your Hero. So, we just both laughed. Of course we didn't leave the place without me explaining her that God is our greatest Hero, greatest Love and greatest example. He loved us so much. He died to give us the example of how to Live and He should be our first Hero in our lives. I know that she knew that but I just wanted to explained it to her again. Just like how our Dear Lord would always remind us things. Right

Well, there’s more to it and I can’t write everything here. lolz. Remember, I’m not good when it comes to writing story.lolz…N-ewayz, I will try to post the picture here when she brings it home. We were not allowed to take picture of it yesterday. That’s why. Sorry…

*** Want to know something funny****. When we went to visit Mr.Studabaker (Science teacher). All the parents was there listening about his Globe and the light was off. The most accurate world map is a globe (he said). Like how the planet Earth, ... They showed that the earth was actually a planet moving around the sun.etc…etc…. Long story short – As always, I made a silly comment and said. Man! I do feel it. We are moving…. hahaahahha =)…Destiny laughed so hard…and we quietly left the room right before they turn on the light. lol

I just want to thank our Heavenly Father for the children that brings joy in our lives.

Praises to you Oh Lord!

Monday, September 10

Happy Monday!

Happy Monday! – Yup! that's what I love about my best friend. When she tell her story ( very detailed.. Man! I tell yah and I love it.. ) and here I am totally opposite of my dear best friend. It’s hard for me to be detailed. Lol… But don't worry I’ll get to the story. Hmmmm, I think.

I really didn’t do much this weekend but another family gathering at my Uncle’s house. It was nice. I sang all night with my sister and ate soooo much food. So that was fun. While my brother and my dad doing their own thing outside with the rest of the guyz

Sunday – Right after church Love and her family went to meet up with us at my mom’s house to drop off some fresh veggies from their garden. She said more to come. So looking forward to that. =) …

Been busy bee re-doing stuff at the office… Yesterday was fun because I was singing for good one hour and dancing while moving stuff. Destiny at first was getting annoyed because I was being so loud (singing and dancing) but later on she started being goofy too and we did our Praise and Worship together….They both know how I am and I guess you can say that's one of the reason my hubby fell in love with me..hahahah..The funny part was when we were at wal-mart. I was singing while buying some stuff and people were just looking at me and I thought William was gonna stop me but no can do and joined me instead..hahahha Hmmm for some of you, you all know I am. You know I can be sooooo hyper and can't stop me especially if I'm in the mood… lolzz. We didn’t really finish last night ‘coz we had to pick up Kai… But before we went home. We went to blockbuster to rent some movies. It was my honey’s turn to pick movie this time then we had dinner at my parent’s house. Yiikkees! My sister caught me wearing her shirt so she chased me around…. lolz. I just love having her as my cute little sister…

Finally – Home sweet home – we started our Give Up the Past With a Spiritual Worry/Change Jar…
This is something that we talked about yesterday as a family…something to start in our home…. Isaiah 43:18, “Forget the former things; do not dwell on the past. See, I am doing a new thing!” Whenever we dwell on negative things from the past, we place our small note here (or however much we can afford) in the jar. And we will continually ask God to change our heart, mind and feelings toward the past. We will give God the glory for changing the way we think about the past. And we will ask God to help us avoid worrying about the future, too.

We also started our Table Talk but I’ll talk about that later… Right now – must get back to work. My boss is about to come and yiikess – I don’t’ want to get in trouble now…

Pictures --Uhhmm just go to my
( more pictures later..still have to upload it... )

Okay – Enjoy your day now with a BIG BIG SMILE =)

Sunday, September 9


i'm bloggin' as i watch mtv awards with my fam. but that's not what i'm about to talk about right now. see my title? well, i'm about to share some wonderful stories of how God once again showed me what He can do to the most impossible situation or scenario there is out there. most of us loose hope when the future ahead of us seems too impossible to see any changes, but God is the God of HOPE, He's the God of many chances... the ONLY ONE who can do the possible in the midst of the impossible. allow me to summarize (that's if i can do that... if you know me well, i'm a detail oriented person hehehe) k here we go...

~ friday ~
we went to noel's cousin's wedding after work. it was great seeing the boys together again. it's been a while since i saw them hang out (complete group) and just listening to their old silly adventures made the whole night more fun and complete. btw, couldn't resist joining some friends in the dance floor when dave, my long time friend busted the old skool mixes we would battle with back in the days. too bad my girls weren't with me *wink*

nway, we're so happy for our lil' (or not so little) irene get married to one of the most thoughtful persons i've ever met, jaime. no tears came from both, but as usual my tears always want to be part of the show... what now, you may ask? well, i've heard one of the most beautiful speeches from jaime's half brother. to give you an idea: they just met 3 yrs ago, but jaime made him his best man. it was one of those moments where you just had to be there to feel the true blood brother's love they had for each other. congrats again irene and jaime!

we thank the Lord for always making our paths crossed with someone in need of our Savior. noel and i didn't really expect that God will use that event to lead us to 3 particular people who are in the midst of emotional difficulties. i encouraged noel to follow God's leading and make it known to his friend that he's all ears. while on the other side, i let the holy spirit use me to be a good listener to these 2 wives i was talking to. my heart truly goes out to them... i hope someday they will experience the beauty of a close relationship with God. whatever was said that night, i sure am confident that it has planted a seed in their hearts.

we had another wedding to go to, but couldn't really function well anymore and had some commitment to attend to so we just decided to go to church. i couldn't complain... hearing the message michael fransene shared that night absolutely doubled my faith in God's promises when He said, "my plans are not to harm you, but to prosper you, to give you hope and a future". just like what michael said, there's no one in this world too bad for the Lord to transform. He is the God of many chances, our chance is NOW... invite Jesus Christ to live in your heart and receive Him as the Lord and Savior of your life. there's nothing else more satisfying than having Christ at the center of our life. i pray that you do so.

the best part was my brother, my sis-in-law & my niece were there. camille and my 2 nieces went to elevate (their youth service) and also experienced one of the most powerful testimonies they've ever heard. kristen anderson was their guest speaker. she's the young lady who committed suicide by laying on the train tracks one day out of desperation to end her misery, but after being dragged from this train resulting to loosing her legs, she heard this sweet angelic song, amazing grace. read more about her at ... ever since i heard her story at 90.1 fm (, i've hoped for my kids to hear her testimony, well... what do you know? God really makes a way.

after the service we had a taste for hooters' chicken so... we all headed to hooters and just enjoyed a bunch of calories hehehe with of course a bunch of laughs as well.

let's see... for some reason my body feels so tired today, but still had to go to my husband's side of the family's luncheon in the city. thankfully we went... in spite of the tiredness i feel, again, the Lord brought someone in my path to pray for. apparently, after years of not seeing one of noel's aunt, we didn't know she underwent a series of health problems. one of them was a mild stroke yrs ago... resulting her to loose her energy and other symptoms of heart attacks. i couldn't really concentrate on my food coz i kept looking at her and just wanting to reach out to her. so i forced myself to finish my food and approached her right away. as i listened to her stories, all i could picture was my mama. i couldn't help, but to hold her hand and tears just started running down my face. then the opportunity to pray for her opened. i held both of her hands and just asked her to pray along with me.

the Lord truly inspires me as He continues to bring people of every walks of life in my path. i as His servant am grateful to serve Him in any way He thinks i'm capable of. as for you my friends... you too can experience such a wonderful task as you trust God's leading and as you let the Holy Spirit move through you. remember, you are wonderfully made! take every opportunity presented to you coz you might not have another chance to do so. every moment in life has its reasons ... believe that they are all for God's purposes and glory.

sorry, no pictures this time... i forgot my camera. aurgh! believe me, i'm beating myself for it too!

hope you're continually inspired by the love of God as He reveals His mercy and grace to you and your loved ones.

blessings to you all!
good nite!

Thursday, September 6


Hello there mi blog buddies – sorry haven’t been blogging… My long weekend was good… Let me just summarize it for you ….Is that okay? Lolz.

Friday – we went to do errands – we went to the library and went to visit an old friend and their new baby…

Saturday – I was whining like a baby. Because my GIRLFRIENDS went to breakfast without me. Thanks Love. J/k. Nah! Really my mom had to work that day, it’s her last day, and I didn’t want to drop off my little kai to my in-laws. I guess next time.
So we just did our errands and we went to my brother’s house for a small birthday gathering.

Sunday morning – went to church and went to visit my in laws. Until I noticed that my little Kai was a little bit warm. So I took her temperature and I was right… I think she got it from my nephew, Keeve. But what’s good about her is she still wants to eat and play. When we got home. Her fever won’t go down at all. We gave her the medicine but it will only go down to 102.0…. So then…

Monday – we took Kai to Central Dupage Hospital (where my honey works)…Man! I love that hospital (3rd best hospital in US). I think I’m going to change my hospital now so clean and it looks like a golf resort/hotel style. There’s starbucks, Walgreens, travel-booking stuff…and you can even use your cell phone even if you’re in the surgery room. How awesome is that??? Lol. Okay sorry – back to my babies. My eldest daughter, Destiny went with my parents to my Aunt’s house for Labor Day bbq. My poor baby has an ear infection but they gave her anti biotic. So after we left from the hospital – we went to pick up her medicine. I went to buy some meat to bbq and cook at home…. And yup! I made some homemade banana que with caramelized sugar. Yummy! My in-laws also came by to visit us especially they were so worried about Kai. They brought me some seafood bbq. I thank God for having such a wonderful in-laws...

Oh,btw -- Love, thanks for the surprize visit.. lolz- when was the last time you were at my house ( I think almost 2 yrs now..) he he he....Visit me again.. okay.... Destiny was sooooo surprize to see Camille.. hehhehe....

**** Hahahaha*** you see even in the Emergency Room – I still take pictures…hahahahahaha. I just love taking pictures so someday when I’m old – I can always go back and tell stories to my kids, (grandkids) about all these pictures I took. It maybe good, funny, silly pictures…lolzzz.

Okay! Ciao again...

Be Blessed!

Tuesday, September 4

creating memories

so how's everyone's long weekend? mine was superb!

i set up a breakfast date with my girlfriends, but not all made it coz of prior engagements. however, instead of breakfast, it ended up to be brunch hehehe
that's ok, i had a wonderful time with my girlfriends, marge and rain. we went to le peep in downtown evanston... it was delish! highly recommend it! thanks sistahs!
wanted to window shop after, but time didn't permit us. i had to go to vogue fabrics coz i wanted to reupholster my decorative pillows. love the fabs... got 'em for less than $6 and found it at joann fabrics for $35 - what a deal! my sis and my niece met up with me there since i was helping her pick the right fabric for her sofa set. we went to joann after then visited my mama. i was rushing to get home since noel was planning to meet up with the boys, but when i got home, he decided not to go anymore. we then just decided to go to target and bring the kids to nick's pizza pub. as usual the kids had a great time there. they just love how you can make a mess without getting introuble hehehe

went to church. i must say... the message was absolutely needed. it was about the 3 major stresses of life... finances, time & relationship. next week, michael franzese, used to be known as the prince of mafia, but is now a Christ follower will be the guest speaker. and jim caviezel, who played the role of Jesus at the passion of the Christ will be the special guest on the 15th & 16th services. visit to find out more, but i hope you can come join us too!

anyway, we ordered some food to gather at my house. i was so stuffed, i couldn't breathe... that's so bad. the worst part was i fell asleep right after... when i woke up everyone was gone! then after 30mins, i was still sleepy... i went in my room and fell asleep again. woke up at 9p = can you picture how unhealthy i am? lolz

labor day
~ woke up late
~ had a good breakfast with my kids (expecting noel to wake up in the afternoon)
~ watched our favorite filipino series
~ ate again
~ we were looking for our board games, but couldn't find any of them so noel, ayre & yanna went to target to buy some.
~ rented "charlotte's web" on ppv
~ played board games with the kids while yanna's busy doing 4 things (walk around, watch our family videos, sing & play with my old cell phone)

~ oh! btw, never let your kid(s) watch caillou, esp. when they're at their terrible two... they copy everything. when yanna just turned 1, she was already in the copying mode. i've noticed that ever since she started watching caillou, she started saying "no!" and "i don't want to!", she even has the same facial reaction as caillou. mom & dad won't have that in the house so i immediately blocked that cartoon from being viewed. we should take action as early as possible before it gets a little further, you know what i mean?

btw, lemme share a pic of yanna when she put on her sister's headband: (she just loves it when i play poporotzi on her) so anywayz, that's my long weekend (wish it was longer though). but can't really complain... i was fully rested, plus had a wonderful family time without having to go out all the time. and so i leave you with this wonderful fact (ikea's slogan): "Home is the most important place in the world." coz to me, it's where precious memories reside.

God bless us all!

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