Wednesday, July 25

Hiking with FFLC

hello friends! just wanted to share camille's wonderful experience in hiking with the Faith for Living Church in VA. check out their blog: FFLC - and in case you're in the area, come visit and see what they have to offer!

oh! i would like to say thanks also for the good samaritans who dropped off donations in our doorstep, yesterday. i don't know who they are, but i'm sure God is delighted to see their good works and their passion to help.

i'm telling you... the more i see the hands of God in this project the better i understand His promises. God is just too faithful i tell yah! thank you LOOOOOOORRRRRRRRRRDDDDD!

Sunday, July 22

humbled by God's provision

tired, leg cramps, 5hrs of sleep for the past 2 nights... well, you know what? it's all worth it!

our first Project HOPE Garage Sale Event turned out great! on our first day, we were just starting to set up and haven't even put up our signs yet, people were already coming. am i complaining? of course not! but i haven't even gathered everyone to pray yet, but the Lord surely didn't waste any time... we made about $230 on our first day - sounds good to me! i didn't really play with numbers in my mind... i was just too excited with the whole idea and was just pricing up everything as cheap as possible, plus, i was determined to get them all out of my garage fast hehehe

although our 2nd day didn't do very well... there are plenty of great things we are all grateful of. like meeting people of every walks of life, receiving some needed items and monetary support for PH. friends came by for support and we even met some vacationists from san antonio, tx who warmly wished us well and were just very encouraging to talk to. also, we were told that not many go on garage sales during sundays - so i guess they were right hehehe

anyway, regardless we made enough or not... at the end of the day we give all the glory to the Lord for His goodness and this wonderful opportunity He brought in our lives. we are His servants and there was nothing we can ever complain with the experience bcoz it was definitely an indescribable feeling of joy in our hearts. hey, we made a total of $510.75 - so why complain?


plus, we finally sold my mom's car! woohoo!

but i must certainly commend the PH team for giving their 110% effort to make this possible. i know we couldn't have done this without every one's love for the Lord, hard work, ideas and simply their compassion for the poor. i'm so blessed to be a part of this team... there's nothing like it! and with just the idea of being able to reach out to the less fortunate is an great honor for all of us. so many would've been chosen for this project, but we're so humbled He chose us!

as promised, we will be adding a link sometime soon of the people who made donations as part of our online donation update. but for now, i would like to say thank you all for your support and prayers... we appreciate each one of you. we may not know who you are, but i know God does and that's what's important.

please visit our ph site for more updates and photos of our garage sale.

continue to be blessed! God is good ALL THE TIME!

Thursday, July 19

nerve wrecking

hi all! i've been meaning to blog last monday, but it has just been one of those days when i just didn't feel like turning on the computer. but anyway, i'm here at work and just wanted to blog really quick about our very 1st Project HOPE Garage Sale Event coming up this weekend.

Yes, the title is true... it's NERVE WRECKING. with the weather and the number of people to expect and the sale.... oh, Lord! we need YOU to intervene! i don't know what to expect. all these different thoughts and ideas are just killing me - i know i shouldn't be like this and should just let the Lord handle it. i know, i know Lord... it's all in your hands. there's nothing else i can really do, but just to TRUST.

well friends, we sure need your prayers on this. here's the info:

last night i finally made the signs we will be needing. hope it'll attract people to come hehehe

i think i just need to relax and just let it all come the way the Lord planned it.

k, gotta go and get some chill pill hehehe - nah! i gotta work! that's what i should be doing anyway... yikes!

have a blessed day my loves!

Wednesday, July 11

Write the vision!

Hello everyone,

It's been a minute for me. I hope all is well! Last night I was flipping through channels(mostly thru the church ch's). So I started to watch Joel Osteen, his ministry had an hour special, which included the praise & worship then the msg. So to my surprise his wife did a prayer and some sharing of scripture. I'm telling you the Lord was speaking to me. After her sharing and after Joel's msg, I went to bed thinking about this particular scripture, I woke up this morning thinking about it, so I knew I had to read it before going on my knees. I wanted to share this with you, especially for those of you who feel like a failure or have just given up on your dream(s).

Let's go to the book of Habakkuk 2:2-3 "The righteous shall live by faith."

And the Lord answered me: "Write the vision; make it plain on tablets, so he may run who reads it. For still the vision awaits its appointed time; it hastens to the end-it will not lie. If it seems slow, wait for it; it will surely come; it will not delay."

I thought how awesome, I know my God is not short of His promise. You see my friend, whatever dream, vision, goal, thought, prayer you have; write it down, write it in your heart - make it known, remind yourself everyday- so that the enemy will run from it, the enemy can't touch it, because who the Lord holds in His hands the devil in Hell can't do them any harm. Don't worry if it seems as if the Lord isn't answering you or if it seems you are not seeing progress, or if it seems your dream is just a dream, WAIT! be patient! be prayerful! seek & you will find, the Lord will bring it to path, the Lord's time is perfect!

I was so encouraged and I am so thankful for His words! Remember God has steadfast love for you, you are His child, the apple of His eye and He will incline His ear to you when you call upon His Holy & Righteous name!

Put life & meaning to that vision(s)! God bless you always...Love & Light!


Monday, July 9

home make-over

last sat was the day we gave my dad a home make-over as our father's day gift for him. i may say that our team (my siblings, my niece, my nephew, and i) did a great job! we all gave our 110%. started at 7:30am and as scheduled, we were done by 6pm. we were happy to see the smile on my dad's face. he was certainly pleased in every corner of his apt. it felt good giving him his own space for everything. although he enjoys sleeping in his sofa bed, we gave him his own private sanctuary. now he can enjoy every room in his apt... even his bathroom! i could say it was the best gift we ever gave him.

going to his place was tough, we saw a lot of his memories with his new family. it was one of the most painful experience i have ever encountered, but we were determined to focus on what we were there for, to serve him and to give him a place to just relax and have a good night sleep after a hard day's work. my mom's face kept popping up my mind and i know she's proud of us for doing this for my dad. and i also know that my siblings felt the same way i was feeling. it was one of the hardest things in life to face... sometimes you think you've accepted the reality and that you're ready to face what's ahead, but i can admit that i wasn't. although my siblings warned me of what to expect, i thought it wouldn't face me... but eventually it did. we all held it in and just made sure to focus on our goal. but right when i got home and was able to settle down... everything just started coming back to me. i couldn't hold myself together anymore. my sister called just to ask something, but kinda sensed the difference in my voice and asked if i was ok. i'm the type when someone ask that question, i cry more. we ended up talking and just sobbed. until today i can't get it off my mind. i couldn't focus on my work, i kept crying while i was working and i just felt i had to share it in today's daily bread.

i know someday, somehow, my siblings and i will have to face this pain... however, i'm comforted to know that my Great Comforter, my Savior, Jesus Christ has promised that He will be with us at all times. my God has been good to us in our yesterdays, today and our tomorrows. He allows these things to strengthen us more and so i hold no grudge... the Lord has delivered my mom from more pain, tears and suffering... with that i'm grateful. i'd rather take this in than to see my mom hurt again.

anyway, in spite of it all... i'm glad it's over. i hope my dad's enjoying his newly organized home.

as for you my friends, try to read the daily bread today and i pray that it will uplift you in any way. remember that the Lord understands our situation and He only desires what is good for us. He is never out of love for us... He's a great friend... ready to listen, ready to comfort us... He's the only one we can always count on... 24/7.

i know all wounds will heal in God's time and so let's give it all in God's hands.
continue to be blessed!

Friday, July 6

My new specialty

Right after work -- I went straight home. I thought my hubby had an appointments to go to but he just did his paperworks at home and ended up staying home. Des and I was waiting for Kai to get up -- She was taking her good nap.. As soon as she got up.. we went to babies r us to get her bathing suit.. Then we went to target and woodfield mall to get some stuff for our vacation next week...It was so funny though -- as we were driving-- we got stuck at the stop light.. I saw this 3 girls just jamming in their car.. Soo funny coz I dont know what song they were listening to-- the only thing I know was a good song to dance.. So-- I asked Des and rolled down her window so she can listen to it.. ha ha ha. We were both laughing too coz I was also jamming in my own car.... So -- as always-- I started reminiscing and missing my old fun days with my girls.
It was getting so late and we wanted to go home but I promised Des that I was gonna make her beef salad..So-- we went to Jewel and bought the ingredients.. Guess what?? that was already around 10pm..lolzz So, I called my honey and asked him to grill the marinated beef I had at home.. So, as soon as we got home.. I did my beef salad.. Hmmm, i didn't have the full ingredients coz it was getting so late.. But it was still deliciosooooo... Let me tell yah! The 3 of us t finished the whole thing .. he he he..

Here's the ingredients for you...if ever u want to make some..... You can always make it different -- however you want it.. Just dont forget to put lotz of lime, cilantro and your beautiful smile...

2 green onions, chopped
1 cup chopped fresh cilantro
1 cup lime juice
1/3 cup fish sauce
1/2 cup white sugar
1 1/2 pounds (1 inch thick) steak fillet
1 head leaf lettuce - rinsed, dried and torn into bite-size pieces
1/2 English cucumber, diced
1 pint cherry tomatoes

In a large bowl, stir together the green onions, cilantro, lime juice, fish sauce, and sugar until well combined and the sugar is dissolved. Adjust the flavor, if desired, by adding more sugar and/or fish sauce. Set aside.
Cook the steak over high heat on a preheated grill for approximately 4-6 minutes on each side, until it is cooked medium. Do not overcook the meat! Remove from heat and slice into thin strips. Add the meat and its juices to the sauce and refrigerate, tightly covered, for at least 3 hours.
Tear the lettuce into bite size pieces and place in a salad bowl. Arrange the cucumber on top of the lettuce, and then pour the meat and sauce over. Top with the cherry tomatoes and garnish with fresh cilantro leaves

k --- im going to sleep now..Nitey!


Wednesday, July 4

quick, but somewhat long blog =)

sorry, i haven't been keeping up with my blogging. been tired and have lots in my mind i need to accomplish. plus, our home needs major organization... my dr & lr looks like we're moving. my hubby brought all the stuff from the basement that will be included in our up coming ph garage sale on july 21st & 22nd. we couldn't really leave it in the basement anymore since they're in the process of painting it. we can't put it in the garage coz they will also work on finishing the garage soon. ugh! can't wait till this is over and the house is fully sparkling clean.

i have so many things to share to you, but not enough time to blog since my little one's calling me already.

so here are some photos to summarize it:

1) went to the wfg '07 picnic/char's 31st bday
2) yanna mimicking me while i was exercising
3) yanna loves puzzles! she's a quick learner...she knows the alphabets, names of some animals, numbers (so far 1-14) & recently the us map. she'll tell you where to put 'em. if you look at the pic of the map that's what she did early this morning (white part are the missing pieces - it's gotta be in one of her bins).
4) the book i had camille read, "so you want to be a teenager" - i bought the entire bundle from ( i highly recommend it to all the parents with children in their adolescent yrs. it'll help your children handle peer pressure and hopefully make the right godly choices. although i have yet to experience any drastic things with any of my children, i wanted to start it right and help them grow knowing God's way and to make them aware that God is with them through this journey. i may say that i was so amazed to read camille's answers to the questionnaires. it gave way for us to talk about things most teenagers would hesitate to talk to their parents about. she was so open to talk about everything in the book and i saw the sincerity of her words. i'm so grateful to God that He gave us this opportunity and i trust that He has my kids' future in His holy hands.
5) camille went to virginia with her cousins (staying there for a month) - i couldn't sleep last sunday coz i wanted to make sure she has everything she needs. i kept sending her a text and calling her trying to find out if she's ok - she finally said "mom, don't worry i'll be fine." oops! she caught me - hehehe

well, it's 4th of july! we had an interesting adventure last night. we drove all the way to chicago to see the fireworks, but unfortunately it started pouring. ugh! we ended up picnicking inside the van and just headed back home. what a night!

but today, Lord willing we'll see some good fireworks. we're off to my brother's house - yup! time to get bloated again!

and to you all... "happy independence day!" hope you'll have a wonderful time with your loved ones and a safe celebration too!


Sunday, July 1

Busy Bee but fun.. All worth it!

Hi! it's almost midnight here.. Good Am! .. Thought of blogging since I haven't blog since I became US citizen-- I got so excited. Lolz.. j/k... Anyways-- I'll just summarize it... -- If i still remember what I've been doing for the past weeks.. Well --my best friend Lovely already blogged about my daugther's dedication--so less typing for me..j/k -- Thanks Lovable.. . The dedication of my lil one was really nice. Thanks everyone!.. Well-- as you already know that Summer is here. And that means -- picnic every weekend.. lolz.. Once again, we thank god for blessing us with another office in Midwest area. We just open one in Lincolnwood area.

June 22 - My relatives from New York came for Kalea's dedication. We all went out and did our small reunion. It was fun.. We were up till 5AM...whewww! that's been awhile since we stayed up till 5.. we actually did that 3 straight days..ha ha ha.. we drank lots of coffee. I tell yah! .. It was tiring but all worth it. We miss them already! Then yesterday--- we celebrated my 31st birthday and WFG Family Picnic.. Oh goodness! there was a lot of food and sports everywhere-- name it and they all played it.. lolz..We didn't finish till 9PM. There was still a lot of people that came and still bbq'.. I thank God for my friends who was able to celebrate my birthday with me yesterday.. I know some of them couldn't make it coz of prior engagement. And that's okay.. Our group of friends are just getting so big..he he he... We love it though! coz we have picnic/bdays/ for our little kids every week..lolzz...Today, right after church we went to Oak brook Mall -- had to return the purse that my sister got me.. I love it though - it's just i already have something like that-- so i had to exchange it-- as always - i had to get something for my Destiny..he he he. Then we just walked around for an hour and had to go Drury lane for my honey's cousin baby Christening...Hmm.. food was great.... hmmm --what else... Well -- our realtor finally came and we got the paper works out of the way. Now, she just advise us to start cleaning up and boxing our stuff so when she put our house on the market.. Then it's all ready.. But since we've been so busy with other stuff.. We keep putting it on hold.. So, hopefully this week so when we go on our vacation next week.. Then it's all ready.. Lords willing-- we'll be able to move by August of Sept.

Well--I'm gotta go to sleep now.. My honey over here can't sleep if I'm not next to him... ha ha ha... So, nitey everyone... Will post some pix later..okie dokie

Oh before I forget ---- Congrats to Max! -- 3rd place for stroller racing contest and Kai got the last place... ( 'Coz Mama Star wanted to push her) ha ha ha.....There were at least 15 contestants.. he he he

Love u guyz! God Bless

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