Saturday, April 28

Alone with God

away from everybody and the busyness of life, it's my 3rd time alone with my Savior. it's a great feeling! i parked my car a couple of times at a park, 1 by my work & the other one by my house and just savor God's word. today when i brought my daughter to her skating i decided to park my car all the way at the end of the parking lot, opened the trunk and sat there while i read and enjoyed the weather. after reading i talked with God and just appreciate the time alone with Him. i believe time alone with God is what we all need in order to internalize our relationship with Him. a time to separate ourselves from everyone and everything and just meditate on God's word. by doing this, it helped me focus on what God really wants me to learn from Him. i saw better view of what He meant word by word. it was peaceful and gratifying. i highly recommend it! i know i have my time at home reading God's word, but it's different when you're outdoors... you get to enjoy the view and the fresh air. you don't need hours and hours of time away from everything coz i know being a mom myself, it's hard to keep away from all our to do list. so, either 15 mins or so... make time for you and God. drive to the nearest park if you have to... it's a moment you will surely appreciate!

c went to her friend's bday party. while ayre, yanna, my hubby, my sis, and i had our afternoon walk. took some pics of some of the few curb appeal ideas i might consider incorporating in our lawn. we're doing some major renovation at the house this summer and it'll be better and easier for my husband if i can break it all down to him ... you know, "my wants" hehehe. Lord willing it'll all be done this summer... at least the major ones.

the kids picked McD for dinner while noel and i enjoyed our mexican food! la magdalena and la hacienda have the best salsa and guacamole! delicioso! k, enough with the food. i'm getting hungry again.

nwayz, it was a great relaxing day today and i absolutely won't trade it for anything else. great weather again tomorrow... church time! woohoo!

nitey nite!

Friday, April 27

Hi there!

Oooh! i like that school Love ....Awww =( Des and C are gonna be 7th grade this year..Wow! time flies really .. Sorry bru, i missed your call earlier.. Lean stopped by to see Kai... I told her that good thing that we have no plans today..Usually, were out or doing errands.. I told Lean that I miss that when someone just want to stop by and chat.. lolz.. Those were the days.. N-wayz can't wait on May 13th... We were at downtown last week and oh my! Millennium park was crowded..We really didn't go to the millennium but we can see it when we were walking around Michigan. We stayed in Palmer over the weekend so - it was very close and thank God the weather was nice.. Mommy got to enjoy it too.. But she had to go home cuz Tin had school the next day and Daddy had to go to work..

Love, i am so happy for you, your siblings and your dad.. It is always in HIS time and I know that you've been praying for this. That was very sweet.....and yes! you are very emotional..I can just picture you.. I wish I can be a little bit emotional too but I guess that God made me this way so --- I can't complain.. =) ...lolzzz -- Now, i just remember what Lean said earlier about Kai--- she is a little bit of me who's always smiling and can't stay still.. ha ha ha.. She was just talking and smiling to Lina the whole time..ha ha ha ha...

Hmmmm -- Summer is just around the corner.... Actually been busy with all the planning for parties that are coming up... William's mom is turning 60 but she just want something small and immediate family only....So, we had to cancel the party that we were planning for her.. ( per her request -so we want to respect that).. You know what i mean... Tin's graduating on June 2nd and she wants to have a small partay too..Ayayyay!.. Then Kai's dedication...-- I haven't start anything for Kai's dedication... I'll start first week of May...

Miss you guyz this week --no text,no call - no emailz ..lolzz----I didn't get to talk to any of the girls too this week..Guess every one's buzy bee...Next time...

Well-- gotta go -- enjoy the weather this weekend.. Heard it's gonna be around 75 ..Yes!!! I want to get really dark this summer...We'll see----..I just want to see how it's gonna look on me...ha ha ha.. Just for a change... Vavooo! Nitey --

God Bless Sistahs! Keep them beautiful SMILEZ goin --- =) ---

Thursday, April 26

cold feet =(

i went to my daughter's new campus for the next school year -middle school- yup! i can't believe i'm gonna have a 7th grader soon. my husband was not able to go coz he gets off late on thursdays so he told me to just update him with everything. nwayz, we had a pre-orientation and believe me i was holding my tears from everything i heard. not that they were bad, but it felt like i wasn't ready for her to grow up that fast. if you have a child and you've experienced sending your kid to school for the very first time... i'm sure you felt sadness deep inside you. well, i felt like that once again. i wasn't expecting that 'till it happened. especially when the principal said "middle school is different from elementary and high school for it's a chapter of many changes and new beginnings in the kids' lives" that, i wanted to just put my head down and cry. gosh! i feel like a dork... crying for everything. i'm sorry, but i believe i was born with emotional disorder... ha!

but may i say that i love the campus! it's a 2 1/2 yr old school... very clean, big and beautiful. they just finished building their football field and i was stunned by the size of it. huge gym i tell yah! camille's so excited with the extra curricular activities they will have like cooking, sewing, drama, dance club & chorus.

anyway, right when i got back in the car i had to hold myself together and just surrender my fears to the Lord. i said a little prayer. a prayer that most mothers would say "Take care of my daughter, Lord!" i went on to tell the Lord everything i felt while i was driving. although i'm not relieved yet, i have to trust the Lord's guidance and plan for my daughter. i have to let go and let God.

what helped me in a way was when i talked to camille right when i got home. she asked why i was crying and i told her the truth. i made her known my piece... "my anxiety attack" hehehe. but it was a good talk. i was able to release my anxiety. i may not know how far she will take my advice, but i will have to put my foot down and let her take on her journey while my husband and i continue to guide her - i do trust her and i know no matter how much my husband and i try to protect our kids... the best protector we have is God and so i leave them all up to the Lord's hands. wouldn't you?

hey, whatever happens... God is good all the time!

Tuesday, April 24

God works behind the scene

have you experienced someone so close to you whom you've been longing to feel if you're loved, but no matter what you do they seem to be distant with you? i have, but now i can say that it's ok coz after many prayers and years of waiting, i've finally felt the love i've been hoping for.

long story short, i've been longing for a good relationship with my dad and i'm sure that goes for my siblings as well, but God's time is always so good. i may not know the reason why it had to take this long and why not when my mom was still with us, but God's timing has always been perfect.

today's my dad's 66th birthday. i called him after work, while driving home. the conversation was short, but heartfelt. i felt the sincere "i love you", my dad said before we hung up the phone. see, i never once heard my dad said the word "i love you" to any of us. but ever since my mom went to be with the Lord, my dad's been openly saying those powerful words to us. but for some reason, today was different... right when i finished talking to him, tears started running down my face... i really couldn't help it. i called the Lord and said a prayer of thanksgiving. i'm so grateful that the Lord continues to work on our personal weaknesses. although there are still many things that needs God's attention, i know those things are part of His to do lists... so there's no reason for me to fret.

i wanted to share this to you to let you know that i too am capable of getting hurt, disappointments can still occur and pain will come and go, but most of all i want you to be encouraged that God is good! He always has our best interest in mind. He gives us hope... HOPE that brings light into our dark world. HOPE that reunites love in our broken heart. friends, maybe there is someone you love whom you've been hoping to love you back or maybe someone you've been longing to see changes to, but have somewhat given up the possibilities; take heart my friends, for God's promises are true. His mercy is new every morning. His faithfulness is everlasting. all you need to do is "wait some more" - in God's time... in His absolute time... your heart will overflow with thanks to our greatest King... and that i surely guarantee you.

continue to be blessed my friends!

Saturday, April 21

team unity

i brought camille to her skating class while i stayed in the car trying to study james 2 for the Bible study today. since i didn't finish writing my notes, we had to go to barnes and nobles so i can do some more reading.

the Bible study started at 5p and finished at about 8p. there were lots of interactions, q&a and sharings that were related to our topic. james 2 talks about favoritism and faith. thank God He once again gave us a clear understanding of His word. everyone asked questions and you can tell that they were all interested of what they can learn from this passage. from the youngest to the eldest... they were all filled with curiosity to what God has to say about their thoughts or personal situations and most of all filled with hope knowing that God truly has great plans for each one of us and we can never go wrong when we follow God. well, it turned out to be too long of a session, but it was all worth it. what i'm so amazed about is how much God brings out so many examples out of the blue for me to share. i, myself feel so humbled by His works that He continues to teach me and use me to teach others. believe me, i may be outspoken, but not to the point where i have to lead a Bible study. i underestimated what God can do through people like me. but i'm grateful that i'm one of the many people He chose to experience great joy in teaching the gospel. there's more for me to learn. even if i've read portions of the Bible too many times, there's always something knew to learn from it. that's what this Holy Book can do... bring out the transparency of our lives so that we can see which part needs some dusting.

i pray that we may apply His teachings in our daily lives. that the Lord will continue to guide us and give us the opportunity to make ends meet. i'm thankful that each one of them left with a big smile and a true understanding of what the scriptures say. we've decided to do it every other sat instead of every sat.

okay, i think it's time for me to hit the bed now coz my eyes are closing already and i might end up typing something that's inappropriate hehehe. but just a quick note in reference to james 2... God wants us to treat everyone the same (equal) and that faith without works is dead. thank you Father for helping me understand everything i need to learn and for using me to deliver Your message. now, i encourage you to back your words with actions so that people around you will see the true faith you carry is real.

nitey nite!

Friday, April 20

time for a walk with dad

i'm kinda lazy to go outside this time. so, it's noel's turn to walk with the kids. finally! noel assembled yanna's wagon... she's been waiting for almost a month, but we've been bc with parties and such so now's the chance.
had to still make her wear her jacket since it's getting a little chilly outside. but they sure had a short, but fun walk with dad! yanna looked so comfy on her new ride, but when she got home she looked like she walked miles and miles away! lolz!
k, gotta go... have to finish up a video project and study for the next Bible study tomorrow.

heard we have a great weather this weekend... be blessed!

Wednesday, April 18

in reference to margery's testimony

just happened to read marge's recent blog and i second the motion that "God opens doors that we think would never even open."

just like the sea, our lives are often filled with waves of turbulence. at such times we may cease to recognize and embrace the presence of Christ in our lives. worry, fear, fatigue, anxiety, and confusion all contribute to our twisted image of the beautiful world God has provided. but when we make the effort to quiet ourselves, just as how marge took her time to gather herself after a day of disappointment, we will hear the Holy Spirit reminding us that we are loved and are precious in God's sight. the waves of confusion calm; the loving Spirit of God enfolds us. as we breathe deeply, we remember that this is the breath of God within us. once again, we can focus on the center of all lives, our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

praise God for His undying love for you and me!
continue to be blessed in Jesus' name... for He turns our mournings into dancing!

Monday, April 16

VA Tech Shooting

i'm in the middle of watching the 1st press conf. for the va tech massacre shooting that took place this morning. the first time i heard of this was early this morning and i didn't know so much about it that it didn't hit me till i got home @ 3p and saw the news. 31 dead, including the gunman and many are injured. there are no words to make this pain go away for the victims, family and friends of va tech, but i pray that all will be filled with God's comfort and love through this difficult time in their lives.

friends, join me in lifting them up in God's hands. take a few mins. of your time to pray for the family, the victims, friends & students of va tech, that in time all wounds may heal and God's power of forgiveness may gradually fill their hearts as they bear this painful experience from this day forward.

Lord, we don't know what caused this to happen, but please help us understand your eternal purpose and help the families, friends, victims and students of va tech heal from this tragic event. Father, 2 more people were pronounced dead in addition to the 31 earlier... may you bring forth your mercy and peace as we continue to watch and fear what else to come. may your glory shine upon them and may they come to know you as they grieve for their loved ones. Lord, you and I know how difficult it is to loose a loved one, please carry us through this tough time. may Your will be done. Amen.


Halu friends -- I won't make this long..lolz.. Just thought of blogging before I leave for the day. N-ewayz, I was late this morning. I stayed up last nite trying to finished Kalea's scrapbook. lolz. Really, for me - it looks done but I still have a lot of pictures I want to add.. Grandparents, Aunts, Uncles, Cousins and many more.. Ayayyayy! Just never ending.. So, I just decided to do Kalea's pictures and her older sister Destiny ( her 1-12 months ) pics and the rest... NO MORE SCRAPBOOK! I will just do my old style -- putting them in the albums..lolzz..Much easier.. ha ha ha.. Well, really -I was never into Scrapbooking but i know Love tried to encourage me to just give it a try.. And thanks mi love =) .. he he he.. But really, u need a lot of patience of doing that.. ha ha ha.. and it's so hard to make it look so perfect.. Especially -- knowing my hands.. I move a lot.. lolz... -- See, today-- i received another pictures of my little one from my father in law.. Ayayayyay!. And again, i ordered more pics of her.. Yay! Can't help it... Babies are just so cute..... Hmmm, i don't know -- my baby is not looking like her mom at all.. No matter-how much i tried..ha ha ha.. She's just tooo funny -- She likes to laugh/Smile.. ayayy!..
Hmmmm, yesterday, we had our HAT'S DAY.... We went to the store and tried on all the hats out there.... So yah! mommy ended up shopping again.. lolz..
Saturday -- going backwards here..ha ha ha.. My hubby was planning to finish his Taxes but we ended up staying in bed from 2PM - 10PM.. ha ha ha.. We didnt do any work but just relax, eat and watch TV...See, that's why the two of us can't stay home because we're not gonna get anything done but eat and relax.. We know ourselves too much. We like to move around like Lovely's friend ( minnie)... ha ha ha.. ..But it was good... We gained 10 lbs..lolzz... ..Okay, gots to go.. i will just update this later.... okie dokie.. vavvooskii

Heart of gratitude

You have turned for me my mourning into dancing-Psalm 30:11

Last Friday's Daily Bread really spoke to me. De Haan couldn't have said it any better, "Thank God in your disappointment, Celebrate His grace and love; Know that He will never leave you and will bless you from above."

Before my exam, I was just like Denzel Washington, I said if I failed, I would give God praise and celebrate. And if I passed, I would give God praise and celebrate. Honeslty it was very hard for me to do what I said I was going to do. God really does nudge you and remind you of your words just like we have a tendency to remind God of His promises. ouch! But anyway, I am so blessed that He has lifted me out feeling so bad for myself and giving me the desire to praise Him and to just continue to trust in His will.

The amazing thing is even in Sunday's message at church, the content was re: a person's heart, the preacher touched on the physical heart as well as our spiritual heart. But he ended with a question, asking all of us what kind of heart do you have? So of course I thought of the prayer that David (the psalmist) had asked for, but then it hit me much more deeper and it dawned on me that I need to also pray for a heart that is filled with gratitude. You see, we may never understand why things happen or why set backs arise in our lives, but if we trully love God and put our trust in Him we must ALWAYS have a heart of gratitude in all areas, in all cirmstances and in all outcomes of our lives.

I thank Him for opening doors that I have never even thought would open. I thank Him for blessing me with a heart that desires and has so much room to be filled with His plans, His word, but most of all His LOVE.

Thank you everyone for your prayers and support, please continue to pray for me. I will be taking a few days off, just a mini break from the books. And then it's back to trying to pass the NCLEX! =) And yes Lord I give you praise always! Nothing is impossible for God, if you believe...I BELIEVE!

Friday, April 13

buh-bye minnie!

yes, we somehow managed to name our little guest, minnie. ok, here's the story...

right after i blogged last night, i went downstairs hoping that noel caught minnie already. noel was sitting in the couch watching basketball (men... you just need to get them workin' all the time). nwayz, come to find out that ever since i went upstairs little minnie hasn't showed up yet. so here i am, although frightened to face this rascal had to put on my samson gear... hehehe got my broomstick, couple of boxes and surrounded the spot i was guarding. now, it's true when they say, "no matter how long you've been married, you learn new things about each other everyday"... well, my husband who was supposedly tough, was not so tough at all when it comes to this little creatures hahahaha i was laughing so hard when he tried making noises on every spot of the fam room and would jump from one place to another. especially when he had to look under the couch with a flashlight, we were imagining that minnie was ready to throw down... lolz

well, we found out that it came from the side of our fireplace... i guess the builder didn't finish sealing the sides of our fireplace and so there you go... it invites unwanted guests in the house. rrrr, well i've asked my husband too many times to replace our fireplace with something more contemporary anyway so i think i was able to convince him last night. nway, long story short... after hours of trying to find minnie... we finally saw her go inside this hole, sprayed the sides of the fireplace with a bug repellent (couldn't find anything else) and walah! it jumped right out and fell inside one of my fav vases... nway, minnie's life ended inside my vase and so even if i like that vase, i asked noel to get rid of it. yup! minnie finally rested in peace. noel stayed with her till her last breath (he felt bad right after), but me? um, i took a picture of it... hehehe nope i won't keep it in my collection just like what my husband thinks, but i just want to show it to my fam while telling them the story later. what an adventure... we stayed up till 3am cleaning and rearranging the fam room.

that's why i didn't get to load yanna's pics coz i was bc chasing our little guest. noel's gonna buy the foam spray to seal the fireplace temporarily until we replace it with a nice looking mantel.

promise i'll load yanna's pics tonight. gotta stay up again for another video project.

have a nice day!

Thursday, April 12

one little fugitive

oops! missed char. we could've chatted if i only knew she was still up. hey char! wanna do my laundry next? lolz


goose bumps, weakening of my legs, screamed at the top of my lungs... those were one of the few sensations i felt when i saw a little fugitive in my family room. if you haven't guessed it yet... it's a disgusting mouse! oh my gulay! (tagalog for veggie) you do not understand how scared i was when i saw this tiny mouse crossed under my seat to the back of the tv. just telling you the story gives me goose bumps all over again. i yelled for husband, while he was in the room putting yanna to sleep. he was carrying her when he came out of the room and i ran towards them, grabbed yanna from him and shakily told him what had happen. i have no idea where that thing came from, but i'm here in my room bloggin' while my husband is downstairs taking care of it. coz i sure won't go downstairs till he catches that little rascal. oh my goodness! how can that thing get in here? ewe! i'm sorry, but i am just not a fan of any other creatures besides human. i was scared then and i will forever be scared of them. the not so good part, i think my daughter, camille and my son, ayre are the same way, which is bad. yanna on the other hand is not scared at all. she pets any animal she sees... which is nice, at least she's not a chicken like me. i want them to like dogs or something. i mean, i'm envious of people who have them, but i'm the #1 barricade to my family to not have any pet in our house.

nwayz, back to the fugitive... the worst part was i didn't get to finish my fav soap... ugh!

ok, lemme change the subject. yanna, my little princess, had a photo fever earlier. she wouldn't stop bugging me to take a picture of her. i have so many photos that i have yet to organize in my scrapbooks nor photos that haven't been developed. i keep them all in my hard drive... tsk tsk tsk, not good! anywayz, i couldn't resist her big brown eyes, chubby cheeks, red puffy wet lips and her sweet poses, so i grabbed my camera and snapped away! and can i tell you that none of her poses were dictated by mom... yes, it's all her. lemme try to go downstairs in the office and load the pics.



hmm, it's been quiet! i wonder if noel caught the mouse yet or is it the other way around? hahaha k, i'll tell yah later... for now, nitey nite!

Sorry -- haven't been blogging

Hi All! Sorry -- I haven't been blogging much .. I don't even know where to begin.. Just like I told Love before - I still have to get use to this..I am not really good at this but I am enjoying it a lot.. Not only I get to chat with other bloggers around the world but I get to meet and talk to them.. See, I love meeting new people.. Some people think it's weird but I find it very interesting and fun..Well, well, well.....Last March 31 - My sister had a fashion show dinner ( Lyons Club/Leo Club) and we all went.. She actually sang with the band and she did some solo too.. We are so proud of her.. But of course still a little bit worried whenever she's out.. She has tooooo many friends ( just like her Ate and her friends)..lolzz.. But we just leave it all up to God.. The only thing we can do is to pray for her safety and to continue to be there for her as her family.. We love her so much.. I still remember when she was a baby.. Ayyyy!! Okay Char... Stop it already.. lolzz.... What else?? Oh no! April fools.. See -- it's been awhile since I April fooled everyone...Really, the person who was very good at this (before) was Love..ha ha ha.. So, here's my crazy self.. I sent an EVITE friday night and the subject was ' SURPRIZE BON VOYAGE TO ONE OF OUR DEAR FRIEND"... But the funny part was I didn't put any name of who's leaving..... So of course.. mostly everyone emailed/calling me and asking who's leaving... As much as possible -- I didn't want to answer any of their calls.. 'Cuz I know myself -- I mite slip and end up laughing.... So couple of my friends was crying... Saturday nite -- one of my friend couldn't help it anymore and she started calling everybody cuz she wanted to find out who's leaving... She even called my husband and started balling...ha ha ha.. So then my hubby text me and begging for me to send them a text already and say " April Fools".. See, my plan was to wait till midnight of April 1... But since one my friend ( Alice) was being so dramatic ( i love her though) ..... I text everyone at 10PM, March 31.. and this what I said " You guyz are so sweet, do you guyz know what is the date in the next 2 hours"... ha ha ha .. I guess every one's jaws sort of dropped"....bwhahahahahaha..They really made my day.... Ooooh!! Im telling ya-- I think everybody wanted to kick my butt that day...

Saturday nite - April 7 ---- we had our circle time --- where we do a little worship here at home and ask questions from the bible then we prepared our song for next day service.

Easter/Potluck at church.. We went to church --- We really didn't do much this day 'cuz William's dad was sick.. So we went to visit him even if we didn't see him.. He was at the room the whole time..( resting).. But that's okay -as long as he know that we were all there... After that, we went to visit Inang ( William's Aunt).. It was her 65 birthday.. So we went there for couple of hours and then went home..

Today --- I received an email from Life changers International church... See, I had some questions before and I just never got a clear answer but I thank God for HIS word and He finally gave the answer ... I have been praying for this for a very long time.. I talked to so many people already but still couldn't get the answer I want. Just so many of them are giving me different answer.. I prayed so hard.. And I know that God wants me to TRUST IN HIM fully not 50-50 but with all my heart. Allow me to share you a short message I read from one of the book I am reading - ( Battlefield of the Mind)... TRUST GOD, NOT HUMAN REASON. Lean on, trust in, and be confident in the Lord with your heart, Prov 3:5. In other words, do not rely on reasoning. Reasoning opens the door for deception and brings much confusion. I once asked the Lord why so many people are confused and He said to me, ' Tell them to stop trying to figure everything out, and they will being confused." I have found it to be absolutely true. Reasoning and Confusion go together. You and I can ponder a thing in your heart, we can hold it before the Lord and see if He desires to give us understanding, but the minute we start feeling confused, we have gone too far... He also said "Do not let your hearts be troubled but Trust in HIM, John 14:1". He is an awesome GOD! See, I'm confuse, I am hurt and I have so many questions-- I think a lot and most of the time - I want to express my true feelings and just let it out but It just won't come out right but I know God knows what's in my heart and I can talk to HIM about anything... I LOVE THE LORD!!! Being with the Lord is the best thing that ever happened to me and my family..

Also - I just want to say Congrats to my daughter Destiny for hitting the Honor Roll again this 3rd quarter.. I got the report card today from the mail but her dad and I joked with her and said " We need to have a talk bcuz of your report card" then she was like " Oh man! Did i fail some class?....Ha ha ha.. She was so nervous.. till we said " Just kidding".. See, we used to be so hard on her esp.her dad ( I am more lenient) but since we had our talked about not to be too hard on her.. We just told her that just as long as she studying and not missing her homework, failing her test even if she doesn't hit the Honor Roll is okay with us..See, we arejust so proud of her for being so responsible and I pray that the Lord will continue to guide her wherever she goes. She's not only helping me with house chores but she's helping me a lot with her sister Kalea.. I know she does a lot at home --She wash dishes now, separating the clothes ( laundry)..So, it's ready before I put them to the washer, she cleans her room at least once a week.. And Yes! She does complaints sometimes cuz I guess Mommy's making her work a lot..ha ha ha.. One time she came up to me and said 'Mom, Is it okay if I don't wash those big pans...lolzz.. See, Des and I had our talked why she need to learn to do all these house chores at this age and she understands why.... ....Well tomorrow she's going to her dad since she hasn't seen him for a month now...Ayy! I am going to miss her again this weekend.... N-ewayz, I just put my little Kalea to sleep.. Destiny too also just went to sleep.. Destiny's bed time is always at 9:00 unless we're out and Kalea is 9:30.. I just finished doing my laundry too... I am just waiting for my honey so we can have our midnight coffee..lolz -- He went to the prayer meeting and went to visit his dad...Well, I guess this is it for me ( Sorry, i know my blog this time is a little bit too long..ha ha ha) ...I'll try to blog more later... Vavoooski!!! Nitey ....Sweet dreams everyone and alwayz keep them SMILEZ GOING =)

Tuesday, April 10

quick note

just wanted to give a shout out to my girlfriend, marge. she's taking her nclex exam today. please include her in your prayers. this is her passion and would love to see her get rollin' with her patients who will be blessed to have her as their nurse. you can do it, marge! we love u!

Monday, April 9

AG for Awesome God

yup! we serve an awesome God! what a wonderful easter weekend for me and my fam. let's see friday, somethin' came up that we didn't get to do Bible study. sat morning, we had a wonderful noisy breakfast (the whole fam slept over) left at 10:30a to see the Jesus of Nazareth play in indiana. and may i say it was all worth it! the passion of Christ was well told and you can certainly feel that you were part of the crowd. people could not help, but weep during the crucifixion and shout for joy during the resurrection. i mean it was perfectly produced. i highly recommend believer or non-believer to come and watch.

right after the show, we went to chinatown to pig out. see our family would rather enjoy every portion of our food for a cheap price rather than paying so much for less than half of a plate worth of food... don't you think so? anyway, it's better to enjoy the food than play fancy - i think. k, well we got home around 8ish and rested and had a family Bible study. thank God, He was there to guide me and speak for me. everyone had their say and it was fascinating to see and hear the kids give their own thoughts. it was fun and definitely educational. we're planning on doing this every sat... Lord willing.

easter day, we went to church at our usual time, but totally forgot that the service was at 1030a and 1p so we ended up waiting till 1p since we got there at 11a. to kill time, we bought pizza, bread sticks, chicken & drinks and had our picnic in the parking lot of little caesars. hehehe so ghetto! but fun, as usual. the service was absolutely heart pounding. in the beginning they played a wonderfully made slide show of the crucifixion up to the time when Jesus resurrected from death. after seeing the Jesus of Nazareth, for some reason everytime i would see the scene of the opening of the tomb, i feel butterflies in my stomach. it feels great having a God like Jesus!

we went to the cemetery to visit mama. we stayed for awhile and before we left, i felt to just pour out everything in my heart in prayer to God, we were able to pray for everyone we knew who was in need of prayer as well as the lost souls. what a great opportunity to be able to do that.

anyway, today our project was blessed once again by the power of God. i got in contact with 2 orgs who have the same vision as we do and have pretty much wet their feet at their own locations. one is located in arizona and one in texas. praise God and they're both willing to partner with us. the one in texas is willing to sponsor one of our major needs... and we have nothing but praises to God for revealing all the resources we need to get this up and running. i will put a link to their websites as soon as we launch our project. thanks to all who have supported us in prayer... we certainly need more prayers, so please keep it coming.

once again, HAPPY EASTER to all! God is good all the time!

weeks of project

hi all! sorry haven't been able to blog for what? days? weeks? here i am, been exhausted with tons of projects for work. how's your easter? hope it went well. as for me and my family we all had our traditional feast at our favorite restaurant in tn "yazoo's restaurant". of course as always, rich and i had their famous mississippi mud pie! oh! so good!

this project i've been working on for weeks now, just happened to be soooo complicating. i think i ran out of hair to pull. rich and my girlfriends' have been complaining because i bring my laptop everywhere we go. i should get a raise for this... HA! you think? okay, enough with the complaining, at least i still have a job.

bouncy's under the weather today. i think i gave her too much treat last night that it's giving her stomach pain. i don't know, i think i'll wait for a couple more hours before i call the vet. what else is new with everyone? lovely, how was the show? they surely don't have any play like that over here.

okay, i think it's time for me to sign off now. i just wanted to keep my sanity so i thought of blogging before i loose it anytime now :)

keep the blogs going!

- till next time!

Thursday, April 5

too excited!

goodness! i forgot to mail the easter cards today. i'm hoping it'll arrive on sat even if i mail it first thing tomorrow morning. it was a great coordination between c and ayre. i provided them with the materials to put together the simple easter card i came up with. it was great to see them work their creativity. although it was pretty hard for me to not do it my way, i just forced myself not to worry about it. the important part was they enjoyed putting it together without mommy saying "not that way honey, this way" - ayayay! i'll take a picture of it and post it later.

nway, there's nothing more exciting, but to start my first leadership of bible study tomorrow, GOOD FRIDAY! i had everyone study the book of james since those scriptures really spoke to my heart... i know there's a lot more to learn, but i think it's best to start them with something everyone needs to hear... it talks about faith in the midst of trial, temptation and practical Christianity. i hope everyone's doing their assignment. see, God's been nudging me for quite sometime now and i just keep ignoring the call. i was fearful of lacking words to say or answers to some of the difficult questions people can come up with... remember i'm not an expert in the Bible yet. so, yesterday God did His nudging again... well i finally told Him (i was in the car pickin' up my kids from school) "ok Lord, i'll do it. but i need your help coz i don't know what i'm going to say - i need courage and your wisdom. you want me to do this so i expect you to speak for me." and believe me, i felt good letting that out and i was comfort with the words that was whispered in my heart
"you don't need to do all the talking, have them read it ahead of time and invite them to share their own thoughts and understanding. this way, you will all learn from each other - that's why it's called Bible study - you study the word of God together with different point of view." at this point i felt better knowing that God will be with me and that He really wants me to do this. however, i was kinda hoping that maybe someone won't be able to make it, but um, the people i invited will make it! waaaa! i feel numb. lolz! ok, i'll update you with the outcome, but pls pray for me tonight, tomorrow morning and tomorrow afternoon hehehe i need all the prayers i can get, ok.

another event my whole family are looking forward to is "The Jesus of Nazareth" play. we're going to see it this sat. although the weather seem to be cold, it's still a perfect time to go... it's easter the next day! woohoo! i was really planning on having a small get together for easter egg hunt, but everyone agreed to see the show so i can't wait for sat! i've heard so much good things about it, that i can't stop thinkin' about it. well, if you saw the Passion of the Christ, then this you will definitely love also, plus it's live! check it out and see for yourself... maybe you can plan an outing for your fam too!

Wednesday, April 4

pay it forward

my hubby and i just finished watching the oprah show and it was about "people's calling". i truly believe that we all have a purpose in life... God's purpose, that is. we need to recognize our passion and take the step to use it not for our personal recognition, but for the glory of God.

the show was inspiring, pushing noel and i to really set our minds for the project God has laid in our hearts. we both agreed that without prayers and God's provision we will not be able to accomplish anything. that's why we need you to intervene and say a quick prayer for us and the project HOPE, from time to time. we shield every corner of this process in God's holy hands. the idea is to have as much people to pay it forward. we are all fortunate to have what we have and to be in our simple or great status. if we just sit there and continue to feel sorry and not do anything for the needy, what difference have we brought in this world then? nothing! may your calling be for a financial help, emotional help, physical help, or just to be a friend to someone is a supernatural blessing already.

don't think that you don't have what it takes to make a difference in someone's life. be the encourager instead of the way to a broken road. the Lord sees every good work that is done and He remembers every second of it. every step of the way, He is ready to help us and receive us when we need to recharge our mind, body and soul.

it's really an honor to be God's follower. at times it may seem that the way is unclear, but the power of God and His way of using us is absolutely unregretful. the Lord loves us too much to give up on us. He sees what we can become and He uses us to let others know about His love as well.

i'm about to sign off and hit the bed now. but before that, remember to recognize your calling and let the Lord reveal His mighty plans for your life. As you let Him mold you to be one of His great followers, trust that wherever He leads you, He will sustain you and provide your every need.

be blessed!

Sunday, April 1

let's talk music

i'm in the middle of working on a video from a returning customer and i'm just takin' a break right now. had to play with my lil' bebe first (she's been a mama's girl all day - gotta take advantage before she thinks of her dad again - hehehe) and thought of bloggin' before i bury my thoughts in this video again.

thank God i was able to organize our home office. i bought a huge bin sometime ago (and i mean huge - 2 people can fit there) coz i like stackin' up some gift items when they go on sale and believe me, it saves me time and money, especially when it comes to last minute parties *wink*. anywayz, the bin is full, but organized... that's the best part, i get to see everything in my office now.

nwayz, after cleaning our office, my daughter, c and i spent hrs and hrs in the computer just downloading songs for her ipod and mine. so happy i found some old classic filipino songs. my hubby did it the other day with my son, ayre. i was surprised to hear the songs my husband downloaded... most of them are food for the soul. i caught him one time in his car, just meditating with the lyrics of the songs. he's beginning to like ryland angel.

as a matter of fact, lemme share to you some of the songs we like.

noel's: (if you listen to the lyrics... it's his heart's desire for the Lord) Find A Way To You by Ryland Angel

ayre's fav song: How to Save a Life by The Fray

camille's one of many fav songs: (she picked this coz of the filipino series she loves watching) Sana Maulit Muli by Gary Valenciano

yanna's fav: (she loves to put her hand against the storm door when her dad and i would leave, then she'll wait till we put our hand on the other side as well - she copied it from the sloth in the "big big world") "It's a Big Big World"

mine: (my heart yearns for people to know Christ) Glory by Selah


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