Saturday, March 27

Its THEE daughterr :)

Ok, well this is my first time blogging so bear with me. Lemme introduce myself...

The name's Camille Miguel Miranda. 15 years youngin' and proud to be a teen :) I'm my mom's first, so that means she loves me the most :)...sike! More like the least :P aha. I attend South Elgin High School(SEHS) as a freshie. I go to Willow Creek Church every Sunday, and I attend the highschool ministry: Student Impact :) hmm..what else... I'm a chill person, LOVESSS to LAUGH, and LOVESSS FOOD! So hook me up with any kind of food, we'll be bff's! Haha, jk, I'm friends with everyone :D keep your friends close, but keep your enemies CLOSER! I keep that phrase with me all the time!

Well I guess I'll catch yah guys laterrr! Gotta get ready fo thee FASHION SHOW :)))) I'll end this the way I end my own journal: PEACE&LOVE<3
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Mixed Emo...

I know it's late, but I can't sleep still... listening on some old songs w/ hubby =)

I need your prayers... tomorrow or should I say, later on today is the fashion show already. I'm nervous, excited, scared, happy, stomach turning, feet hurting, and so on... the best part of this whole experience is the chance to be able to do this in this lifetime (um, i'm 33 yrs old w/ 3 kids) and to be able to do this w/ my best friends of 19yrs - c'mon who wouldn't take the opportunity? though it's still sad not to be complete coz our 3 other girlfriends couldn't join due to circumstances =( I know they wish us well and I believe they will still be there to watch and support us - which is always comforting.

I gotta admit, it's been a wonderful experience thus far for all of us... being together makes it all worthwhile - it removes any negativity =) plus ALL my girls still looks GORGEOUS the more they get older - I'm so proud of them! not only have we gone through so many ups and downs, we've grown to keep each other grounded by encouragement and by building up and not tearing down =) I really think that's been the key to our long lasting friendship. I mean you can hardly find group of friends (esp. 10) who are still as close as we all are for this many years. We are extra extra blessed - I know that for sure.

K, well I gotta go and get me some rest. Pls kindly pray for a successful show and that we will all exceed everyone's expectations and of course definitely enjoy every second of it =) tanx much guys!

God bless! Gnite!

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Wednesday, March 3

there's always a reason...

as i mentioned on my last blog, i had 3 parties over the weekend. thank God we went to all 3. i not only saw some old friends, but i also met some cousins i never knew before. the fun part was we all bonded like there was no tomorrow. did some planning to stay in touch and all that good stuff. my cousins live close by my house too so that's awesome! ahh! such a great feeling to see old friends and gain more important people in your life isn't it? there's always a reason for everything =)

for the past 2weeks i've been searching for the cheapest way to go to cali. see there's 8 of us traveling and imagine how much that will cost? ugh! at first my mom-in-law suggested to take the train since the kids enjoyed riding that before anyway, but i'm worried for my 4yr old... she might get irritated (idk). i mean i was really leaning towards that already since the airfares are just ridiculous, but thank God i found one yesterday almost half-price so i made sure i reserved it already. now i can't wait till that day =) my kids are way too excited and have really been saving their money coz they want to be able to buy on their own. so that's a relief for me and noel since we've seen how responsible they are with their spending anyway and how they really make sure they have money saved for rainy days. my 4yr old saves money to buy books and educational activities. she loves paying for her items on her own at the register. such a wonderful feeling to know that the values you teach your children are being practiced even if you sometimes feel like they're not listening =) the gift of parenting... hard, but it pays off eventually.

k, gotta go now... still have work to do =)

have a blessed wednesday!

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