Friday, November 16

overwhelmed with support

hello all, just wanted to say a quick thanks for all who responded to yesterday's odb (experiencing the unexpected). i was in awe just seeing how many people are praying for us as well as people who share the same experience as we do.

please kindly pray for my husband's former co-workers as well who were also let go. i'm sure they also have a family to support.

i see the goodness of the Lord in spite of our situation now. the warmth of the prayer gatherings we would do at home - all because we honor a ONE TRUE GOD! i truly believe in the saying: the family that prays together, stays together.

oh! btw, in spite of all this... the Lord blessed our daughter, Camille, as one of the top 10 Honor Roll in her school (out of 1k students - only 10 have made it). noel and i are def one proud parents.

thank you all for your prayers... it's definitely a powerful weapon we continue to hold on to.
all glory to our Heavenly Father!!!

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