Tuesday, January 27

Do you have a need?

Hello All! Hope this email finds you well. I'm glad I have this opportunity to share my testimony to you once again. But before I do, I'd like to ask you ... Do you have a need that you don't know how to meet? You may have tried to solve the problem on your own, but just couldn't. Maybe you turned to some self-help books or consulted the advice of friends and family, though it sorta helped ease the pain at the moment, at the end of the day you found yourself back to square one. Or maybe you've prayed, but never really felt assured that God heard. You tried enough to trust Him, believing that if only you had enough faith, your need(s) would be met. Yet up to this moment this anxiety you're in still won't go away.

Well, did you know that the Bible is full of stories about people just like you and I? Just like us, their deepest needs could be understood and met ONLY by God. Let's admit it, we're needy people. Some are successful in their careers, but yearn for someone to love them. Some are financially stable, while their household is a mess! Some are physically fit, but mentally and emotionally drained. All this and more and of course vise-versa. But see, my point is we don't have to face our need(s) alone. There's ONE who comes to us to make us whole.

Two Fridays ago, I had a job interview. I had my hopes that this time there would be better results instead of just another resume to fill another space on their database. Well, it turned out just like the rest of my interviews who said, "Well your experience are definitely outstanding. However, we have other candidates lined up for an interview, but you will hear from us once we've made a decision." So, just like others... it's either I'll receive a letter of regret from some companies who do respond or you won't hear from them at all.

And so as I left the building that afternoon, I can honestly say, I felt so down. While driving, I took the opportunity to talk to God. I knew He understood what I was feeling and He was ready to listen and comfort me. I know He understands that it's okay to feel that way from time to time. And so I made it known to Him. I said, "Lord, I know You have never failed to provide for our needs and I'm grateful that You allow me to be transparent with You when times of difficulties just brings me down. Lord, can I just cry this out for 5 mins?" And so I did. I know many people think that crying about a problem is a sign of weakness or surrender... for me... it's true and it's okay! Especially if you want to be transparent with God. WEAKNESS, because you acknowledge that you cannot do things on your own and SURRENDER coz you know that ONLY God can help you. Someone once said, God helps those who help themselves... see you got it all wrong... coz God helps those who CANNOT help themselves. It's surrendering what's impossible in our eyes, but possible with our Savior.

You're probably wondering if I stopped crying after 5 mins. =) Yes, I did. That's my deal with the Lord when I need to release my feelings to Him. He lets me and He understands. And once again, I felt relief, especially when I told my husband what I was feeling that day, the Lord was so quick to use my husband to confirm that He was there in the car listening to me. My husband said, "Everything will be okay. This is not the time to give up, after all God has done for us. God is bigger than this. He knows. Just be patient."

And as an added bonus that He really does provide for our needs and as a proof that God is full of humor; just last Friday, exactly a week after that moment with God, I received a letter from the IDES regarding a raise to my unemployment benefits. A $40 raise I never expected to receive. Who would think that I, who only collects unemployment still gets a raise? C'mon now, that's the work of God! Friends, believe what is unseen coz He works behind it all.

And to this I close. Friends, whatever your need, God has an answer. Know that He is not slow about keeping His promise to us. We're just really impatient. And no matter how you and others understand your situation, giving excuses to justify that yours is different, as human that's expected, but I want you to know that God's timing is perfect in meeting our needs. And in fact, waiting for His answer actually ensures greater blessing.

God's love for you and me is eternal. Great is His faithfulness and His mercies are new every morning. Therefore, you can lay your needs before Him and He will see you through this difficult time in your life. He will never turn His back on you nor will He ever shut the doors of blessings. What He has for you is love acceptance and hope. Allow Him to be this for you today and always.

Friends, you will not find satisfaction elsewhere... God is available and your personal relationship with Him will only be the one that is needed to help you get through this. Look to Him for HOPE, salvation is FREE through Christ, our ONLY Savior.

If you are in need of a prayer, please feel free to send your request (anonymously or not) in the comment sections. It will be my pleasure to pray for you.

Have a JOYFUL day! God Speed!


Patrice said...

Hello Lovely!
My mom, Serrita Woods, always forwards your email to me. They always give me a sense of calmness after reading them because I know everything is going to be alright because through faith in God anything is possible. After reading your latest blog I totally understand how you are feeling. I,
too, am currently searching for employment. I had an interview with a place in Chicago that I would LOVE to work for. I just ask that you pray for me that I will be blessed with this position and that it will be in God's will.
Love your blog. It is uplifting and inspiring!

Patrice Woods

Genalyn said...

You know by now that it has always been a pleasure to read your shared testimonials. Your way of communicating your honest experiences, and the ways you deal with it through all the hardship has brought inspiration to many. And I am teary eyed as I'm responding to your message.
Thanks, Love!

Ria Gonzales said...

Thanks for sharing that story.
That was very uplifting.

Have a good day.

Fiel said...

HAAAAAAAAAAAAAYY!!! salamat dito mwah! I will call you later if not sometime soon and tell you more about it k?!

this is very refreshing to read - "coz God helps those who CANNOT help themselves"

Odd enough to get this email from you kaya yes I am with you my BFF (wink) GOD works in mysterious ways =)

Irene Cortes said...

Ei there my Lovely Cuzn.
Thanks for sharing this.

Just like King David, I've had my emotional moments with God as well. I've even asked him for permission to feel "tampo" with Him. Last year was truly an emotional roller coaster for our family. While I thanked God for seeing us through, I also thank Him for the lessons, which were quite a struggle. I thank Him for the people He sent to help us learn, apply and even validate the lessons. I thank Him for both the gentle and the tough love. I thank Him for His faithulness no matter what.

So dear cuzn, whatever is happening God is allowing in order to make us more like Him, it's our learning process. I know you know that. The quicker we learn, the quicker we can move on to the next lesson. Sometimes, I'm a slow learner, and I thank God once again because aside from being loving He is also patient Teacher. Sometimes I fail too. But isn't it the lessons we fail that we remember the most. Having said all those... here's to Happy Learning in 2009!!!... and just in case you need a reference the B.I.B.L.E. (Basic Instruction Before Leaving Earth) is always there.

love and prayers,
ate ai

Ate Diosee said...

Good morning Lovely,
I admire you for your faith…Trust in HIM , He is looking for the best for you. Just look at what happened to me, It took 7 months but I got a better job than I expected. Keep praying. You are always in my prayers too.

Regards to rest of the family,

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