Wednesday, May 28

weekly question 1

you can tell i have spare time, blogging twice today hehehehe

okay here's another fun chain i found... a weekly question meme originated by Teacher of Julie at Greenbucks.

here's the question:
If you are married would you know if your husband is reading your blog? If you are in a relationship, would you know if your partner is reading your blog?

i think my husband reads my blog only when he finds time. however, he reads my ODBs, does that count? hehehe i don't think he finds blogging fun at all... ever since we got married, his passion for writing me letters somewhat died hehehe

nwayz, besides work stuff, i do a lot of pc stuff when my kids are busy. like right now =) otherwise, no pc for me, but lots of laughter with my kids... so who am i to complain?

k, gotta shut down... my kids are calling 911 already lolz!

but what about you? does your better half read your blog?


Julie said...

Lovely, thank you for participating in this weekly meme.

It is good to know that your husband finds time to read your blogs. And at the same time, it is also good to know that you have the will to turn off your pc to be with your kids.

Thank you and till the next one :)

Lovely said...

thanks! looking forward to the next one!

Charisma said...

Hi Love,

This is really fun.. I just joined.. I dont know if i did it right...

mylou said...

hello lovely, thanks for dropping into my blog and for leaving a comment. Wow your little angel is so amazing hehehe... she is so cute and intelligent enough for a 4-year old? (is that her right age?)

Mine is 4 too, she's still learning english but she utters and pronounce words better than I do.

I am in East Michigan...

Lovely said...

hi mylou,

great to hear from you. wow! you're just hours away! my husband is actually in MI right now for 3wks, work related =(

my daughter (youngest of 3) is only 2. that's why she amazes me everyday. she's beginning to correct me at times hahaha

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