Monday, December 15

wow! 10days?

and it's Christmas? goodness! i don't know about you, but this year is going by soooo fast. in a way it's good coz i anticipate to see what lies in 2009.

i'm done with Christmas shopping, wrapped all the gifts, met up with some of the girls before Christmas (hoping to see the rest before then too) and let's see, oh! so many good news that happened lately that i'm all smiles these past few days.... i know the Lord was the #1 source of them... so all praises to Him!

changing the subject here... i was so thrilled to see my kids get along so well lately. you know how kids are sometimes... they find it amusing to annoy each other like cats and dogs, but lately it hasn't been the case. my teen and my son have been getting along for the past few days that i actually had to video tape some of them.... hahaha yep! it was like an instant prayer came true! they got along so well that they managed to watch movies together, sleep in my daughter's room, tell each other jokes, and have a concert in the office while playing their guitars... i mean, what more can you ask for? well, i know it won't be like this everyday, but i'm sure glad they're setting a good example to their little sis and really just showing love for each other. we can't have everything, i sure am glad to have God guide our steps everyday.

last weekend my daughter and i volunteered to wrap gifts for the families who cannot afford to buy retail gifts to their children. this church has partnered with Willow Creek's Christmas serving opportunities. however, their idea was good and different. in order for them to raise more funds to help more less fortunate people, they priced the donated gifts (new) about 80%-90% off the retail price. in this way, parents still have the dignity to be able to pick and buy a gift they would like for their children. the gifts they buy is what we wrap. it was definitely an eye opener, esp. for me and my family who i consider still very blessed to have what we have even if we are struggling financially. God is good, i tell yah!

anyway, starting this friday, the 19th, our home church, Willow Creek, will be having a 12 identical Christmas services... it will end on the 24th. if you live in illinois, i sure hope you'll find time to come and enjoy our yearly, wonderfully put together program about Jesus' birth. it's a great way to spend it with your loved ones and guess what? it's FREE! all you need to do is click this link: and reserve your tickets to the service time of your choice.

hope to experience this amazing true to life story of Jesus, our ONLY Savior!

God speed!

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