Thursday, April 23

Day 4 of my Celebration of HOPE challenge...

i meant to blog about the whole 5days of this challenge, but i got caught with other important things.

yea, so it's the 4th day of the 5day challenge to relate to the poor people of zimbabwe. again, for those of you who don't know what the challenge is... well, you're supposed to eat portion sizes like, just a cup of only the following options: plain oatmeal or cream of wheat, a tortilla, rice, and beans, rice with bits of fish or chicken, and a vegetable. for water, it should be tap water, but you can drink as much as you want.

well, i've eaten only oatmeal for bf, rice w/ bits of chicken or veggies for lunch and dinner. mind you this is repeated for 5days. tomorrow is my last day and i'm starving. i've been drinking water like crazy and tap water is not at all that fun to drink, but that's the point, i need to relate and believe me, although i've done this last year... it's a great way to be reminded over and over again.

my daughter started doing it with me, but unfortunately on the 3rd day she got a virus and threw up a few times at school... so i guess she'll have to continue next week or something. although she didn't want to quit, later on she felt that it was good or better that she did coz she's now enjoying her fave ice cream hahahaha

it's crazy how temptation really lingers around you when you're trying to focus on something good. ugh! so many times i was tempted to just quit or just get a lil' bite of this and that, but thank God He strengthens me. although i feel cramps at night... i just force myself to drink some more water and fall asleep after reading.

i've asked my best friend, char to take up the challenge with me. now, i know this will be harder for her since she's best friends with food. not that i'm not, but she's a none stop eater, but she's fortunate to still have a slim body. ugh! i hate that! hahaha but kudos to her she's makin' it! although i'm sure she has complained many times as i have, she's almost there! one more day char... and we're hitting the buffet! hehehe

on another note, i've been wanting to give y'all an update regarding the "feed the hunger" event that we, the project hope team put together in the philippines last monday, april 20th. however, i'd rather have pics with my update as well. please be patient with me and i promise you, i will be sending the update sometime next week. but i'd like to take this opportunity to glorify our heavenly Father for blessing the event with His abundance. we couldn't have done this without His grace and provision. He has brought this ministry a loooong way and i'm so grateful to be in His service. thank you Lord!!! YOU are awesomely awesome!!!

k friends, wishing you all a wonderful and blessed weekend! hopefully i'll be able to blog again tomorrow... Lord willing!

God bless!

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