Tuesday, August 11

Oberweis Ice Cream presents... Project HOPE!

what better way to raise funds for Project HOPE than to enjoy this HOT summer by treating yourself, your friends and family at Oberweis Ice Cream & Dairy!

friends, on saturday, august 22, 2009, plan a trip to one of the participating oberweis stores below and bring in this coupon.

Oberweis was kind enough to sponsor Project HOPE between the hours of 10am - 6pm that day and we will get 30% back on everything you buy!

rest assured that 100% of what we collect will benefit the people suffering from hunger all over the world. our goal is to raise funds every chance we get to fund the food and necessities we distribute to every street children or family in deepest needs.

partnering with oberweis on this day is another blessing for all of us at project hope because this means we will be able to feed and help more people... with YOUR help!

may the good Lord bless everyone who will be involved to help us raise enough funds. thank you all for your support... please kindly include this event in your prayers. we appreciate you =)

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