Tuesday, November 24

pre-THANKSGIVING greetings!

hi all! sorry to be a blog-slacker =) no other excuse, but being a busy working-mom/wife =)

have you guys put up your Christmas lights yet? i have! with the help of my loving husband, 3 silly kids and my sis we finished all the decors last weekend. ahh! i just loooooove Christmas! with thanksgiving coming close too - i have nothing but gratefulness to the Lord!

we're hosting thanksgiving this year again and possibly Christmas too - we'll see if it doesn't work out with my brother's schedule. the next few days will be very tiring, but fun-filled!

i'm so excited for the upcoming thanksgiving coz i'll be cooking a couple of new recipes and with a lot of prayers... i'm hoping everything from food, games and lots of love and laughter will complete the day.

well, just wanted to send you all my love this Thanksgiving. and may the good Lord richly bless you and your loved ones!

oh and here's an idea for you... Thanksgiving will not be Thanksgiving at all if you do not share what you're thankful for this year... so friends and family, get your thoughts together and fill up your home with gratefulness! IN EVERYTHING (ALL CIRCUMSTANCES), GIVE THANKS TO THE LORD, for this is God's will for all of us.

PER PROJECT HOPE: Thanks to the Lord and Hope to the Hungry of K-Love for giving us the opportunity to feed 25 homeless people this coming Thanksgiving at Morning Star Mission in Joliet, IL. GOD IS SOOOOO GOOD, ALL THE TIME!

be a blessing everyone!

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