Saturday, March 27

Its THEE daughterr :)

Ok, well this is my first time blogging so bear with me. Lemme introduce myself...

The name's Camille Miguel Miranda. 15 years youngin' and proud to be a teen :) I'm my mom's first, so that means she loves me the most :)...sike! More like the least :P aha. I attend South Elgin High School(SEHS) as a freshie. I go to Willow Creek Church every Sunday, and I attend the highschool ministry: Student Impact :) hmm..what else... I'm a chill person, LOVESSS to LAUGH, and LOVESSS FOOD! So hook me up with any kind of food, we'll be bff's! Haha, jk, I'm friends with everyone :D keep your friends close, but keep your enemies CLOSER! I keep that phrase with me all the time!

Well I guess I'll catch yah guys laterrr! Gotta get ready fo thee FASHION SHOW :)))) I'll end this the way I end my own journal: PEACE&LOVE<3
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