Friday, May 21

Your prayers are needed...

today is Project HOPE's Feed the Hunger Program. i have to be honest with you all, i was really expecting many will feel the need for this particular ministry esp. when i posted it on facebook, but i guess i shouldn't have expected too much =( i failed to just allow the Lord to do what He wanted regardless of how much help we get from others. though we continue to be grateful to our repeat sponsors, i was really hoping to be able to gather more funds in order to help more, but sadly, besides our yearly sponsors, only our family responded. for a second there i was really devastated, i neglected to remind myself that as long as the Lord is in the midst, whether we feed 1 out of hundreds that we at Project HOPE desire... i'm sure the experience and help that will be provided will have an incredible and unforgettable impact to us esp. to those who will be there. that what is important is as long as the Lord continues to be glorified and His people are helped, that's all that really matters.

is it wrong to feel discouraged for not receiving the help i expected? i'm sure the Lord understands what i feel. forgive me for feeling this way. i just really feel bad for those who are in desperate need of something we always take forgranted of. the types of food that we can so easily get, but to them what they eat is what's being thrown away by so many of us. i don't know i just don't get it i guess. i hope the Lord help me understand why others just can't take that step to open their hearts to a major need like this. why it's so hard for them to unclench (if that's even a word) their fists? whew! sorry, i just really need to get that out of my chest. i feel the brokenness of these people, i'm sure it'll be more heart breaking once i witness it first hand. oh gosh! i probably won't be able to serve to the best of my ability coz I'll be crying the whole time =(

anyway, getting back to my soul purpose for this blog. i would like to ask for your fervent prayer for this Feed the Hunger program. my sister, my bro-in-law and with the rest of our crew are on their way to the location as i type this blog. i heard that one of the hardest things they are experiencing right now is the hot, dehydrating weather. please kindly include them in your prayers this moment. that they will all feel the Lord's presence from beginning to end. that every person in every corner of this facility will be blessed by the power of the Holy Spirit. Lord, let Your will be done and may You be glorified in every way. Lord, You gave us this opportunity and so we ask for Your provision, strength and guidance that all will be well according to Your will. in Jesus Almighty and Precious name, AMEN!

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