Monday, December 31

*moments w/ family & friends*

so how was everyone's Christmas? always hoping that all was well!

here's mine...
well first, i was happy to see my friends at willow and so grateful to see that the church was packed. willow held 12 services for Christmas and each one of them were packed. about 7400 seats not including the lakeside auditorium where people can watch in the big screen. just amazing! all glory to God!

nway, we hosted for Christmas eve... lots of preparation and shopping, we dropped off 2 loaded vehicles of stuff at goodwill... too bad they don't take baby furniture w/o manuals so I have 1/4 of my garage full of baby furniture to be picked up by NCCS on the 3rd. nway, with all the last min. stuff and driving here and there... thank God! - though tiring - our Christmas eve turned out just the way we had hoped for! plus, OUR BASEMENT IS DONE!!! just love the carpet and theater seatings... thanks to Christmas! i'm sure if we weren't hosting we would've probably waited till next year. i'm so humbled that my fam enjoyed our presentation of food and decorations... thank God for the strength, we couldn't have done this all by ourselves.

Christmas day, we went to my sis' place and spent the night there. my goodness! sooo much food! i feel so bad coz a lot of the food got wasted. so sorry Lord =( as usual we enjoyed every moment together. every laughter, every gifts, every hugz and kisses... plus we have a new member in the family... not mine, but my sis-in-law's new pug... my niece named her, bb (short for betty boop - her fave character).

pictures? was too bc to take pics.... but here's what i got

29th: great! i'm now a mom of a teen! NOOOO! my eldest daughter turned 13th last sat and i tell you... this has been the most stressful and confusing bday party i arranged. she just could not make up her mind. we had to cancel her original plan of having a sleepover. but i just have to have some of her real close friends (4 of them, but 2 only made it) thankfully, 2 of her cousins (almost the same age - last seen when we went to VA last summer) came over and added more color to her bday. thanks to 2 of my girlfriends, they stopped by too to celebrate with us (marge w/ fam & char). our house was once again a full house (when is it never anyway?). thank God for the life He gave my daughter and His amazing plans for what's ahead of her. Lord, may you guide her every step and keep her away from any harm and temptations. Help us raise our kids just the way you want us to. And may they grow to be a good example to their family and friends. Amen!

here's some pics:

so, now it's new year's eve... as a tradition, we go to my sis' place, have a karaoke and movie night... still have to buy some poppers and all that good stuff to welcome 2008 with lots of joy, laughter and love. may you and your loved ones have a blessed 2008 and may the Lord be the center of it all!

thank God for 2007 (may it be tough for you this year or just full of blessings) and let's embrace a new beginning the Lord offers us in 2008! God is good all the time!

continue to be blessed and be a blessing to others! thank you for your dedication, your support and prayers!


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Charisma said...

Man! i wish i can blog just like detailed... lolzz... I think I should blog now... since im not really doing anything here at work.... I love the pictures... BUT... where is my picture with C.... Remember????? hello......better put that...ha ha ha.. Okay -- Happy New Year to everyone...Vavooooo...

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