Tuesday, January 8

angels are real!

last sunday was one of the many outstanding messages i've received from the Lord. with so many messages delivered by different pastors, this is the first time i heard one talk about angels. and i was overflowing with joy to find out about them.

there are many passages in the Bible that involves angels. where God used them to bring His message across to His people. one of many instances was when the angel of the Lord named, gabriel appeared to mary, the mother of Jesus.

here's something you should know about angels...

-the word angel comes from the greek word aggelos that means "messenger"
-angels are mentioned 108x in the old testament and 165x in the new testament
-angels are created beings, not humans who received wings after death
- in the Bible, angels appear as adults, not chubby cherubs (although it's possible that there are some up there in heaven)
-whether angels deliver a message, worship and praise God, provide for our physical needs, or strengthen and protect us, everything they do is designed to serve the Lord.

sometimes, angels are even among us!

sorry to kill the excitement a little but, not all angels are good... one of them was lucifer - an angel who was created flawless, but became too proud of himself that he wanted to be like God. him including the rest of the condemned angels are all around us... although they already know that they're defeated, they're still fighting... fighting for you and me. the only question is... will they get you? will they get me? remember my friends, in the Bible it says that the devil has come to steal, kill and destroy... their #1 agenda is to deceive you and me. so what do we need to do? well, besides receiving God as our personal Lord and Savior... we are to learn with an awareness of how the evil one works. do not underestimate them and overestimate yourself. our spiritual battles are fought w/ spiritual weapons (prayers, memorization of scriptures, studying the word of God and letting God live in you).

satan will do everything in his power to deceive you... to keep you away from following God. sometimes, he'll even remind you of your past and so when he does... all you need to do is to remind him of his future... that he's going down!

temptations are all around us and so my prayer for you and me is that God will make us DANGEROUS. that when you enter a room field with evil things... they will flee from you. let's be DANGEROUS and STAND FIRM for the LORD!

anyway, in the Bible there are no evidence that we each have our own guardian angel, however we can rest assure that we have the Lord to guide and protect us. He doesn't need an angel to care and love us... after all... He is the ALMIGHTY GOD!

God bless you all! Good night!


Chris said...

What is interesting is that angels are there, around us but we can not see them. And yet God has been known to open eyes so that one might see them, such as in 2 Kings 6:17.

I hear tell of those whom have seen them in human form - certainly Lot did! So, it reasons they may still do this for some purpose.

However, when confronted by evil we are commanded to flee - not engage them. Yes, God will protect us, as is in His will - if we are doing what he commanded us to do. Otherwise, run for your life!

And God does not need angels, but He does use angels in service to Him and as messangers to a world not willing to listen...

Lovely said...

Amen to that Chris! thank you for your comment.

God bless!

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