Wednesday, January 21


may the Lord give our new leader the WISDOM to take the right steps, the KNOWLEDGE to make the right choices, the STRENGTH to take America to a new direction, the COURAGE to stand for Christ and for what is right, and the HUMILITY to see people through the eyes of God.

we do not know what lies ahead, but with the new set of fresh air God has bestowed upon us yesterday only shows that God is truly merciful. there may be views i still do not agree with our new president, (ie. abortion & gay marriage) but through prayers i know we can overcome this. the Lord is bigger than Him nor of any situation and so i trust what God is doing. our job is to pray for our leaders to lead us to a better world... a world who acknowledges God in every direction... and who promotes peace, love and hope for everyone!


1 comment:

Dewa said...

Yee I hope A new America era will come. with more worth actions...

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