Wednesday, July 22

droppin a quick blog

i'm here at work and i'm so bored. i hardly do anything, but i'm not complaining coz i get paid and i have a job again hehehe

just wanted to take this opportunity to remember my dearest friend's step-dad, Roberto Crescini who went to be with the Lord last thurs. i actually tried uploading the video i made for his memorial, but i'm not sure what happened, but it's not working - might have to do it again. anyway, Bob Crescini aka Yoyo by his grandkids, ended his fight with colon cancer last week, but i could say that he's so fortunate to have had the chance to submit his life to God and received his Savior, Jesus Christ whole-heartedly during his last few weeks. i'm so in awe that the Lord truly revealed His power of Salvation in the life of Yoyo and was witnessed by his loving family.

to my dearest sis in Christ, marge and her

oops! guess what? the video worked using firefox, but i better fix it tho. =)

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