Wednesday, July 15

long time no BLOG?

i'm such a horrible blogger =) sorry all, i've been really really busy. besides arranging my property to be rented, we also moved to this newly constructed townhouse that i so love! at first, having the idea of leaving my house and downsizing to a townhouse was certainly not that easy, but the Lord really have something good in mind. we've seen so many properties, but this one came in the picture at the last minute. so i've been really trying to unpack, decorate with a new twist and purge some more since our stuff at the old house will definitely not fit here.

the fun part too is that we found out a week after we moved in that our neighbor across us is my long lost friend in grade school. wow! how cool is that! anyway, i'm really not planning to give you all a full story of what's been happening to me lately since i'm short in time. i'm unpacking some more right now and hopefully i'll be able to do much more than i planned. i just thought of logging in since the computer's been on while waiting for my daughter to finish her lunch. hehehe

anyway, one more good news is that i have a pt job now and it's been great to be back to the work-force. i can't complain, but rather i'm all so grateful to the Lord with how everything turned out.

k, i'll try to blog again later, but for now... i wish you all a blessed day!
God is good all the time!

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