Monday, August 13

catchin' up

i know i owe you all some blogz... so sorry, i really thought i could squeeze blogging over the weekend, but i guess i committed myself to a weekend of enjoying my friends and family. no regrets though *wink*

ok, regarding the long awaited vacation we had a couple of weeks ago to va... i must give my in-laws a round of applause for making our vacation truly something to remember. every moment spent with all of them were priceless. the kids definitely bonded like there's no tomorrow. the surprise early arrival and the birthday sing-along we planned for my sis-in-law, maritess were amazingly 2 thumbs up! thank you Lord!

it was great to see my relatives there too. one of the many highlights of the trip was the wonderful people we met at the Bible study held at my cousin, lynn's house. noel and i surely had a wonderful time. there's nothing like hearing the word of God, i tell yah!

we had a blast at busch garden - brought the kid in me and my hubby once again! love the rides! since i'm the photographer and videographer of the family, i just realized that i don't have much pictures of myself with the family nor on the video... gee thanks! i guess i need to learn char's skills =) or does she have another arm maybe?

our vacation was also in celebration of our 10th anni... wow! 10 yrs... i've known my husband for 15 yrs (half of my lifetime) - on the day of our anni... we decided to go to one of our favorite japanese rest., close to our house... "jurin". we had a simple, joyful and bountiful dinner and since there's work the next day we decided to call it a night. we thank the Lord for blessing our marriage inside and out, for guiding our thoughts, our mouths, our hearts and leading us to a path where our faith in Christ grows deeper and deeper.

you know what, since i came back i've had the urge to do some organization in my house... i hate clutter - how can we get rid of them? ugh! the day after we arrived, i reupholstered my dinning chairs and my sis helped me sew my new curtains for my bedroom. since then, my husband and i have been waking up much later than ever! yikes! was that a good idea or what? lolz

here are the promised pics: enjoy! oh btw, char thanks for the silly photos! you're a pro!

continue to be blessed!

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Charisma said...

Yippee!love them pictures.. =) -- i wanna be there too.. lol. Man! Noel's been working out or what.. He has ( muscles) now huh..he he he.. You sure look LOVELY as ever.... C is so big now and man-- time flies huh. Love the pics too when Noel was carrying his mom.. he he he.. Yanna of course -- always adorable.

And nope, no extra arm for me.. Kaya - i take single shot with my kid. Either me and des or me and Kai or me and Will.. hahahha.. Or i take picture of myself..lolzzz.. Okay vavooo -- chat with you later....

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