Sunday, August 26

volunteer day!

hi all! thank God i found some time to blog. we got home an hour ago from church, sunday family luncheon, mall and grocery shopping. i rented wild hog last night, but i fell asleep again so noel ended up watching it by himself =( that's ok, i'll just watch it with my kids after this.

anyway, yesterday's volunteer work with bright hope was fun, heartfelt and just full of enthusiasm. not only with our group (project hope team), but with the rest of the volunteers we met. we packed some med packs that will be donated to the aids victims in africa. shipping day is sept. 10th. although you don't need experience to join, my packing skills and my fast paced mentality really helped. i mean we were joined by a youth group in geneva - beautiful people - such Christ lovers. from 830p to 2pm we exceeded our goal! target for the day was about 20k of med packs, but about 40 or 50 of us made over 30k. isn't that amazing! the team work and love for the Lord and His people did it! we sure look forward for the next project =)

oh! also wanted to share to you the birthday celebration we had last friday for our very own sis in Christ, marge. it was just a last minute thing and we were definitely accommodated with some great food and wonderful conversations. the kids bonded and it was great to be around my girlfriends once again. although not all were there, but it sure was a blessing to see marge & char. us 3 alone filled their new home with laughter. love the house by the way. if ever i move again in chicago (which is very unlikely) i would definitely consider that house. so cute! i'm happy for you magsingit family! happy birth again marge - we love u!

well, here's some pics to share: (char, please kindly upload what you have- tanx!)
uh-oh! i think i'm loosing my voice again. i've been feeling under the weather for the past few days... i've had itchy throat and been sneezing on and off, but thankfully nothing else. i have too many responsibilities... can't afford to get sick!

before i sign off... just wanted to welcome the new members of our family... friends, meet meemo & shadow (our 2 gold fishes) =)

k, need to get some rest... back to work tomorrow!

God bless n nitey nite!

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