Saturday, January 19


wow! i finally get to blog. i've been really bc at work, by the time i get home i try to watch a few shows on tv, spend time with my kids and next thing you know it's bed time already and so i just couldn't find time to sign in. the only time i really get to spend my quiet time with the Lord is while i put yanna (my youngest) to sleep. goodness! she's been sleeping late lately... ugh! well, that's another story. nway, even with my odb i'm always late. and to think one of my many goals for 2008 is to use my time management skills... um, yeah sure! well, that's another blog entry... my goals! i'll do that next time i blog.

i really wanted to share to you the message from willow last sunday. it was about Heaven! ahhh! my most anticipated place!

before i share to you what Heaven is like, let me squeeze in what happened last saturday. it's amazing how the Lord got us all pumped up about Heaven. i had 3 conversations (at different times) last sat about Heaven. one is with my mom-in-law, 2nd with my kids & 3rd with my husband late that night. they were all very interesting and educational. the funny part was when my daughter asked if we would know each other when we get to Heaven. i said, "absolutely! however, i will no longer be your mom, but your sister because we will all have our Heavenly Father as the head. then my daughter and my son turned to each other and shouted... NOOOO! then my daughter said "that means ayre will still be my brother!" and my son goes, "and ate (tagalog for older sister) will still be my sister! NOOOO! then my husband added, "and mom will be my sister!" ewe! hahaha great! so much for that illustration! lol!

i just love it when we have those kodak moments... esp. when we're all anticipating on one thing. how great Heaven will be!

okay, so it's my turn to share what Heaven is like with you... drum roll pls!

did u know?
- 85% of americans believe in Heaven?
- in Heaven, there will be a multitude from every tribe, language, people & nation who will have eternal life coz of their faith in Jesus (Revelation 7:9)
- most Christians believe they will see their pets in Heaven
- there's no death, suffering, tears, or pain in Heaven (Revelation 21:4)
- everything good on earth are just a sneak peek of what Heaven has.

Heaven is a place of love, relationship & connection. our first day in Heaven is like the wedding of the lamb. Jesus said 2000 yrs ago, "I will prepare a place for you!" wow! just imagine, if you're one who loves interior decorating, a clutter free home, a place of serenity... imagine the place Jesus is preparing for us. there won't be a place you would rather be. no more worries, no more fear, no more tears, no more pain... everything will just be PURRfect! we will have unbelievable reunions with family, friends, acquaintances... Heaven is filled with such great joy and laughter! a place where everyone is praising and worshiping our dear Heavenly Father!!!

ok friends, i'm not trying to scare you, but this is something y'all must know if you haven't realized it. hell is a place of weeping, gnashing of teeth, agony and a place of eternal fire... i mean, just UGLY and TERRIFYING... but there's good news... it can be avoided through the love and grace of God. the Lord is so good that He's giving us a chance to change... to have a wonderful relationship with Him, to help us remove our old self and give us a renewed life with Jesus Christ. our good deeds do not make this possible, remember that! God offers this gift to everyone who takes the step of accepting Christ Jesus as savior. so why wait? do it now! if you don't know how... you can email me or call 888-NeedHIM.

Jesus eliminated the need for good deeds when he took upon Himself the punishment for all our sins on Calvary. of course with Jesus in our lives, we'll want to do good deeds so that God will be glorified!

some of you may be in a situation where you're emotionally drained, physically tired of pain or both... take heart my friend, for in Heaven there will be no more of that.
death is the gateway to real life if you know Jesus Christ!

i anticipate the time to see my mom again and esp. to join the Father - where i'll be hearing Him say, "well done, good and faithful servant... come home! (Matthew 25:21) wouldn't you want to reunite with your loved ones too?

when i get to Heaven, i'm gonna be HOME!

enjoy your weekend and blessings to you all!

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