Sunday, January 27

2008 GoAlz

k, i'm blogging coz of frustration with the filipino dvds i was planning to watch. this dvds will go around the group and it's my turn now, but this darn thing won't play in any of my dvd players not even my computer. what in da world? it's dvd9 formatted. it's either my playerz are not upgraded enough or this dvd is just corrupt, grrrr!

ok, lemme calm down and just blog happily =)

i'm in the kitchen table coz my son is using the pc in my office. my little cherub is right next to me drawing her fave characters (barney, bj, baby bop, teletubbies). whoops! i just tried to play the dvd on my daughter's portable dvd player and it works! super! i guess i don't have to be frustrated after all... hehehe although i anticipated a bigger screen... i guess i still have to be thankful no matter how small it is.

char, just called and told me a sad news. one of my mom's older friends suffered a stroke last week and is still in the hospital. i remember how much her and her late husband were loved by my mom and the times when my mom would go out of her way to be there for them. anyone who becomes my mom's friend, becomes part of her world. she has gone beyond what a friend can ask for. that's why we love my mom's friends so much that they have become part of our lives. we take time to call and send them letters to keep our mom's legacy alive. it brings us joy every time we see and hear from them.

actually, my dad too just had 3 surgeries (a cyst on his arm, prostate & hernia). he's in the philippines right now and we're still waiting for his phone call since we have no other way of getting a hold of him besides his home phone. please include them both in your prayers. the Lord hears them all and we're confident that His hand is not too short to heal our loved ones.

ok... back to the title...
1) have more time alone w/ the Lord
2) memorize scriptures (i wrote verses on an index card memorize them while driving - it works!)
3) have more time for my kids and my hubby (don't work too much at home)
4) journal at least 3x a week (i have a new one for 2008)
5) keep up w/ my workout 2x a week - so far i haven't given up yet =)
6) save money! be a good steward of God's money
7) learn to cook - yep! don't know how - hey! don't make fun of me now=(
8) be more productive at work (stop chatting too much lolz)
9) keep up w/ keeping the house clean - when u have kids u know what i mean ;)
10) have bible study once a week w/ my kiddies - it stopped for awhile =(
11) develop relationship w/ others through the love of God

sounds too many? that's ok... i just have to keep my word and ask God to help me fulfill each one of them coz i sure won't be able to do any of them w/o Him.

well, gotta go... b4 i get in trouble for being online during family time hehehehe

nitey nite! God bless us all!

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