Sunday, November 30

back to regular week!

well, how was everyone's thanksgiving celebration? hope y'all had and awesome one just like mine! the highlight for me was the time we spent expressing reasons to be thankful for, before we started eating. although some were caught off guard, i'm in awe for the sincerity of everyone... from the youngest to the oldest. ahh! thank God for my entire family!

nwayz, thanksgiving week is about to end and i'm back to job hunting, kids are back to school tomorrow and noel's back to work after a week of family time and many expressions of gratefulness from the family to God.

so... how was black friday for everyone? this was my first year not going. thank God i didn't feel quite down about it. i guess coz i was so tired preparing and plus the kids in our family are well aware and understand our situation (i'm so thankful that they do). i know retail was down this year tsk tsk tsk.

just the other day, i was reading the article about the great depression and the economic crisis the world is going through right now and i must agree to all of the people that were interviewed, who experienced the great depression, when they said that the generation nowadays will feel the hardship more due to the lifestyle we have gotten used to compare to their lifestyle in 1930s. well, thank God we have God with us to satisfy our every need and to give hope when the situation continues to exhaust it. i tell yah, faith in God really helps to get back in the game!

yesterday was my friend, larraine's graduation party. it was held in a fully renovated, classic bowl. it was a joy seeing some of my girls i haven't seen in ages... gosh! i miss them again already hehehe. too bad i don't have pics, but i sure hope those who took pics will somehow have the time to forward them to me *ehem girls!* as usual we were all loud, cheeks were hurting coz of laughing and are thumbs were close to getting blisters coz of bowling. it was a fun night and i sure hope rain had an awesome time. congratz again my loves! you did it! we're so proud of you!
here's a shot of the shadow box i made for my friend, rain. i'm glad it put a smile on her face =)

k, this is it for now... y'all have a good nite! God speed!

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