Thursday, November 13

the God i know...

when you think about God, what thoughts do you have in mind? who is He? what’s He like?

i'm glad that God had found me. if it wasn't for Him, my life would probably be so miserable. coz right now, even if we're having financial difficulties, i'm grateful that my family stands strong all because we have God as our foundation.

i can honestly say that it's been really tough financially lately, but i'm grateful each waking day, each time i see my kids, each meal we eat, each time i grocery shop, each time i fill my tank, each personal time i have with the Lord, etc. see, the Lord has taught me not to look at the people above me when the feeling of envy is kickin' in, instead look at the people below me and be grateful for what i have.

yes, there are times i just cry in the car when i just don't know how we will get by for the next month's expenses, but believe me, this trying time definitely brought our family even closer. it has opened many doors of great communications and best of all, it has brought us down to our knees and closer to the Lord.

last week's message from willow has once again helped me add more fuel of trust in the Lord. and so i would like to share it with you. you and i may not have the same situation, but i'm almost positive that this will help you one way or another.

may you be blessed as you listen closely to the message of comfort... (to watch, pls click on the image below. once you're on the site, click on the same icon on the top right)
remember, when life gets dark, come to God for comfort. gnite!

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