Wednesday, November 26

hAPpy ThAnksGivIng EvE!

thought i'd blog before i start with my busy day. we're hosting thanksgiving this year and i've been trying to joggle my schedule everyday since last friday. see here's one of the many things i'm grateful for even if our budget is tight... i may not have the luxury to be shopping for myself anymore, but the Lord continues to shower us with food. 2 of our fridge are full - it never runs out - that's why i really find it hard to complain coz God continues to provide for our needs.

thanksgiving and Christmas are 2 of my favorite occasions to celebrate... there's nothing like recognizing how awesome our God is... although everyday should be thanksgiving, tomorrow is the highlight of the amazing journey our Christian brothers and sisters (pilgrims) went through. from numerous trials and sufferings... they were faithful to give thanks to our Lord! now that's faith!

so to you my friends, what are you most thankful for this year?

have a blessed thanksgiving to you and your loved ones. may you cherish each moment coz no matter what, everyday is different... and each day is a gift from God.

p.s. it's not turkey day... it's THANKSGIVING DAY - recognizing the blessings God has given you. (it won't hurt to be reminded)

muah! i love you all =)

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