Monday, February 23

ei there!

just checkin' in... been awhile since i updated you with what's been happenin' in my world.

well besides remaining a SAHM, i've been busy sorting out stuff at home. after many prayers and waiting for God's confirmation, we've finally accepted that it is time to move. so i've been sorting what'll stay with us and what i can finally let go. selling stuff on craigslist and ebay have been really successful and thank God i get a lot of people who are interested in buying our home furnishings.

we plan not to keep too much stuff and want to keep our next place as roomy as possible. we're hoping for a good turn out with the move and all other stuff that goes along with it. God's been really good and still i have no reason to be salty about this whole thing.

there are different emotions lingering around my mind, but thank God He keeps me sane. i know a few people who are so dear to me that have gone through tough times with their housing situations and i myself have been a witness to it all. all have different causes, but the pain was the same. what is a person like me can only do, but to offer encouragement and lots of prayers. i mean, i myself can only find strength from the Lord to keep me going. i really think He's the best there is out there. no matter what seasons of life you're in... He is the answer!

nway, regardless of all the challenges that has faced me lately, i continue to find reasons to be grateful. i continue to enjoy my loved ones, i continue to look forward to what God has in store for me.

for valentine weekend, my whole family celebrated the love day @ my bro-in-law's choice of restaurant (he was treating everyone hehehe), red lobster in schaumburg. funny how we always end up getting the server's attention to join our conversations... that's always fun though!

last sat, my girlfriends and i put together a surprise baby shower for our dearest friend, girlie. we're so happy for her... gosh! i feel like i'm the one having another baby coz i was just so excited preparing this for her esp when i was shopping for baby stuff hahaha. can't wait to see the baby! nway, i'm so grateful to everyone for making it and for making it extra special for her... kudos to everyone and for a successful shower! you could tell she was so happy with everything =) of course not seeing everyone for quite sometime brought so much memories and hurting of the jaw for laughing too much. my girl, ellen and i got a headache from laughing. ahh! laughing, it does your life, body and soul good ;)

yesterday, my sis surprised us with their new place. mind you, we helped them move last month, but since she's been planning a sunday get together for the whole fam, she came up with the idea that there was a barricade blocking their street coz of a construction and for us to take a different route that's pretty much just blocks away from their old place. confused as why we were parking at a newly constructed condo buildings' parking lot, she finally gave in and said, we live at a different place now and asked us to look up... oh gosh! there she was waving at us in her new patio. wow! i must say... they did an awesome job moving without letting us know. the place was spectacular... it has the perks you would want in a condo (heated private garage, water and heat included, quiet neighborhood, everything's new, no major rules besides keep the building clean, it has a library in the bottom floor, and more) except they're just renting the place, but hey... it's all good! they don't have kids anyway so, why not! we were so happy for them and esp grateful to the Lord for giving them such wonderful landlords... the place they were previously in had a lease for one year, but the landlord's were understanding and so kind to null the agreement. i really feel that this is the place for them to start over and enjoy one another. thank you Lord!

well, that's it for now... i think that's enough update to fill you guys in.... gotta get back to my world! blessings to all!

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Anonymous said...

Just remember that you are not a few weeks I, too, will know whether or not I'll still have a job. Things happen for a reason and just remember that God is working behind the scenes for all of us...Keep the faith!

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