Friday, February 13

When there's still no answer...

TGIF Everyone!!!

Hope today's ODB will bring you all a brand new HOPE to look forward to. Have you prayed for something a few times but never heard anything from God? I can definitely relate to that. And I know from experience, it's hard to accept God's silence. It's like we just want Him to jump into action whenever we call, especially when we are hurting or afraid of something. However, we need to remember that He promises to meet our needs, that's why we can be sure that a silence from heaven has purpose.

Are you with me yet? See, if you think about it, silence grabs our attention and it teaches us to trust the unknown future. I remember the time when I prepared to pray over a situation that would impact my life. As I got on my knees, for some reason I felt like God was suddenly gone. For days, weeks, and even months, His presence seemed so far away. I've seeked and asked family and friends to pray with me and for me regarding my situation, but still there was nothing.

I've searched for God in every way I can only to find myself at the same spot with the same problems. Then, at an unexpected time, He dramatically intervened in my life to clearly dictate my next steps. Then it dawned on me that the answer I'm looking for is this: "WHEN GOD IS SILENT, KEEP ON PRAYING!"

There have been times when I've heard people say they quit praying about a need coz there was just no answer coming. But here's what I realized... in Matthew 17:20 it says that faith the size of a mustard seed is able to move mountains... so imagine how tiny our trust must be when we give up on the Lord! I remember what Jesus said (paraphrasing here since I do not have it exactly memorized), peace is what God leaves with us. He doesn't give as the world does and so we don't have to be worried, afraid or be upset coz God will NEVER abandon us. However, you know what the problem is? It's us treating prayers like a vending machine, that when we put coins it gives us an instant response. But see talking to God is a long-term investment so that we can have that close and faithful friendship with Him.

Friends, I know at times it can be frustrating and frightening when the only thing we can hear when we pray is our own breathing. But take heart, for in the Bible, it says that God is always with us, and His silence will not last forever (read Job 23:8-10 or Heb. 13:15). I encourage you to cling to those promises as you seek the purpose behind His silence.

Remember that although we may be riding an emotional roller coaster and God may be silent for a time, He NEVER STOPS working on our behalf. When the time is right, He provides an outcome that's aligned with His perfect plan for you and me. It's a promise that in His time, not in ours, that rest will come on solid ground. You wanna know how awesome God is? Well friends, He's aGod who NEVER breaks or changes a promise and is forever faithful to us. I know at times we question God coz life seems to give us too much trouble, but believe me, we can trust God's word, which gives us hope when we need it most. Giving up before the Lord answers your call is the biggest mistake youwill ever make. So friends I encourage you to PRAY ON! He hears you =)

Have a JOYFUL FRIday! God Speed!

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