Tuesday, March 31

The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas

have you guys seen this movie? if you haven't, i highly recommend it. i knew nothing about this movie till my daughter said they were going to watch it at school as part of their topic in english. since we couldn't find a movie the other day, my husband decided to rent it.

well, i must say, it was a powerful movie, worth watching. set against the horror of the holocaust, it's a tale of an unlikely friendship between two 8 yr old boys. in spite of their stations in life, their friendship grew because of their innocence. they do not judge each other, but instead, bruno, son of the high-ranking military officer, extends help to his inmate friend to find his father. oh gosh! i'm not going to reveal the whole story, i'll just have you see it for yourself. one of the few powerful, moving fable i've ever seen. it's a conversation opener... our kids (except for my 3yr old) along with my nieces couldn't stop thinking and talking about the movie.

i love watching 19th century movies! just like angelina jolie's movie, "changeling"... whew! that one was good too... so heart breaking.

that's it for now... happy watching!

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