Friday, March 13

WATCH OUT for blind spots!

In conjunction with yesterday’s ODB, I decided to share this with you. Just a couple of weeks ago, an anonymous commentator sent me a message on one of my old blogs. (To avoid confusion, I will just use a female gender since the message didn’t really give me that info.)

She was desperate to seek some guidance due to her current struggle in her spiritual life. Long story short, she was having a “restless faith”. Was raised at a Christian home, but slowly drifted from her faith since teen, but now as an adult she reflects back on what little she knows about God. She says she knows what God wants her to do, but chooses to wrong path anyway even if she knows that consequence will follow. So, struggling to fully follow God’s way due to her current situation and of course the pleasures of temptations, she asked for a prayer. I replied to her, but never got a response back anymore. However, I hope and pray she received my email or maybe somehow she’ll run into this ODB and find herself taking the necessary steps to really develop her relationship with the Lord to guide her along the way. However, it is possible that my only role regarding her spiritual journey was to just pray for her and give her encouragement coz I truly believe that God’s Word is not returned void. Whatever it is, it was a pleasure to receive her honest message.

Anyway, as I reflect on that day, I remembered the time when I was just learning how to drive. Does it seem odd to you how driving can have anything to do with her situation? Well, at least I got your attention! HEHEHE! Ok, allow me to get to my point. My driving instructor at the time gave me a good advice. He said, “You think by looking at the rearview mirror you know what is on all sides, but remember that your vision is limited. Always look over your shoulder before changing lanes coz there may be another car in your blind spot.” This wise instruction (if followed) really keeps us out of more potential wrecks than we care to think about.

I’ve said it before and I won’t stop claiming it that the Bible is our instruction manual from God for navigating our life’s journey. However, owning a copy is not enough. This book is different than any of the books you own. The Bible has all the instructions you and I need that will transform our lives. Therefore, it must not collect dust; rather it must be studied, applied and passed on to others.

Just like checking our blind spot should be our automatic response when we’re driving, applying God’s Word should also be our natural response when we’re faced with the hard knocks of life. Believe it or not, the Bible will tell you what is wrong before you have done it. However, the problem is even with people who already know the theology part of it still struggles to fight their temptation and end up turning their backs to compromise with the lies of temptations.

Friends, understand that the freedom God gives us is not at all a license to act as we wish. In order to feel and experience the changes in your life as you seek God, you need to understand that part of surrendering your will and allowing God’s will be done, you will have to do the things God wants, not what you want for your life.

Never come into terms with the saying “ONCE a criminal, always a criminal” coz friends, this will only destruct your journey to a new life. Instead, focus on the good things God has in store for you even if you don’t know the end result… watch out for the blind spots of life… hold on to your faith and be guided by God’s instructions. Because no matter how spotted your past may be, God can change you from the inside out. The Lord is so gracious that He can create a new heart in you and can make you a new creation. Remember this verse in 2 Corinthians 5:17 “If anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation.”

I will pray for your new journey!

Have a joyful day!

God Speed!

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