Monday, March 30

spring break just ended =(

well, back to school for the kids. i was sad to see them go to school today too since we had an awesome time during their break. although budgeted, my husband and i made sure that we will make the most of our time together with the kids. it was extra special since 3 of our nieces stayed with us too.

my cooking skills came out *thanks to food network*... couldn't afford to take the kids out every meal - my goodness! we did all sorts of things and most of them were very cost-efficient like, park-hopping... we discovered some beautiful park here in the northwest suburbs of chicago. we went biking, played basketball and enjoyed some funny stories while playing at the playground... we enjoyed every second of the beautiful weather. we also brought the kids to oberweis and cold stone a few times. took them swimming, window shopping, movies, and ate out a few times over the week. the best part of it all... there were no interference. we talked, we laughed, and had tears of joy... we had so much fun spending time together that we ended up coming up with a new family tradition game called, "finish my sentence". it was so fun that when we joined the earth hour night, we decided to play it again while enjoying the calmness of the candles that lit up the house =)

there are so many things i want to tell y'all, but having all 3 kids call out "mom" at the same time just drives me crazy! see, my sis who lives with us, went to visit her family in the philippines so i have no help at all. i had to force myself to learn how to cook like a pro and lay-off on fried dishes since my husband and kids got used to my sister's awesome dishes.... grrrr! i'm not complaining, i'm in fact enjoying every moment. i just feel like there's no time for me to sit down anymore since i'm constantly doing something. but it's all good... my fear is to get used to being a SAHM. hmm, nah! i love spending time with my kids and being able to see everything they do, but i still feel i have to have that time away from being a home maker... either a part-time somewhere or a ministry that God puts in my heart. i'm sure a lot of you can relate =)

well, kids are back from school now... gotta fix them something to eat now! you all have a blessed day! gosh! whatever happened to the weather huh? maybe the angels forgot to drop the last batch of snow on time =)

God speed!

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