Wednesday, May 27

WeEkenD BlaSt!

we had an awesome time this past weekend. we celebrated my daughter's graduation and my bro-in-laws' bdays. although the weather didn't work all that great with us, we had an intimate dinner at bravo cucina italiana at the glen... i love that place! great place to shop, eat, relax or just hang out! too bad my other bro didn't make it, but we were blessed to have the company of my dear mother-like friend (w/ her dearest hubby) whom i met at the airport in cali last yr. they were both so delighted to be there with us and i'm so glad that the whole fam enjoyed their company as much as i did.

memorial day was another fun day with the whole fam. we decided to go to volcano falls the last minute and really just ended up having loads of fun! although again, the weather limited our activities, we were still blessed to be able to do just enough for the day. we played baseball/softball at the batting cage (my arms hurt -ugh!), kids spent an hour playing arcades while i enjoy watchin' my lil' princess play guitar hero =), then we all had a blast car racing at the bridge track - wow! couldn't believe the priceless smile, excitement, scream & laugh of my 3 yr old daughter. the race was pretty long that all of our jaws hurt coz of laughing and shouting trying to chase each other. then for our last stop, we went to laser quest to play laser tag - that was another kicker!

another unforgettable moment for the whole fam and all coz of the grace of God... so glory to you my Lord! thank YOU so much for your love =)

well, off to finish a vid i'm doing - till my next blog! God bless us all!

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