Friday, September 18

Forgiveness, how important is it?

I'm on my way to my sister's house from work to visit my dad who's recovering from a procedure done to his kidney. I know it's been days since my last blog so I thought I'd blog while sitting in traffic. (Constructions everywhere, ugh!)

Oh! Happy Friday by the way =)

Anyway, praise God that for the past few weeks now, everything's back to normal at home. How? Well, forgiveness had to take place in order for peace and new beginning to come back in our home. My husband and I were determined not to give up on our children no matter what, even if of course there are times when it feels like that's the only way to go. I mean, if the Lord never gave up on me and still gives me chances up to now, what right do I have not to give the same grace God gives me to others esp. to our kids? Home is a place where I want my children to always find grace, love and forgiveness. Although I know that there are more adventures just sitting in the corner, I'm ready to face them with the help of my Savior.

It also helps to know that I have a friend who's going through the same thing. it gives us the opportunity to share our pains and struggles and of course encouragement and wise/sometimes silly ideas on dealing with it.

Of course, the consequences of the wrong decisions my daughter made have been addressed and has definitely caught her attention... well at least at the present time. It is natural for us parents to desire and be hopeful for our children to never turn wayward again, but only God knows their future. And as parents, whether our children are going or seem to be going in the right direction, we cannot and should not give up praying for them.

There's no formula in racing a perfect child, but there is LOVE which brings them safely back home.

God knows! coz His love was the reason I got saved.

Let's not give up on our loved ones. They need us more when they're lost.

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