Monday, September 28

Typhoon in the Philippines

The Project HOPE Team are working diligently in gathering our resources to extend a help to the people affected by this flash flood. We are in need of YOUR HELP! ALL proceeds will be donated to ABS-CBN Sagip Kapamilya Foundation directly for this need. Your continued monetary support and prayers will make a huge difference in the lives of this hard hit poor people. We will focus on helping the poorest of the poor. Please include them in your prayers as well as this simple fund raising action we are doing to help save lives as much as we can. Please, let us come together to do what we can to help.
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Lovely Miranda
Project HOPE Team

Philippines flood death toll rises to 140

People swim through flood water Sunday in the east area of Manila, after a tropical storm tore through the northern Philippines. The death toll in the massive flooding that swept the Philippine capital of Manila and nearby provinces has reached 140 - Written by Sevencam Monday, 28 September 2009

The worst flooding in the Philippines in more than 40 years has left at least 140 dead and affected almost half a million people.

It is feared the death toll is likely to rise as rescue teams continue search and rescue efforts in the capital Manila and 25 nearby provinces, some of which are still under water.

Tropical storm Ketsana unleashed a month's worth of rain within 12 hours on Saturday. Up to 80 per cent of Manila was submerged, displacing around 450,000 residents.

Around 115,000 displaced people are now sheltered in makeshift camps but Philippine health authorities have warned of possible outbreaks of disease. The head of the country's National Disaster Co-ordinating Council said rescue teams were "overwhelmed" by the scale of the disaster.

The floods are estimated to have cost the country 30 million US dollars in damaged crops, roads and bridges.

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Charisma said...

Tnx bru! i received an email from a friend na they stll cant find their families. I will fwd this site to them. Thanks

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