Sunday, February 21

bored =)

thought i'd drop a quick blog before i bring my daughter to her youth group.

so yesterday, i met with some of my girls to the kid's expo. i brought my lil' one, my son and my nephew. the kids obviously had an awesome time, but i was unhappy when my daughter finally wanted to get her face painted and we waited for 1 1/2 hrs. and she was the 4th person in the line, we were told they won't be able to get to us coz they had to close.... ugh! AFTER ALL THAT WAITING?! ugh! i could've bought our own paint and painted her face myself - grrr! it didn't take long till i realized how tired the artist must have been. he was there non-stop from 9a-6p... so i'm sure his back was in pain already hehehe so that's ok =)

nway, we went to my husband's relatives for dinner and had a relaxing time for at least 2hrs... a much needed rest i tell yah. i just love the company of old people - they're so hilarious!

btw, how was everyone's valentine's? ever since i started working full-time again, my hubby and i haven't had time to go out on a date, so we made sure nothing will stop us on love-day! first, we had to do the most important time of the day... our praise and worship at church =) then we took the kids to fuddruckers then watched tooth fairy. for dinner, noel took me to jade asian infused. so much humor and productive talk, plus enjoyed the 6 course dinner we had. we give this place 5 stars! will definitely recommend the food the ambiance and the friendliness of the staff. price? very reasonable =)

oops! gotta go =) will blog again some time soon! have a blessed week!

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