Monday, February 22

thank God for EBay & Craigslist

yep! it's that time again to get rid of stuff we don't need and make extra bucks off of it =)

just sold noel's blackberry storm for $200 through craigslist. thank God we tried craigslist first before ebay - otherwise i'd have to pack worry about the bids and shipping. i find craigslist much easier esp for big things.

have you used ebay or craigslist? if so, tell me your experience!!! i know i made more than $2k last summer before we moved using both. just imagine if i gave my stuff away or left it at my old house? ugh!

i really think good photos and honest descriptions sells your stuff easily and problem free. i had people drive 2 hrs to my house to buy my stuff and i'm soooo grateful =)

i still have a few to sell and i'm sure i'll have more when it gets pretty nice outside. i do have some furnitures i'd like to sell too since i don't have room for them anymore. we had to use part of our garage to store 'em so hopefully we'll be able to get rid most of them this summer.

there is a possibility we might move again coz of my husband's job. i kinda want to, but i kinda don't for many reasons - but wherever the Lord leads us... we're all for it =)

well, thought i'd drop a quick blog before i do my devotional and hit the sack. wishing you all a good night and a peaceful sleep =)

God speed!

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