Saturday, February 27

Fashion Show

good a.m. everyone! I'm just taking a few mins of my busy weekend to blog about something very exciting my girls and i are into lately.

well, we're fortunate enough to model for this filipino designer, victor miller, who will be showcasing his wedding gowns this coming march 27th.

we were informed about this last year and of course we were all excited then, but for some odd reason almost half of us wanted to back-out at the last minute of our 1st rehearsal. but after practicing "THE WALK", we were all back at the same page... EXCITEMENT is all I can feel with everyone.

one great thing about this is that my daughter and my goddaughter are in it too... so my best friend, char and i will be able to experience this once in a lifetime opportunity with our daughters =) i still can't believe that our daughters are part of what we do now - ugh! they're growing up too fast. my daughter, camille, is turning 16 this year while my son, ayren, will be facing his first teen year. gosh! where did the time go? Hmm, in a way i'm happy for them coz they get to experience more of God's plan for their lives. It will be tough, but life is worth living for esp when you're in the care of our gracious Father, our Creator.

anywayz, we have 2 bdays to go to today and another one tomorrow. it's crazy that i haven't even bought anything yet. so i think it's better to sign-off now before i fall asleep again since im bloggin' while layin' down hehehe plus still need to run some errands. k, have a blessed day people! today is a gift from God, let's live like we believe it!

God speed!
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