Tuesday, September 4

creating memories

so how's everyone's long weekend? mine was superb!

i set up a breakfast date with my girlfriends, but not all made it coz of prior engagements. however, instead of breakfast, it ended up to be brunch hehehe
that's ok, i had a wonderful time with my girlfriends, marge and rain. we went to le peep in downtown evanston... it was delish! highly recommend it! thanks sistahs!
wanted to window shop after, but time didn't permit us. i had to go to vogue fabrics coz i wanted to reupholster my decorative pillows. love the fabs... got 'em for less than $6 and found it at joann fabrics for $35 - what a deal! my sis and my niece met up with me there since i was helping her pick the right fabric for her sofa set. we went to joann after then visited my mama. i was rushing to get home since noel was planning to meet up with the boys, but when i got home, he decided not to go anymore. we then just decided to go to target and bring the kids to nick's pizza pub. as usual the kids had a great time there. they just love how you can make a mess without getting introuble hehehe

went to church. i must say... the message was absolutely needed. it was about the 3 major stresses of life... finances, time & relationship. next week, michael franzese, used to be known as the prince of mafia, but is now a Christ follower will be the guest speaker. and jim caviezel, who played the role of Jesus at the passion of the Christ will be the special guest on the 15th & 16th services. visit willowcreek.org to find out more, but i hope you can come join us too!

anyway, we ordered some food to gather at my house. i was so stuffed, i couldn't breathe... that's so bad. the worst part was i fell asleep right after... when i woke up everyone was gone! then after 30mins, i was still sleepy... i went in my room and fell asleep again. woke up at 9p = can you picture how unhealthy i am? lolz

labor day
~ woke up late
~ had a good breakfast with my kids (expecting noel to wake up in the afternoon)
~ watched our favorite filipino series
~ ate again
~ we were looking for our board games, but couldn't find any of them so noel, ayre & yanna went to target to buy some.
~ rented "charlotte's web" on ppv
~ played board games with the kids while yanna's busy doing 4 things (walk around, watch our family videos, sing & play with my old cell phone)

~ oh! btw, never let your kid(s) watch caillou, esp. when they're at their terrible two... they copy everything. when yanna just turned 1, she was already in the copying mode. i've noticed that ever since she started watching caillou, she started saying "no!" and "i don't want to!", she even has the same facial reaction as caillou. mom & dad won't have that in the house so i immediately blocked that cartoon from being viewed. we should take action as early as possible before it gets a little further, you know what i mean?

btw, lemme share a pic of yanna when she put on her sister's headband: (she just loves it when i play poporotzi on her) so anywayz, that's my long weekend (wish it was longer though). but can't really complain... i was fully rested, plus had a wonderful family time without having to go out all the time. and so i leave you with this wonderful fact (ikea's slogan): "Home is the most important place in the world." coz to me, it's where precious memories reside.

God bless us all!

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Charisma said...

Loving the pics mi love especially my Yanna ... =)...Gotta find some time to blog soon.. he he he..... So, who's winning the Scrabble?? I remember playing that game with Will and Des.. I almost cried becuz they were coming up with words that's not even in the dictionary or I just didnt know the words.. ha hah a ha ..lolzz.

jim caviezel - wow! that's awesome. I'll prolly try to go on the 15.. Thanks bru.

k Chat with u later =)

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