Monday, February 4

tried and true

this past weeks have been tough for me. too many things on my mind that just last week i just felt like my head was going to blow. but thank God for His mercy... He never fails to come to the rescue!

things have been happening both in my personal and my professional life. the company i work for is facing a major transition that will affect my employment. however, i'm grateful that i was chosen and trusted to stay until the end. the estimated last day will be between aug. & oct. thankfully, in spite of this unexpected circumstance i still have the Lord's unfailing peace that passes all understanding. i just really felt more for the people who have families and were just recently hired and now they only have weeks to complete their part and that's it... on to sending resumes again.

at least with me, i'm still grateful that it's not going to happen tomorrow or a week from now. i'm just sorta nervous and excited at the same time for the next assignment God has in store for me. i wonder where He's going to bring me this time... would it be in the same field or totally different? yikes! Lord, i'm ready when You are! i trust You on this!

i actually shared this in
today's ODB... hope you'll be blessed!

also, last thursday i was overflowing with sorrow for noel's family. his cousin's son was born with just half brain and no skull.... christopher lived for 5 days. he was able to give a big smile before he passed (caught on camera too!). but noel and i could not help ourselves and just broke down as soon as we saw christopher laying peacefully in his coffin. my heart sank, but i'm grateful that the Lord was still glorified through it all. the whole family acknowledged God's sovereignty and mercy. you could just feel the love everyone had for each other and for christopher. the experience may be heart breaking, but it brought everyone on their knees and that's the beauty of brokeness... the Lord is always near. christopher is loved and i'm honored to be one of his aunts.

okay... changing the subject to put a lil' smile on your faces... i'm so excited to share that i tried cooking yesterday. totally forgot to take a picture of it so really i have no proof to show you how yummy it looks... but hey, it really is delish! my fam said so... hehehe i got the approval of my family so i guess that's enough for me to keep trying new recipes. i got the recipe from food network, it's called "
shrimp scampi with linguini", but i want it to look more colorful instead of blah... so i decided to use rotinni instead and i doubled the ingredients so it's not dry. love it! i'm so happy =)

on to my next one! still haven't decided, but will let you know soon.

i think i need to log off now. i was so busy at work that i still had more to bring home so i've been working on it since i got home... don't want to get some spankin' from my family again... yikes!

one last note: THANK GOD FOR THE GOOD TIMES AND EVEN THE BAD TIMES! once again, i received an overwhelming response from today's ODB... thank you all for your thoughts and prayers. i'm so blessed to have such wonderful ODB friends. God is AWESOME! He never fails! thank you Lord, i love YOU!!!

nitey nite!

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Charisma said...

I am so bless bf =) .... God Bless you always

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