Sunday, March 23

hAppY EaSter!

i was planning to blog earlier, but since it's such a special day - there was no time for it till now.

whatever happened to spring last friday? if you live in chicago you would know what i mean. nway, my hubby's been sick for the past week now and he sounds like it's getting worst everyday. my daughter said he sounds like a monster... aww!

since my little one sleeps with us she ended up getting sick too. friday, i could tell she had an itchy throat already before we went to church. oh! by the way, great service! my first time going to a good friday service and i'm glad we went. even the kids' questions were answered. nway, since it was drizzling friday night, i think the weather just did it for her. late that night i asked noel to sleep in the other room so that i can spray some lysol and keep yanna from getting more sick, but unfortunately it still got to her. she had a high fever late that night and so i stayed up all night since she was pretty irritated with her cough too. she slept on top of me while i was on a sitting position all night.

saturday: played with yanna all morning. then late in the afternoon, my eldest and i went grocery shopping since i'm cooking for easter. plus, i needed to give my eldest and my son some attention also... so they came up with the idea of making ice cream pie. right when we got home from shopping, we started making their very own, rice crispy chocolate chip ice cream pie... i assisted, but i let them do everything else on their own. i gotta tell yah, they did a great job and it was amazingly delish! (i'll post the recipe later)

since my hubby was still sick, we decided to just have a movie night... it was their choice of movie so they picked "robots". we slept in the theatre room too, but again, yanna and i didn't get much sleep coz of her cough.

sunday: i was just going to stay with yanna and have my sister pick up the kids and my other sis for church, but my sis decided to just stay with yanna. my eldest, camille, went to church with me instead. once again, a breathtaking message of hope and second chance. i was so humbled by the sacrifice Jesus has done for us sinners. filled with awe as i continue to feel His great love for a person like me. i'm just so grateful for the many chances He gives us in spite of the countless sins we make. He's so loving... don't you think?

nway, as soon as we got home, i started cooking. this time i made pasta carbonara w/ asparagus & bacon. then my sis made a new kind of recipe for fried chicken. oh goodness! it was so good! of course we had desserts of different kinds... i was so tired and stuffed i felt asleep! lolz - not good! unfortunately, the rest of the family didn't make it. also, i wanted yanna to experience egg hunting at least indoor, but i opted to do it since she wasn't feeling well. she saw her old puzzles and was so fond in playing with all of them anyway so i guess not doing egg hunting is ok after all! for sure next time =)

so, that's what i did over the weekend. hope your Easter went well!

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