Sunday, March 30

to my sis & tatay

yesterday's plan didn't go so well. we didn't have that much time to go to cold stone first. the kids were already hungry, but the time wasn't enough to dine-in either so they all just asked for fries at mickey d's, but ate 2 jumbo buckets of popcorn at the theatre - lolz!

nway, i totally forgot that there was a league @ 530p so we had to think for an alternative, we decided to go miniature golfing. but unfortunately, they were closed by the time we got there. grrrr!

yanna was constipated so i had to bring them all home. not wanting to disappoint the big kids, i still brought them to cold stone while my sis and noel decided to stay home with yanna. the kids wanted to rent a movie so we did. during this time though, my older sis, sally (she's the one my mom adopted, if you remember from my old blog) received a text msg. from her sister in the philippines and was informed that their dad went to be with the Lord. thankfully though this was due to old age and not from any sickness. i was speechless as she broke the news to me. if you remember, one of her siblings pass away in feb of last year and now her dad. all i was able to do for her last night was to just be beside her and embraced her while we both shared our tears. but i was in awe to see the strength of her faith as she thank the Lord for sparing her father from suffering and pain. yes, he died peacefully in his sleep.

i dedicate this blog to her and her tatay (father). with all the wonderful things she said, all through these years, about her father, it was enough to prove us that he was an amazing man. i know someday they will see each other again and i also, will have that opportunity to meet him someday in Heaven, but for now i pray that the Lord will comfort every aching heart as they grieve for the loss of one of the most precious man in their family's lives. my sis, has looked out for her family's well being ever since she join our family. she loves her family so much that i could tell that she made a promise to herself that no matter what lies ahead of her, she will take care of them. i'm so grateful that the Lord never left her, but guided her and helped her every step of the way.

my sis is not only a blessing to her family, but most of all to us. thankf you Lord for bringing her in our lives. we are eternally grateful!

i had to apologize to her though, that if we would've gone to the philippines this march, that she would've been there with her dad right now. but see, i was so humbled how much she understands that the Lord works together for good to those who are faithful to Him. we may not see what good can come of out loosing a loved one, but God's plan is still the best there is out there. i promised her that before i start a new job this year and Lord willing, she will go to the philippines with or without us.

the message at willow today was just perfect, it was Romans 8:28. i sure will have to share it with you all on my next blog. for now, i would like to ask for a few mins of your time as you read this blog to lift up my sis, sally and her family in the philippines in prayer during this difficult time in their lives.

thank you and God bless!

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