Saturday, March 29


thanks for a beautiful weather, after all. we were planning to go to galena for spring break, but unfortunately my husband had to work all weekend =( i was charged a cancellation fee and had to settle with an exchange of a gift card rather than forfeiting $400... besides Lord willing we'll be able to go this summer.

can't leave w/o a complete pack you know what i mean? so to make it up to the kids, i came up with a 3day itinerary for us... sadly to say, their dad will just have to settle with pictures and stories.

i gave the kids many options and thankfully they all voted the same thing - ahh! it's so nice to see them compromise & agree... peacefully, but as usual not quietly *)

we went to rockford's discovery center... the kids enjoyed it as well as the adults hehehe - my sisters were getting a kick out of the giant pin screen.

see the video: (it's kinda scary hahaha, but in real life, it's so hilarious!) - that's my face on the top right and in the bottom are my sis, sally, my nephew, josh, ayre & my sis, princess.
we were so amazed to see how smart yanna is at just the age of 2, she knew so many things at the museum that even some of the parents were stunned to hear her. she knew how to work on the computer as she browsed to find the food we had asked her to look for. she would even name the once she would see for herself. oh! what a joy!

here's some pics: the kids wanted to eat at olive garden and to no surprise, we all ate so much that i was afraid my nephew will have an accident inside my truck - well, thankfully he didn't. whew!

right now the kids are enjoying the outdoors, jumpin' in the trampoline - soon, i'm taking them to cold stone, then see "dr. seuss' horton hears a who!", then we're off to bowl at the new brunswick by sis' house. it's gonna be a long day ahead so i think i should sign off now.

God bless you all! enjoy your day with your loved ones! blog yah laterz!

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