Monday, March 17

checkin' in =)

it's been tough lately to blog since we've received some sad news one after another. 3 wonderful people we know passed away =(

one was my husband's best friend's dad-in-law who died from a heart-attack, 2nd was a good friend's niece (5yrs. old) who was slain, and 3rd was a friend's father who died of lung cancer. our hearts, prayers and thoughts go out to all their families.

Lord, may you comfort every hurting soul and bring forth healing, forgiveness and peace as they grieve for the passing of their loved ones. i know it may take months and years to accept their new lives without their loved ones, but may this experience bring them closer to You. Amen!


i've been slowly putting my craft room together... still need a lot of work, but i know i'll get there. plus it's kinda cold to work there since the heat is not flowing just right at my space so i gotta get me a portable heater =)

i've been working on some projects as well as my Easter cards. hoping to finish the cards by tomorrow so i can send it out already. i have about 60 to send out. it's been a part of me to send out greeting cards every special occasions... i feel very blessed to have the opportunity to do so and i hope it's one of the things i'll be remembered of when i come home to my Heavenly Father. i also hope that one of my kids, if not all, will inherit my passion =) i just love to show and spread love through my greeting cards, esp. when i hardly see most of them now.

k, that's it for now still have lots to work on. i missed bloggin' so hope to blog some more later!
love u all!

always grateful,

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