Saturday, October 11


been feeling under the weather since yesterday. i have sore throat and my right side teeth has been aching coz of the root canal i got done the other day. i've been on antibiotic for almost 2weeks now plus taking meds for my cold... my gosh! is that even healthy?

i hung out with a friend till late last night and felt like passing out while i was driving coz of what i was feeling already. i had to pretend i was okay coz my friend needed some emotional support so i didn't really want to add up to her worries. but thank God i made it home safely.

although i have some chores to do today, i feel like i just wanna tuck myself into bed all day. ayayay! but i can't!

my teen went to her awana camp yesterday. they went to baraboo wisconsin. i'm so delighted to see her enjoying it. i've noticed that when she joined, her interest in growing with the Lord has grown tremendously. i even learn new things every time she shares the messages to me. and then at times my daughter, my son and I find ourselves testing each others knowledge about the verses we know in the Bible as well as competing on naming the books in the Bible. guess what? my 11yrs old son always wins! oh gosh! thank God for awana! too bad they don't have awana in the philippines when i was growing up... hmm, i feel a light bulb just turned on over my head! let's make it happen Lord!

ok, i should sign out now and get myself going for the day.

praying for my daughter's awesome experience w/ the Lord during this trip,

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